How to Value and Price a Roosevelt Clad Dime

Unlike the Silver Roosevelt dime (1946 to 1964), the clad Roosevelt dime can still be found in circulation. Even with this low cost of acquiring these coins, Roosevelt dimes are not widely collected. However, if you are looking to move beyond Lincoln pennies and Jefferson Nickels, this would be the coin collection for the budget minded collector.


Between 1963 in 1965 the United States was experiencing a coin shortage.

This was mainly due to the rising price of silver causing the intrinsic melt value of silver coins to be worth more than their face value. In 1965, the United States began converting all of its silver coins to a copper-nickel clad composition. John Sinnock's design of the Roosevelt dime remained unchanged. However,  the United States Mint continued to blame the coin shortage on coin collectors. Therefore from 1965 through 1967, they removed all mint marks from United States coins. Beginning in 1968, the mint resumed using mint marks to identify where the coins were made.

Market Analysis

Roosevelt dimes are still made for circulation by the United States Mint. The current coin is made with an outer layer composed of 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper with an inner core of 100 percent copper. Up until 1964, dimes were made with 90 percent silver. If you want to get the most money for your Roosevelt clad dime collection, you need to sort them and organize them so the dealer can quickly see what you have.

Unfortunately, most Roosevelt dime coin collections are not worth much more than face value.

Key Dates, Rarities, and Varieties

In 1982 a die was made for a Roosevelt dime without the required "P" mint mark. A "1982 No P Mint Mark" coin is worth considerably more than regular 1982 Philadelphia mint dimes.

As such, this coin is frequently counterfeit or altered from common 1982-P dimes. Therefore, you should have the coin authenticated by a reputable coin dealer or third party grading service. 

Condition or Grade

If your coin is worn and looks similar to the one illustrated below, it is considered a circulated coin.

If your coin looks similar to the one illustrated below and has no evidence of wear due to being in circulation, it is considered an uncirculated coin.

Mint Marks

Roosevelt Clad Dimes were produced at four different mints: Philadelphia (1965 to1979: no mint mark. 1980 to date: P), Denver (D), San Francisco (S) and West Point (W).  As illustrated in the picture below, the mint mark is located on the obverse of the coin, near the lower right side above the date.

Average Prices and Values

The buy price is what you can expect to pay to a dealer when you purchase the coin. Sell value is what you can expect a dealer to give you if you sell the coin. Average circulated and average uncirculated prices and values are given for your reference.

These are approximate retail prices and wholesale values. The actual offer you receive from a particular coin dealer will vary depending on the actual grade of the coin and a number of other factors that determine its worth.

Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1965$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1965 SMS$0.25F.V. $2.00$1.20
1966$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1966 SMS$0.25F.V. $3.00$0.80
1967$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1967 SMS$0.25F.V. $3.00$1.20
1968$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1968 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1969$0.25F.V. $3.00$0.40
1969 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1970$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1970 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1971$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1971 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.40
1972$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.40
1972 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.40
1973$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1973 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1974$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1974 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1975$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1975 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1976$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1976 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1977$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1977 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1978$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1978 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1979$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1979 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1980 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1980 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1981 P$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.30
1981 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1982 P$0.25F.V. $4.00$2.00
1982 P No Mint Mark *$38.00$19.00 $200.00$60.00
1982 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.80
1983 P$0.25F.V. $3.00$1.20
1983 D$0.25F.V. $2.00$0.80
1984 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1984 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1985 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1985 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.30
1986 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1986 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1987 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1987 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1988 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1988 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1989 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1989 D$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1990 P$0.25F.V. $1.00$0.20
1990 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1991 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1991 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1992 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1992 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1993 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1993 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1994 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1994 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1995 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1995 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1996 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1996 W$2.00$1.10 $15.00$6.00
1996 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1997 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1997 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1998 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1998 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1999 P$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
1999 D$0.25F.V. $1.00F.V.
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
2000 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2000 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2001 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2001 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2002 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2002 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2003 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2003 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2004 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2004 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2005 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2005 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2006 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2006 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2007 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2007 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2008 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2008 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2009 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2009 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2010 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2010 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2011 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2011 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2012 PF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2012 DF.V.F.V. $1.00F.V.
2013 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2013 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2014 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2014 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2015 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2015 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2016 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2016 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2017 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2017 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2018 PF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.
2018 DF.V.F.V. $0.50F.V.

F.V. = Face Value
*= See the section above "Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties" for more information on these coins.