Easy, Knitted Baby Hat With Ribbing

Ribbed baby hat
Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

This adorable little ribbed hat is super easy to knit and looks wonderful on any baby. We used cotton, but it could easily be done in wool for extra warmth, if you don't mind hand washing.

The pattern ranges in sizes from preemie to four years. The great thing about ribbing is that if the hat comes out too long, you can easily fold it over for a watchcap look--you might even want to knit it long on purpose.


  • one skein Blue Sky Cotton (we used color 628, azul) or about 60 yards (for newborn size) medium-weight cotton or wool yarn
  • one set of four size 7 US double-pointed needles
  • stitch marker (optional)
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


22 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches (5.5 stitches and 6 rows per inch) in single rib.


Unstretched size is about 10 (12.5, 13, 15, 15.5) inches. It will stretch to fit preemie (newborn, six months to a year, one to two years, three to four years).


Instructions are given for preemie (newborn, 6months to a year, 1 to 2 years, 3 to 4 years). Print out, and circle or highlight the numbers for the size you are making if necessary.

  1. Cast on 54 (68, 72, 82, 86) stitches. Distribute on three double-pointed needles. Place a stitch marker at the end of the row if desired.
  2. Knit in single rib (knit 1, purl 1) for 4.5 (5, 6.25, 7.25, 7.5) inches.

Shape the Crown

  1. Knit the rest of the hat in stockinette stitch as follows: *Knit 2, knit two together. Repeat from * around.
  2. Knit the next row.
  3. *Knit 1, knit two together. Repeat from * around.
  4. Knit.
  5. *Knit two together. Repeat from * around.
  6. *Knit two together. Repeat from * around, end knit 1.
  7. Break yarn. Thread a yarn needle, and slip the remaining stitches onto the needle. Pull tight. Weave in ends.

About the Yarn

Blue Sky Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas is a luscious 100 percent cotton yarn. Knit in ribbing, it is very stretchy and has good memory, meaning it stretches and springs back easily.

It can be washed by machine or by hand and should be reshaped when slightly damp rather than drying all the way in the machine.