Try These Ripple Crochet Afghan Patterns

Learn how to crochet ripples with these free patterns

Ripple crochet, also called chevron crochet, is a beautiful technique that has been popular over the decades. It is easy to learn how to crochet ripples. They can be used for all different types of projects, adding zip and style to any design with their zig-zag graphic appeal. Ripple crochet is especially popular as a choice for blankets and afghans.

The stitch pattern has an easy repeat, so you're able to meditatively or mindlessly work on the afghan without a lot of exertion, but it is...MORE still a fun pattern to play with and one that produces blankets that really capture attention. It's the perfect combination of an easy pattern that is also striking.

This roundup of ten free crochet ripple blanket patterns gives you a great start on learning how to crochet a chevron in different ways.

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    Neat Ripple Crochet Pattern
    Lucy, Attic24

    The "neat ripple" crochet pattern by Lucy of Attic24 is one of the most popular free crochet patterns available for learning how to crochet chevrons. She shows a classic design for making crochet ripples. She has an excellent way with color so her own work is inspiring. It is a terrific choice for people who are new to this stitch pattern and want to make a colorful blanket using it. Check out her Ripple Know How page for even more info and her Coast Ripple for some different color...MORE inspirations.

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    Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Adventures In Thread

    This is another way that you can crochet the basic ripple blanket. This free crochet pattern form Adventures in Thread uses 11 colors, working with strong primary colors for a lot of the blanket and incorporating other colors as well. It is truly cheerful - both to make and to use!

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    Pastel Rainbow Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern
    Craft Ingenue

    Rainbow coloring is a popular choice for ripple afghans, as it is a design that lends itself well to stunning color work. This is a softer version of that option; it is the hues of the rainbow worked in their pastel versions. There are intermittent rows of white crochet ripples to make the blanket even lighter. This is a great crochet baby blanket and works for bigger kids as well. This free crochet pattern is by Craft Ingenue.

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    Rippled Rainbow Crochet Blanket Free Pattern
    Katie Cooks and Crafts

    People who are looking for a more classic rainbow ripple (rather than one in pretty pastels) will find that a great choice is this free pattern from Katie Cooks and Crafts.

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    Chevy Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
    Vickie Howell

    This cute free crochet baby blanket pattern by Vickie Howell is called the "chevy" as a cute nickname for the chevron stitch pattern it uses. It is also called ode-to-Missoni because Missoni was the most popular chevron knitwear designer of the 1970s and continues to be a terrific reference for inspiration if you're looking to make colorfully striped chevron items like this one. 

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    Brighton Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
    Felted Button

    Felted Button always does a great job of making beautiful crochet blanket patterns using such terrific color choices and this ripple blanket is no exception. Most ripple blankets are made using basic crochet stitches, like the single crochet and the double crochet, but Felted Button has done something really unique here with a sort of repeating shell stitch pattern worked in the ripple. Awesome idea; best for intermediate-advanced crocheters.

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    Textured Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Gift of Knitting

    This example of chevron crochet does use basic crochet stitches but it also uses post stitches (front post single crochet, specifically) to give amazing texture to the blanket. This is a great variation on what would otherwise be a classic ripple blanket. This one is free from The Gift of Knitting.

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    C2C Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern
    The Cookie Snob

    The Cookie Snob did something wonderful in creating this free crochet blanket pattern; it combines the popular chevron design with the also-popular c2c (or corner diagonal) crochet pattern. You can work corner-to-corner and still create a cool chevron pattern!

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    Granny Squares Chevron Crochet Blanket Free Pattern
    One Dog Woof

    One Dog Woof has created another great combination with this free blanket pattern; it uses granny squares worked in a really unique way as far as the color changes go to allow for chevrons to spread across the granny square blanket. This one is a beautiful and fun design!

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    Rosy Baby Blanket Round Ripple Free Crochet Pattern
    Woodhill Design

    The classic ripple blanket is worked in rows so that you get stripes of zigzags. However, the round ripple is just as popular. This design is worked in the round to create a star-shaped blanket design. It is especially popular for baby blankets but is also used for larger blankets (and even crochet rugs). The one shown here is the free crochet pattern by Woodhill Design that uses crochet v-stitches and treble together stitches to create great texture.