Rock Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Rocks

Ladybug rock
Painted ladybug rock. Avia Venefica / Flickr / CC By 2.0

I hope that you will bring your creativity along outdoors, hunt for some unique rocks, and create something out of them. Your project can use as many of as few rocks as you like. Check out this collection of rock crafts.

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    Alphabet Rocks

    Alphabet Rocks Craft
    Alphabet Rocks.

    Use rocks and paint to write out a special message or to spell a name. You can also make an entire alphabet to practice letter recognition and spelling.

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    Crayon Rock Paperweight

    Crayon Rock Paperweight Craft
    Crayon Rock Paperweight.

    These directions, shared by a visitor named Kathy, will show you how to craft a funky paperweight using a rock and crayons.

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    Decoupaged Paperweight

    Rock Crafts
    Decoupaged Paperweight.

    Discover how you can craft a fancy paperweight out of a rock and some scraps of paper.

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    Rock Crafts
    How to Make A Pet Rock.

    Use the tips and suggestions in this tutorial to make cute pet rocks.

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    Rock Ladybug

    Rock Ladybug Craft
    Rock Ladybug.

    Learn how to make a ladybug, and any other bugs you want, out of rocks and wiggle eyes. I used red and black paint, but you can use any colors you like to make unique lady bugs.

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    Rock Wind Chime Craft
    Rock Wind Chime.

    Craft a beautiful wind chime using items from nature and a couple yards of ribbon.

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    Spooky Eyeballs Craft

    Spooky Rock Eyeballs Craft
    Spooky Eyeballs Craft.

    These spooky eyeballs, made using rocks and paint, would make fun Halloween decorations or gags you can use to scare your friends.