Rosaland Hannibal

Rosaland has been sewing since childhood and began making quilts in 1995. She began by creating four small wall quilts using the then very new technique of transferring photographs to fabric, with only a book as a guide for those first small quilts. The adventure left her wanting to know more and her progression to machine quilting was well on its way.

Rosaland Hannibal is a former contributing writer for the Quilting web site, where she authored articles about machine quilting.


Rosaland has created handmade items since she was in elementary school and she especially loves to use her sewing machine to create. She has used machine quilting to create wallhangings for family members, machine quilted pieces for commission work and has had a quilt published.

Her African Attic Windows quilt was featured in the book Attic Windows: Quilts with a View by Cindy Walters and Diana Leone, published in the year 2000. If you own the book, look for Rosaland's quilt on page 89.

Rosaland collaborated on an art quilt titled Focus on Darfur that was juried into Art Quilts XII in 2007. All of the quilting was done using free-motion techniques, and quilted by Rosaland on her sewing machine.

Rosaland has taught beginning quiltmaking, rotary cutting and machine quilting to many students in the Phoenix area. Rosaland always encourages her students to go beyond their comfort zone and try new things.

Rosaland Hannibal

My favorite thing about machine quilting is that I get better at it and more comfortable with it each time I make a quilt. I find that practice is the key to being comfortable with machine quilting.

Whether you are just beginning or have been making quilts for a while, I hope you find useful information in my articles and photos.

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