15 Free Patterns for Denim

A denim rug with shoes

A Beautiful Mess 

Use one of these free patterns for denim to recycle your old jeans and use them for something new. You won't believe what you can make out of old denim that you would otherwise give away or throw away. There are quilts, baskets, bins, purses, wall art, organizers, and many more projects that will help you to recycle those jeans instead of tossing them.

Some of these patterns will use a single pair of jeans while others use a dozen or more. It's a great way to give new life to old jeans and you'll be finding yourself raiding your own closet and even your spouse's and kids' closets. If you need more denim than what you have, consider stopping by garage sales or thrift stores. Look for large pairs of jeans with wide legs so you can get as much denim fabric as you can.