Unique Home Decor Ideas That Reuse Bottle Caps

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Bottle caps, in all shapes and sizes, are usually tossed in the trash after you finish a drink and recycle the bottle. Instead of throwing away plastic and metal bottle caps from your choice of beverage, start collecting them in a jar and turn them into unique and personable items for your home.

Not sure which bottle caps to save? Look for small colorful bottle caps, such as those that come on top of plastic soda and specialty water bottles, ones with brand logos, such as those that come on top of glass beer and novelty soda bottles, and large metal bottle caps that usually come on top of glass juice bottles.


One of the easiest items to make from bottle caps are magnets. With a bit of hot glue and some miniature magnets usually found at your local craft or hobby store, transform your collection of bottle caps into some personal flair for your refrigerator. You can either flip the cap over and glue a small photo or image to the inside of the cap or glue the magnet to the inside of the bottle cap to display the logo and design already on the cap. Either way, make your magnets personable to reflect your style.

Wind Chime

With some fishing line or heavy-duty string, create a wind chime to call your own. You can arrange the bottle caps randomly or pick like-sized caps and arrange them in a particular order, such as in an ombre or rainbow design. Bottle cap wind chimes also make great novelty gifts for those who enjoy a particular beverage.

Decorate a Table Top

If you're looking to decorate a table top for a den, bar area or generally want a funky table to showcase your style and personality, attach bottle caps to the top of the table. You can attach the bottle caps randomly or create your very own unique design. Either way, this is an excellent project for a used coffee or side table. If you decide to design your table top, make sure to use similarly sized bottle caps, so you do not create an uneven surface for your table.

Line a Tray

Looking for a nifty gift for someone's birthday, but don't have a lot of money? Pick up a second-hand table tray at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market and attach like-sized bottle caps onto the tray. If the receiver isn't a fan of the particular beverage (where the bottle caps came from) or if you're looking to spice it up, paint the bottle caps before you glue them onto the tray. Again, you can then attach the bottle caps randomly or in a design of your choice.

Wall Art

Whether you're a college student, bachelor or merely looking for something different to display on your walls, transform a jar full of bottle caps into your very own artistic creation. It doesn't matter the size, color, or material of the bottle cap. Simply glue bottle caps onto a canvas, a piece of cardboard, or even a piece of plywood to create your design. You can also pre-paint the bottle caps and create a chevron or ombre design. The choices are endless.

Holiday Décor

Don't have a lot of money to spend on holiday decorations? Create ornaments from your bottle caps. If you don't want to display the original bottle cap design, paint the bottle cap or add a small cut photo or decorated paper to the inside of the bottle cap. You can also create holiday-themed bottle cap art, such as a Christmas tree.


Another great novelty gift for someone who likes a particular drink is to make bottle cap coasters from the bottle caps of their favorite beverage (s). Simply glue bottle caps in a particular design, such as three by three, onto a piece of cork or foam, and voila — a frugal, yet unique, gift that they'll be sure to love.