7 Redwork Embroidery Patterns

Feeding the Chicks Redwork Embroidery Pattern

alittlesweetness / Etsy

Looking for a pattern to get started with redwork embroidery? Technically, any pattern can become redwork by simply stitching the entire design with red embroidery floss, but some patterns are designed with single-color embroidery in mind. And this selection of redwork patterns fits that description. 

Of course, redwork gets its name from working in red embroidery thread, but you don't need to limit yourself to red. Bluework is also a thing, but as you'll see, it's okay to use any color you like, including variegated thread.

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    Redwork Chicken Weathervane Pattern

    Redwork Chicken Weathervane Embroidery Pattern

    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson

    For a classic French motif, embroider this free chicken weathervane pattern. The scrolling lines make it a great fit for redwork, and it will look charming stitched on a kitchen tea towel. And because it only uses a few embroidery stitches, this design is perfect for those who are just getting started with embroidery.

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    Redwork Hanging Heart Kit

    Redwork Sewing Room Heart Kit

    Dandelion Designs

    This adorable redwork heart is perfect for hanging on the wall or door of your sewing room (even if that happens to be your kitchen or family room). And because it's a kit, it's also a great way to jump into a redwork project without spending lots of time thinking about the supplies.

    Redwork Hanging Heart Kit from Dandelion Designs

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    Feeding the Chicks Redwork Pattern

    Feeding the Chicks Redwork Embroidery Pattern

    alittlesweetness / Etsy

    Fabric designer Tasha Noel offers this redwork hand embroidery pattern based on her fabric line The Simple Life. Its farm scene gives it a classic redwork feeling​ while remaining fresh and fun.

    Feeding the Chicks Redwork Pattern, $9, alittlesweetness via Etsy

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    Nasturtium Redwork Pattern and Pillow Project

    Nasturtium Redwork Pattern

    Alex Anderson Quilts

    Combining redwork and shadow embroidery, this free nasturtium embroidery pattern from Alex Anderson is an excerpt from one of her books and includes instructions for making a pillow. Of course, the design would look wonderful in many uses. 

    Free Nasturtium Redwork Pattern and Pillow Project from Alex Anderson Quilts

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    Celestial Harmony Mandala Pattern for Single Color Stitching

    Celestial Harmony Mandala for Redwork Embroidery

    Muse of the Morning

    Who says that redwork can only be red? Etsy seller Muse of the Morn recommends using her Stitching Bliss series of a mandala and zen stitching patterns for redwork and cleverly shows them embroidered using DMC Color Variations threads. So while technically worked with just one color of thread (as redwork is), you still get a beautiful blend of coloring.

    Celestial Harmony Mandala Pattern from Muse of the Morning

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    Redwork Patterns From Bird Brain Designs

    Cherry and Floral Redwork Embroidery Patterns

    Bird Brain Designs

    For a huge selection of redwork embroidery patterns, look no further than Bird Brain Designs. Most are traditional in style, and there are lots of options for both free and reasonably-priced patterns for download. The cherry pattern on the left is one of the free fruit and veggie patterns that are perfect for tea towels, and the Jacobean floral scroll pattern includes four designs and ideas for projects.

    Redwork Patterns from Bird Brain Designs

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    Quaker Redwork Embroidery Motif

    Quaker Redwork Motif

    Mary Corbet

    Mary Corbet of Needle 'n Thread offers this free bird on a branch redwork pattern based on a Quaker design and has a quilt-like design as well. She suggests a few basic stitches for the center of the pattern, while the borders give you room to play with bold or more advanced stitches.

    Quaker Redwork Embroidery Motif from Mary Corbet