Randall Roberts

Randall is a freelance writer and model railroading enthusiast who is experienced with track layouts using Digital Command Control.


  • Maintains a collection of 50 locomotives and 200 railcars in N, TT, HO, and O scales
  • Experienced in​ setting up track layouts using Digital Command Control (DCC)


Randall Roberts was a writer for The Spruce Crafts covering model railroading. He has been a model railroad enthusiast since childhood, playing with his train set and occasionally adding a piece here and there.

His interest expanded exponentially in recent years due to the introduction of Digital Command Control. Recognizing that DCC would allow him to build sophisticated track layouts without the need for complex electronic switching circuitry, he began modeling N scale and building complex 4x8 foot track layouts like he'd dreamed of since he was a child. DCC brought his professional experience as an electronic technician and programmer/analyst directly to bear on his hobby, so grasping the newest model railroading technologies came easily to him.

With a collection comprised of over 50 locomotives and 200 railcars in N, TT, HO, and O scale, his collection may seem modest to many model railroaders, but it taxes the space limitations imposed by his small home.


Roberts graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, Arizona. He has completed many professional development courses covering a wide range of topics in electronics and the field of computers.

Expertise: Models, Model railroad
Education: DeVry Institute of Technology

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