Canvas Gallery Wraps from CVS Photo

A Review of a Popular Photo Product From CVS

Canvas photo print
Andrew Magill / Flickr / CC By 2.0

The canvas gallery wraps from are a good value in a canvas-type print. While a different construction than standard stretched canvas, the finished effect is very pleasing to the eye, sturdy, and likely to last a very long time.

With a sealed finish to allow for easy cleaning and extra support within the frame, I would definitely recommend this product for more installations. The hardiness of these prints makes it especially desirable for commercial use.

Print Quality

Print quality is always a photographer's first concern and CVSPhoto does not disappoint with canvas wrap prints.

The colors and details were faithfully rendered on our test canvas. The print was a touch darker than the original file but only by a minor amount that did not cause any loss of detail in the shadows or loss of contrast.

Simply remember to slightly brighten your images before sending in the files and you shouldn't need to make any other adjustments on a properly calibrated system.

Quality of Construction

The CVSPhoto "canvas gallery wrap" is not a traditional stretched canvas. It starts out as a standard printed canvas but they adhere it to a rigid board for stretching and folding instead of being stretched over an open frame.

The board is folded to have an approximately 1" gallery wrap on the sides which gives a nice depth to the finished piece.

Once the board is folded, additional support is added in the cavity and a black backing board is applied. The backing board has a vertical and a horizontal hanging hinge pre-installed. Because the hanging hardware is a hinge construction, hanging these prints is much easier than with other styles of hanging hardware.

Once a print is completed, it is sprayed with a protective sealant to allow for damp cloth cleaning of the print. The sample print we received was dry but still felt clammy and had a very strong chemical smell as though the sealant had not completely cured before it was packaged. It did not harm the ​print and only needed a few hours to air out for the odor to dissipate.

The Ordering Process

The CVSPhoto ordering system is relatively straightforward. A Javascript allows you to browse photos on your computer or upload them from Facebook or Instagram. Once uploaded, you then select the options for your print.

Once the photo is uploaded, the ordering system uses a graphic interface so that you see exactly how your photo will be placed on the canvas board and allows for adjustment to the alignment. It is very easy to use.

Basic edits such as cropping, sepia, and black & white are also available within the ordering system.

Size & Frame Options

CVSPhoto offers a variety of canvas wrap sizes. You will find an array of the most popular photo sizes, from 5x7 to 24x36 and the prices are competitive with other online printers.

You can also choose to have a frame added to the canvas wrap, though this does defeat the purpose of ordering a canvas. The framing is nice, but having your image wrap around the sides creates more of a floating effect when its hung on the wall.

There are two shipping options available for the canvas board wraps. You can choose to pay a shipping fee and have the prints delivered to you directly or you can have the prints shipped to a local CVS with no shipping charge. 

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.