Make Your Own Coins at the Royal Australian Mint

Coins are Made on Demand, While You Watch

entrance way to the Royal Australian mint
Entrance to the Royal Australian Mint. Image Courtesy of: DO'Neil at the English language Wikipedia

Have you ever wished you could just mint your own coinage? Well, now you can at the Canberra Branch of the Royal Australian Mint! They have a special coin press, which works on demand, to mint you your very own $1 commemorative coin. The coin, designed by Vladimir Gottwald, is made from 9 grams of an aluminum bronze alloy on a planchet that is 25 mm in diameter after striking.

Having the ability to mint your own coinage has a price, however. It will cost you $2.50 to make the machine to strike your personally minted coin, which has a face value of only $1. But the coin is legal tender, so if you ever get broke, you could go out and spend it!

A Valuable Collectible

Before you spend it, though, check with a coin dealer, because a few years from now this beautiful commemorative coin might be worth more than you paid for it. Especially if you keep it with its own special folder, which is only available through the striking-on-demand machine. In addition, the coin bears a unique mint mark to distinguish it from the run of the mill circulation type coins.

50 Years of Australian Television

The coins minted by this machine have had various reverse designs, including the 2006 design shown in the photo. This design commemorates 50 years of Australian Television, and features a boxy, 1950's era television camera next to a broadcast tower sending out its signals. Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse.

Special thanks to Helen South for this article idea and images.

Edited by: James Bucki