How to Refurbish a Small Jewelry Box

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    How to Refurbish a Small Jewelry Box

    Refurbish a small jewelry box to make it like new again. Photo © Jami Delia

    Jewelry boxes, even small ones, can cost quite a bit. I've been lucky enough to find a couple at local thrift stores, but they've usually seen better days. To make a small, old jewelry box pretty again, I clean the entire jewelry box and cover it in a fresh new coat of paint.

    Depending on whether I keep the jewelry box for myself or give it as a gift, I may also add additional details, such as a name or embellishments for a particular celebration or holiday.

    To refurbish a small jewelry...MORE box, make sure you have the following supplies on hand:

    • cleaning supplies, such as window or glass cleaner, vinegar and dish soap
    • primer and paint (or a combination paint)
    • sandpaper and/or liquid sandpaper/deglosser
    • painter's tape and paper

    Tip: Before beginning any refurbishing project that involves chemicals and/or paint, set up a work area in a well-ventilated area and cover the work area with a drop cloth to protect any flooring.

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    Clean the Jewelry Box

    Clean the inside and outside of the jewelry box. Also, remove any glass from the jewelry box and clean with glass cleaner. Photo © Jami Delia

    Before you begin refurbishing the jewelry box, clean the inside and outside of the box, as well as any glass (if the jewelry box has any).

    • Remove any glass panels (if possible) from the jewelry box and clean the glass with simple glass or window cleaner. If there is any sticky residue from old tape or a purchase sticker, spray a concentrated amount of glass cleaner on the area and let it sit for little bit or use a residue remover.
    • Remove any liners or fabric from inside the jewelry box. However,...MORE most liners are glued into the jewelry box and cannot be removed without tearing it apart. If the liner is glued to the jewelry box, do not remove the liner unless you want to replace it. If there are any stains in the liner, spot clean it with a concentrated laundry soap and let dry.
    • Wipe down the inside and outside of the jewelry box with a solution of dish or laundry soap and water or vinegar and water if there are any musty or mildew odors. Leave the jewelry box open to air dry.
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    Sand the Jewelry Box

    Sand the jewelry box to prep it for painting. Photo © Jami Delia

    To prep the jewelry box for a new coat of paint, you must sand the wood. However, before you start sanding the jewelry box, disassemble it if you can.

    • If the jewelry box has any hinges or other hardware, remove them and set them aside if they need cleaned, repaired, or refurbished or leave them as is if you want to paint them the same color as the jewelry box.
    • If the jewelry box has a lot of detailed carvings or grooves in the wood, use liquid sandpaper/deglosser to get into the cracks and...MORE crevices. Otherwise, use a combination of low and medium grit sandpaper to remove any existing paint or gloss and to smooth the surface.

    After sanding, wipe off the jewelry box with a damp rag to remove any sanding dust.

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    Paint the Jewelry Box

    Paint and apply any embellishments to personalize the jewelry box. Photo © Jami Delia

    Before painting, cover any areas of the jewelry box, such as the inside of the jewelry box or any non-removable glass, with paper and painter's tape.

    Select a color to paint the jewelry box. For this project, I used a primer and paint combination spray paint suitable for wood. If you don't have a combination paint, first apply a primer. After the primer dries, apply the paint. Remember, apply the primer and paint in thin even coats to prevent runs.

    Let the paint completely dry (may take...MORE overnight, depending on the type of paint used) and then reassemble the jewelry box.

    Add additional embellishments or details as you wish and start using the jewelry box to store jewelry or prepare to give as a gift.