Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft

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    Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft

    Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft Project
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    Earth day is on the horizon, and this simple spring flower craft is the perfect activity to celebrate recycling by turning garbage into art. We always have newspaper lying around but it often just ends up in the garbage or recycles bin, but now it can be turned into something beautiful. With a few simple supplies, that you may already have on hand, you can create this fun recycled flower craft for kids.

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    Materials You'll Need

    Newspaper, construction paper, inks, and a pair of scissors
    Where Imagination Grows
    • Newspaper
    • Liquid watercolors
    • Dropper bottles or pipettes
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Construction paper
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    Layout Your Newspaper on the Table

    A child using ink to color newspapers
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    The first step in this simple recycled newspaper craft is to layout your newspaper on a table. Next, fill your dropper bottles with liquid watercolors and let kids add color to the newspaper with droppers. It's a great activity for developing fine motor skills.

    Alternatively, if you have watercolor paints and a brush you can do this too, just make sure to add a bit of water to your watercolor paints so that they will absorb into the newspaper.

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    Cut out Flowers

    A set of cut out multi-color shapes from newspapers
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    When your colored newspaper is dry, it's time to cut out your flowers. You can try getting your kids to cut a few flower shapes, but it's okay if they just cut out circles as they'll look great in the finished product as well. We cut out circles of all sizes so that we could layer them on the construction paper. In addition to the circles, we also cut a few rectangular strips to be used as our flower stems.

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    Glue the Newspaper Onto the Construction Paper

    A set of completed painted newpaper shapes glued together
    Where Imagination Grows

    The last step is to glue the colored newspaper circles onto the construction paper. We layered all our newspaper circles from largest to smallest which gave our flowers a three-dimensional look and made them stand out.

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    Finished Craft

    A completed set of painted newspaper flowers
    Where Imagination Grows

    When the glue is dry, you can hang your recycled newspaper flowers up. They are bright and colorful.