Rubber Stamp Bracelet

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    Make a Custom Rubber Stamped Bracelet

    Rubber stamped bracelet
    Customize a bracelet with rubber stamps. Kate Pullen

    Rubber stamps are so versatile! Yes, you can use your rubber stamps to make handmade card and to decorate scrapbook pages. However, with a little creative thought you can use your rubber stamps for a whole host of different things! You can use your rubber stamps to make wall art, create decor for your home and even to create jewelry.

    The great thing about using your rubber stamps to make and to customize jewelry is that with a simple change of ink pad color or with the use of a different coloring methods, you can achieve a whole new look. Therefore with just a couple of rubber stamps, some ink pads and a few marker pens or paints, you can create a whole range of jewelry for different occasions. This is quick and simple to do, you can whip up a few items of rubber stamped jewelry for family and friends in no time!

    Photo Frame Jewelry

    The secret to making rubber stamped jewelry like this is to use blank photo frame jewelry as the base for your project. These are frames which have already been made into jewerly and they are sold for people to customize with photos of their loved ones, pets, favorite film stars and any other images someone might want to hold close to them.

    Photo frame jewelry (you may also see it called photo findings) is sold either with just the frame or including a glass top which will seal the image. A clear varnish or resin will seal the image equally well and this is a great alternative. 

    You'll find photo frame jewelry blanks in places like your local craft store plus online. You'll find a great range at in a whole range of styles, including contemporary and vintage style. You'll also find a great variety of materials ensuring that whatever your taste, you'll find something to fit your style.

    How to Make a Rubber Stamped Bracelet

    In this project we're going to make a rubber stamped bracelet. We're using a bracelet which has five individual frames. This gives plenty of scope for creating a unique design as you'll see in the following pages.

    Materials Required

    You don't need much in the way of fancy equipment and supplies to make a custom item of jewelry, like this bracelet, using rubber stamps and a photo frame blank. This is all you require:

    • Photo frame bracelet
    • Rubber stamps and ink pads (see the note below about the choice of stamp)
    • Paper or light weight cardstock
    • Coloring materials (such as marker pens or paints)
    • Varnish to seal 
    • Embossing powder or other embellshments
    • Adhesive
    • Scissors or craft knife

    Rubber Stamp Design Considerations

    Obviously the choice of rubber stamp will have a major impact on your finished bracelet. Here are some things to consider:

    • If you want to create a bracelet with a patterned effect which is different in every frame, pick a stamp which is larger than the individual frames so you can vary the placement in each.
    • To create a colorful design, look for an image which has lots of open spaces for coloring
    • If you want to feature a design, for example a flower or an object, look for a rubber stamped design which is smaller than the frame you are stamping into.

    See the following pages for the instructions showing how to make this bracelet.

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    Step Two: Stamp On The Paper

    Stamped images
    Stamp the design onto paper. Kate Pullen

     Stamp your image a few times onto paper or light weight card stock. If you want to feature a slightly different variation of the pattern in the different frames of your bracelet, you will probably need to stamp three or four images to give you plenty to choose from.

    Tip: This is a great project for using up odds and ends of paper or card stock. If you have odds and ends left over from previous projects, gather them together and see if you can recycle any of them into this project.

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    Color the Image

    Color the image
    Color the image. Kate Pullen

     Now it's time to have fun! Color your stamped images as required. You'll notice in the image above how we made a sample of color swatches at the bottom left of the image so we can see which colors work best together for this design.

    You can choose whether you color the whole image and just cut out the portions you want to add to the frames or cut out the pieces for the frame and just color those. The choice is yours, however if you aren't sure how the different sections will look, color the whole stamped image first and you can try different segments until you find what works best for your design.

    If you want to add some extra interest to the inserts for your bracelet, you could consider adding some embossing powder, stick on jewels or other embellishments.

    Note: If you add a clear varnish or resin finish to seal your bracelet, you will find that the colors are enhanced and will show a deeper and more saturated hue than if you leave the image unsealed.

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    Cut a Template

    Cut a template
    Cut a template. Kate Pullen

     Now it's time to cut a template to use to cut the pieces to fit in the frames. To do this, either draw around the outside of one of the frames and then cut well inside this like to allow for the frame wall or place the paper on top of the frame and carefully crease around the inside to give you a creased line to follow with a pen before cutting.

    Try the finished template inside the different frames to make sure they are all the same size (depending on the style of your frame and the manufacturer, some frames might not be exactly the same size or shape).

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    Cut The Segments

    Cut the shapes
    Use your scissors to cut inserts for the bracelet. Kate Pullen

     Use you template and place this over different areas of your stamped and colored images. Look for pieces which are going to look attractive in the frame and which will complement each other. Carefully cut around the different areas to create inserts for the frames. It's a good idea to cut a couple of extra shapes in case of accidents!

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    Add The Adhesive

    Add the adhesive
    Add the adhesive. Kate Pullen

     Check the instructions on the adhesive you are using as different adhesives will have different drying times. Carefully spread an even layer into the tray of the photo frame. Pay particular attention to the edges of the tray, as this is where the image may lift up after time.

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    Insert The Images Into The Frame Trays

    Insert the images
    Insert the images. Kate Pullen

     Carefully add the stamped images into the trays. Wipe away any glue or adhesive which may rise up at the edges of the image. Leave the bracelet now to one side to dry.

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    Finish The Bracelet

    Finished bracelet
    Finish the bracelet with a varnish or sealant. Kate Pullen

     When the adhesive is dry, it's time to seal the images. While you don't 'have' to seal the finished images, it's a good idea to do so because this will stop the ink from running or smudging if the surface is left unsealed. This could be a problem with a bracelet as the ink may rub onto clothes.

    You can use any clear acrylic varnish to seal the surface of your bracelet. You could even use clear nail varnish is you wanted a quick and easy way to protect the images. However, you will also find a range of clear resins and finishes which are designed specifically for photo jewelry and these can be a great way to complete your bracelet. Clear resins create a raised surface and these enhance and magnify the design and highlight the depths of the colors. You will find a range of suitable products in your local craft store or online. Products to look for include Diamond Glaze from Judikins, which give a crystal clear finish which is ideal for this project.

    Tip: When you are adding a glaze or finish to your rubber stamped images, don't brush too hard on the surface of your image to stop any color from bleeding or running.

    So, this is it! You have finished your bracelet. Using this technique and different types of photo frame jewelry, you can create gifts for family and friends, as well as a treat for yourself!