Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Review

Affordable Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn

Red Heart Super Saver yarn in red
Photo from Amazon

Red Heart Yarns is a yarn brand by Coats and Clark. There are so many different types of yarn from this brand. However, the one that you'll come across most often is Red Heart Super Saver.

Super Saver is a worsted weight acrylic yarn. You can use Red Heart Super Saver yarn for crocheting, knitting, and many other crafts. Of course, we are going to review the yarn with specific attention to how it works out for crocheters.

Red Heart Yarn Specifications

Here are some of the basic things that you want to know about Red Heart Yarns Super Saver:

  • Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic, which means that it is washable, affordable, and non-itchy.
  • Yarn Weight: Medium / Worsted or #4 weight, which is perfect for almost any type of project
  • Suggested Crochet Hook Size:​​ I / 9 (5.5 mm) although you can use slightly smaller or larger hooks depending on your project needs
  • Gauge: 12 single crochet and 15 rows per 4 inches on the size I crochet hook
  • Where to Buy Red Heart Super Saver Yarn: One of the best things about this yarn is its wide availability. You can buy it at many big-box retailers, including Joann craft stores, Michaels, Walmart, and others. It is also available for sale by many Internet retailers or you can visit the manufacturer's website to get it there.

The Best Things about this Red Heart Yarn

The wide availability of this yarn is one of the reasons that it is so incredibly popular. It is also one of the most affordable yarns on the market. You get a lot of yardage for a low price. This makes it accessible to most crocheters. Here are some of the other best things about Red Heart Super Saver Yarn:

  • Options in the color palette; this yarn comes in a dazzling variety of colors. Both solids and variegated colors are available.
  • Machine washable; this is a yarn that is easy to care for, use it to make anything
  • Durable; this is a yarn that is designed to last for a long time

The Downsides of this Red Heart Yarn

Of course, there is always something about a great yarn that you might not like. It is important to be aware of all of the pros and cons when making a purchase.

The biggest problem with Red Heart Yarns Super Saver is that it isn't the softest yarn to the touch. It's not terrible. However, many people find it a little rough, and it's definitely not silky smooth. It's a synthetic fiber, and you can tell.

One tip for that is to add fabric softener to the finished crochet project when you wash it. They can be made to soften up considerably, but they're never going to feel like cashmere.

Red Heart Super Saver Review Summary

People often say that this is a beginner's yarn. It's affordable, so you aren't going to be too upset if you make a lot of mistakes, get a lot of yarn tangles, and decide to throw some of it away. However, if you do make some great items, they will last a long time.

If you want a basic yarn that you can use for many different projects, then this is a good choice. But it really just depends what you're seeking. For example, if you are going to invest a substantial amount of time into a project, you might rather use an exquisite, expensive yarn in natural fiber. That type of yarn is going to make a truly dazzling project, rather than a basic one. Personally, I find it worthwhile for my investment in yarn to match my investment in time spent. It takes just as long to crochet an alpaca scarf as it does an acrylic one; but I'd be happier wearing the alpaca scarf.

If you're on a very tight budget, by all means, this yarn is a good option. In my experience, this yarn has generally been worth its asking price. While it's a good value for the money, do seek out, and use, nicer fibers if you have the means to afford them.