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Take a look at the wonderful quilts on display in the quilting galleries -- think of the galleries as a huge online quilt show. Nearly all of the quilts in the galleries were made by members of the online quilting community. Some projects are from patterns but the majority of quilts were designed by each quilter.

All of the quilts offer inspiration for your next project.

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    T-Shirt Quilts Gallery

    Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt
    Todd's Harley T-Shirt Quilt. Marilyn

    T-shirt quilts are a great way to create a memory quilt for your son, daughter, or any special person in your life. Give those old t-shirts a new life by making one of these fun quilts.

    Take a look at T-Shirt Quilt Tips and Techniques if you aren't sure how to create a project.

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    Quilts with a Circular Theme or Motion

    Circular Quilt
    Lovely Example of a Circular Quilt. LilyBee

    All of these quilts were indeed created using a circular pattern, theme or motion. Some would be regarded as art quilts, some traditional... all of the quilts are lovely.

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    Miniature Quilts Photo Gallery

    Miniature Quilt in Strippy Layout
    Strippy Set Mini Quilt. Jennifer

    All of these miniature quilts were made by members of the online quilting community, with the majority designed and stitched for a quilt exchange.

    You'll appreciate the creativity and hard work that went into the creation of these little quilts.

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    Pictures of One-Patch Quilts

    English Cottage Quilt
    English Cottage, a One Patch Quilt. Yoka

    The quilts in this photo gallery are one-patch quilts -- all made by repeating the same patch over and over throughout the design. Portions of a patch are sometimes used around a quilt's jagged edges, but that doesn't take away from it's one-patch status.

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    Rag Quilts Photo Gallery

    Cat and Dog Rag Quilt
    Cat and Dog Rag Quilt. Rag Quilt by Log Cabin Lady

    Here's a nice sampling of some of the things you can do when you sew a rag quilt. The quilts are usually not difficult to make once you become accustomed to a totally backwards way of sewing.

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    Pictures of String Quilts

    String Table Runner
    Use String Piecing to Make a Table Runner. Janet Wickell

    String quilts are assembled using freehand foundation piecing techniques. They're the perfect quilts to make from your leftover strips of fabric, and you can customize the quilt blocks in any way you like.

    Take a look at the whimsical string quilts in this gallery, and then use the string quilting instructions to make your own quilt.

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    Pictures of Log Cabin and Related Quilts

    Log Cabin Quilt
    Blue and Yellow Log Cabin Quilt. Margaret Handlin

    You'll enjoy looking at pictures of log cabin quilts, pineapple quilts, and quilts constructed using other similar designs.

    Log cabin quilts are sometimes made using foundation piecing techniques, but they can be sewn as you would any other patchwork, too. Freehand piecing is a popular assembly method when you want to make wonky log cabin quilts.

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    Scrap Quilts Gallery

    Scrap Quilts
    Two Scrap Quilts Displayed Outdoors. Andrew TB Tan / Getty Images

    Browse through pictures of scrap quilts. Many are the result of block swaps among friends. All are gorgeous and might give you some inspiration for your next scrappy project.

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    It's All About Squares

    Quilt Made from Squares and Rectangles
    Squares and Rectangles Make up This Lovely Quilt. Greg Elms / Getty Images

    Squares, squares, and more squares -- plus quilts that feature rectangles. That's what you'll see in this photo gallery -- a wonderful example that squares used in quilts are anything but ordinary!

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    Star Quilts

    star quilts
    Celebration of Freedom Quilt. © Judy, Forum Member

    You'll love browsing through the star quilts in this collection. There are an endless number of star quilt blocks, and you'll see quite a few variations here.

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    Themed, Novelty and Pictorial Quilts

    Remembering Doc
    A Quilt Made in Memory of a Special Man. Dusty

    The quilts in this photo gallery aren't related in appearance, but they do have one thing in common -- each quilt conveys a specific theme or message. Quilters are definitely a creative bunch.

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    Sampler Quilt Photo Gallery

    Sampler Quilt in Blues
    Sampler Quilt in Blues. Peggianne

    These quilts are lovely. Samplers are made by choosing a specific number of different quilt blocks, sometimes 12 but often more, and using them to design a quilt.

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    Applique Quilts

    Natural Wonders Sea Landscape Quilt
    Sea Landscape Quilt. Kathy McNeil

    The applique quilts in this gallery sometimes fall into the landscape category, too, like the quilt shown here. Quilters used a variety of applique techniques to create these gorgeous quilts.

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    Attic Windows Quilts

    attic windows quilt
    Windowpanes for Bryse. © Pam E.

    Attic Windows is a traditional design, but you can make it your own because there's no limit to the variations you can incorporate into your quilt.

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    Literature as Quilts Challenge

    Miniature Quilts
    Miniature Quilt. Joy

    Joy, one of our Quilting Forum Hostesses, challenged members of the Art Quilts Forum to introduce themselves through literature in quilts. Each quilter chose a piece of literature that she loved and produced a quilt based on the work.

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    Art Quilts Photo Gallery

    landscape quilts
    The Village Landscape quilt. Shirley

    Take a look at this gallery to see landscape quilts, pictorials and other types of art quilts. And don't be intimidated by the term art quilt, because anyone can make one, even beginning quilters. An art quilt is simply your own interpretation of any thought that your mind imagines.

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    Cancer Awareness Quilts

    They're Only Boobs 'Til You Lose Them, Detail. © Debbie Rolek

    The quilts in this photo gallery were made to heighten awareness for cancer research and to remind us to check what needs to be checked. Some quilts are dedicated to specific individuals and some were donated to fund raising events. Other quilts were made by cancer survivors to chronicle their journey with the disease.

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    Christmas Quilts

    Scottish Christmas Quilt
    Scottish Christmas Quilt. Quilt by Kathy McNeil

    You'll see lots of lovely Christmas Quilts -- and other quilts with a winter theme -- in this gallery of quilts made by members of the online quilting community.