Rubber Stamping

Discover the exciting and versatile craft of rubber stamping! Find free templates and tutorials for stamping crafts, paper crafts, handmade greeting cards and printable calendars.
Gift box
How to Make Exploding Box Greeting Card, a Dynamite Idea!
how to make your own stamps
Learn How to Make Your Own Custom Craft Stamps
Greeting Cards
Give Feeling to Your Handmade Projects with These Free Printable Phrases
professional card making with calligraphy
A Simple Formula for Pricing Handmade Cards and Crafts
Blank Note or Greeting Card
How to Make a Folding Card
Paper Beads Tutorial
How to Make Paper Beads Tutorial With Free Template
How to Store Rubber Stamps
How to Store Rubber and Craft Stamps to Keep Them Pristine
Clean Stamp
How to Clean Your Stamps for Perfect Stamp Marks
Colorful origami stars background
These Simple and Ever So Cute 3D Stars are Made From One Strip of Paper
Block Printing Materials
Learn How to Make Stamps From Soft Block or Carving Block
Dinosaur jewelry holders
11 Creative Dinosaur Crafts to Make
Apply ink to rubber stamps
Rubber Stamping Basics: How to Apply Ink to a Rubber Stamp
Visualize Choice!
Find the Right Size of Craft Wire to Embellish for Your Projects
handmade paper
Create Your Own Handmade Papers From Recycled Card
Many types of clay can be used in craft projects
What is Air Dry Clay and How Can It Be Used?
Create intricate designs by carving into lino
How to Use Lino for Carving and Creating Your Own Prints
Rubber stamps
Here Are 10 Rubber Stamping Mistakes to Avoid!
Leather triangle earrings
How to Make Earrings From Low-Cost (and No Cost) Supplies
Example of digital paper
How to Use Digital Paper in Crafting
Top down view of blank pink thank you notes or wedding invitation.
This Is How to Get a Good Crisp Fold in Cardstock
Two Flat Round Pieces of White and Blue Polymer Clay
Condition Polymer Clay First to Ensure Tip Top Results
Rubber stamp popsicle sick
These DIY Bent Popsicle Sticks Are Perfect for Bangles or Napkin Rings
Craft knife for cutting paper
Why You Need a Craft Knife For Your Crafting Projects
Close up of wooden disks with stamps on them.
Here's How to Stamp on Wood to Make Cute Craft Embellishments
Plantable seed paper with seedlings
How to Make Plantable Seed Paper
Paper and cardstock for stamping
How to Make Low-Cost, Handmade Cards
Make a digital stamp from a photo
How to Create a Digital Stamp Portrait From a Photo
Shrink Plastic Sewing Needle Heads
Learn How to Use Shrink Plastic in Your Crafts
Here's a Set of Printable Alphabet Letters to Download and Print
Mulberry paper books
What Is Mulberry Paper and How Do You Use It?
Why a Brayer May Be Just the Thing for Your Next Project
on the birch table
Use These Free Digital Stamps and Sentiments for Your Crafting Projects
Practice makes perfect
Learn How to Make Handmade Cards for a Variety of Occasions
golden envelopes background.Top view
Checklist to Start a Handmade Card Business
Printable Pie Wedge Favor Box
12 Free Printable Templates
colorful organizer
Free Printable Lower Case Alphabet Template
Card Stock card
Guess How Many Cards Can You Make From Standard-Size Cardstock
free printable letters and numbers illustration
Free Printable Letters and Numbers for Cardmaking and Scrabooking
GIF of baby name over crib
Free Printable Upper Case Alphabet Template
Exploding Box
Exploding Box for Rubber Stamping
DIY envelope
This Is How to DIY a Paper Envelope for a Personal Touch
senior woman handmaking cards
Tips for Using Flocking Powder in Your Arts and Crafts Projects
Woman hands making a pinata
Learn How to Make Paper Mache Paste and What to Do With It
how to make christmas crackers or bon bons
How to Make Christmas Crackers (Bon Bons)
9 Glitter Numbers 0 - 9 Free Printable Numbers
It's as Easy as 1-2-3 to Use Free Printable Numbers Digital Stamps
completed gift boxes
How to Make a Folded Paper Gift Box
Christmas Concept
How to Use Clear Embossing Powder in Craft Projects
Woman making homemade cards
What's the Best Adhesive to Use When Making Handmade Cards?
Paper star ornament
Easy-to-Make 3D Paper Star Ornament
Torn paper
Create Interesting Edges on Paper for Your Craft Projects
Rubber stamps
Here's a List of Companies That Sell Digital Stamps