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Candles are popular light-makers that people can use to calm down and enjoy special scents. Similarly, soaps provide people with unique aromas and keep them clean. Chances are that if you're making candles or soap, you're making enough for your own family and then some. You may have even already started to branch out into selling your candles and soaps. It's important to professionally brand and label your candles and soaps due to label and safety regulations set by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Utilize special resources, supplies, vendors, and tips to get your business up and running.

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    Label Your Soaps for Sale

    The first part of getting labels is understanding what information you need to label them. To stay in compliance with industry standards, you first need to make sure you are selling soap and not cosmetics. Real soap is defined as being primarily made out of oils and lye and cannot make claims that it can "moisturize" or "exfoliate."

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    FDA Regulations

    If you're making soap or other toiletries, you must fully understand the FDA rules. Before printing your very first label, review the requirements for labeling soaps and cosmetics. There are government labeling laws for soap, for example, that require you to use specific package wording, include the net weight of the product, and provide an FDA-standard list of ingredients.

    Candles are considered cosmetics and also include their own set of key laws and standards for candle labeling. Labeling standards vary in various states and countries when it comes to language, fire safety, type of candle (scented and citronella candles have special rules, for instance), and more.

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    Warning Labels

    Make sure you include any warning labels, as necessary. Learn how candle warning labels came about through Jim Becker, president of Candle Solutions. Because candles inherently have an open flame, there are issues with potential fires and safety hazards.

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    Cigar Band Labels

    Blue Aspen Originals provides information on making easy Cigar Band Labels for your soap. They're simple to make, protect the soap while permitting you to see and smell it, and allow the soap to "breathe." Many beginner-level ​soap makers use Cigar Band Labels as their first labeling system. To make it easy, its guide provides step-by-step instructions on creating clip art, wallpaper, and label set-up for your soaps.

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    Lightning Labels

    Lightning Labels is America's first all-digital custom label printer. It prints high-quality custom labels and stickers in small quantities at an affordable price. This is a great vendor option for special batches, seasonal craft fairs, or special gifts. This custom label and sticker company supports bath and body products, e-juice vape labels, custom food labels, and more.

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    World Label

    If you want to print your labels, World Label is a great place to buy a variety of sizable labels. In business since 1998, this company provides more than 100 different materials and templates for selling soap, along with instructions for how to get started. It also has a Free Soap and Candle Labels Biz-Starter Kit available on its site for your convenience.

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