How to Make a Ribbon Tab Blanket as a Baby Gift

Project Overview
  • Total Time: 1 hr
  • Yield: 1 blanket
  • Skill Level: Beginner
Make a Ribbon Tag Blanket
The Spruce / Mollie Johanson

Learn how to make a little blanket with colorful ribbon tabs. A ribbon tag blanket, sometimes called a "lovey" or "taggie" blanket, has a variety of textures that babies love. These loveys work like security blankets. Because they are so small, they are easy to carry around anywhere. The soft fabrics, ribbons, and textures are soothing to little ones. It's also perfect to give a toddler or a small child with sensory processing challenges so they can feel the different textures.

There are so many choices for soft and textured fabrics, as well as a vast array of ribbons and trims available. You can make unlimited combinations of these adorable ribbon tab blankets!

Sewing a ribbon tab blanket doesn't take long. This project also makes a great beginner sewing project for kids. Although it's best for children 10 years old and up, younger children may enjoy the project, depending on their skill level.

Ribbon Tag Blanket Supplies
The Spruce / Mollie Johanson

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Bone folder


  • 1/3 yard Flannel
  • 1/3 yard Textured cuddle fabric (such as microfiber plush)
  • A variety of ribbon and trims (such as satin, grosgrain, ric-rac, embroidered trims, etc.)
  • Matching thread


  1. Cut the Fabric and Ribbon

    1. Cut the flannel and cuddle fabric pieces so they each measure 12 inches by 12 inches.
    2. Cut the ribbon and other trims into 5-inch strips. Plan for about six or seven pieces of ribbon or trim per side for a 12-inch by 12-inch blanket. Cut about 24 to 28 pieces in total.

    Wash Before Starting

    Pre-wash your fabrics to avoid uneven shrinking.

    Cutting the Ribbon Tag Blanket Pieces
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson
  2. Pin On Ribbons

    1. Lay the flannel piece of fabric right side up on your work surface.
    2. Fold a piece of ribbon in half.
    3. Line up the folded end of each ribbon, place it facing in along the edge of the blanket (this is how a loop will be formed on the finished blanket).
    4. Pin each ribbon into place.
    5. Space out the ribbons evenly along one edge, and continue around each side.

    Make It Visually Interesting

    Decide which ribbons and embellishments you will use on each side of the blanket, mixing up the colors and textures.

    Pinning the Folded Ribbon Tags
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson
  3. Sew the Ribbon Tabs to the Blanket

    1. Secure the ribbons in place by using your machine to sew along the edge of the fabric using a scant 1/4-inch seam allowance.
    2. Go very slowly when you sew over the ribbons to make sure they stay in place.
    3. Remove each pin just before the sewing machine needle reaches it.
    4. Sew around the entire blanket.
    Securing the Ribbon Tags
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson
  4. Sew the Blanket Together

    1. Lay the ribbon tab fabric right (ribbon) side up on your work surface. 
    2. Lay the other piece of cuddle fabric right side down on top of your ribbon tabbed fabric.
    3. Line up the edges as well as you can and pin the two layers of fabric together.
    4. Using a 3/8-inch seam allowance, sew around the entire edge of the blanket.
    5. Leave an opening about 4 inches wide for turning the blanket right side out.
    6. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

    Reduce Bulky Corners

    Before you flip the blanket right side out, trim the corners. Make sure you do not cut through the stitching. Trimming reduces the bulky corners of your blanket.

    Sewing the Layers Together
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson
  5. Top Stitch the Blanket

    1. Reach in through the hole you left in the blanket seam and grab one of the far corners of the blanket. Pull the fabric out through the hole.
    2. Carefully press the edges of the blanket at this point. Iron on the flannel side to avoid scorching the textured fabric.
    3. Use a bone folder to gently poke out each corner of the blanket.
    4. When you get to the edge where the open seam is, fold in the raw edges and pin the edges together so you can sew them closed with the finishing seam.
    5. Sew a line around the outside edge of the blanket one more time leaving about a 1/8-inch seam allowance.

    The Reason for the Finishing Seam

    This extra seam further secures the ribbons and gives your blanket a finished look while also closing the opening left in the seam.

    Pinning the Edges to Top Stitch
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson
  6. Check the Tabs and Seams

    1. Check all of the seams to make sure they are closed.
    2. Gently tug on all of the ribbons to make sure they are secure and safe for a baby.
    Finished DIY Ribbon Tag Lovey Blanket
    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson