Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Most granny squares are crocheted in rounds, beginning with a center ring. This square is a little different because you start it by crocheting a small square worked in rows, then you add rows around it to make it look vaguely granny square-ish. This design functions much like a granny square would. You can use it in all the same sorts of projects.​

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    Materials Needed for the Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square

    The "Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square"
    The "Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square". The "Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square" -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Yarn: You can use just about any yarn or crochet thread to make this square, although you'll need to use a smooth worsted-weight yarn to achieve results similar to the sample project pictured.

    Crochet Hook: You'll need a crochet hook that works well with your chosen yarn or crochet thread. Feel free to consult your yarn label for suggestions if you like.

    I used a size I hook to crochet the sample square, but you might need a different size to get good results with your chosen materials.

    Gauge and Finished Size:

    My sample square measures about 3.25 inches square before blocking. Do not feel obligated to match this size exactly. However, if you are making a project that requires multiple squares, you do need to match your own gauge to enable the finishing process to go smoothly. (It's much easier to join squares that are exactly the same size.)

    Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

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    Project Instructions for the Granny Square

    Start with: ch 6.

    Rows 1 - 5: Work 5 rows of sc st. Begin by working a sc in 2nd ch from hook and ea st across the row for a total of 5 sc sts.

    Begin Crocheting in Rounds:

    Round 1: ch 1, work 5 sc down the side of your piece, ch 2 to turn the corner, work 5 sc across the lower edge of the piece, ch 2, work 5 sc up the other side of the piece, ch 2, work 5 sc across upper edge of piece, ch 2, sl st to join to the first sc st in the round.

    Round 2: ch 3; this counts as the 1st dc in the row. Work 1 dc in ea of the next 4 sts. [To form the corner: 2 dc in ch-2 sp, ch 2, 2 more dc in same ch-2 sp. Then work 1 dc in ea of the next 5 dc sts.] Rep the sequence in brackets all the way around. In the remaining corner, work 2 dc sts, ch 2, 2 more dc sts, and sl st to join to 3rd ch st in the round. End off, leaving a long tail of yarn. You have 2 options:

    • Either leave a long enough tail for weaving in this end, about 6 inches, or
    • Leave a sufficient amount for using this tail for both stitching squares together and weaving in at the same time. If you choose this option, you'll need to leave a longer tail than usual.

    Finishing the Square:

    Weave in all other loose ends. Block if desired.

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    How to Join Crocheted Squares

    If you don't already know how to join granny squares, now is a great time to learn this skill. There are different ways you might want to approach this task, so look at the list of possibilities and check out whichever tutorials interest you.

    If you aren't sure which method to use, a favorite is whip stitch. You could try that way of doing it if you are agreeable to the idea of sewing your squares together.

    If sewing isn't your thing, and you'd rather crochet your squares together, try the slip stitch join instead. Another option is the single crochet join but it might be a bit overpowering for this small square.

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    Coordinating Pattern for a 3D Flower Granny Square

    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square
    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square. 3D Crochet Flower Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

    This little square coordinates with a flower granny square design. See how to make it.

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