Quilts Designed with Squares and Rectangles

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    Sunshine and Shadow Quilt

    Quilt Pictures

    The lovely quilts in this photo gallery were all designed with square and rectangular shapes.

    You'll find more quilts with a square and rectangular themes in the log cabin quilts gallery and in Novelty and Theme quilts.

    From Gloria: I made this quilt from a dream I had about walking through a shady park in the beginning of spring 2011. The size is king/queen and it has matching pillow shams, two matching 14-inch square pillows, and a matching roll pillow.

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    Christi's Cozy Quilt

    Cozy Quilt
    Christi Corpus
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    Vent d'independance Quilt

    Woven Logs Quilt
    Celine Chabot

    From Celine: I made this quilt for my daughter, and I gave it last Christmas. I was inspired by your Woven Logs quilt block pattern. It was pieced and quilted on my sewing machine and measures 77 inches by 77 inches. My daughter's room has some green and everything fits together.

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    Vent d'independance Quilt Label

    Customized Quilt Label

    This shows a photo of the custom label Celine made for her quilt, Vent d'independance.

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    Tropical Sunset Quilt

    Quilt Pictures

    From patchwork_mom: This quilt was made from a piece of orange, yellow, red, and purple fabric with a tropical sunset print. I didn't want to lose the picture so I looked for months for inspiration that would let me use the fabric. My daughter brought home a library book and a picture of a simple quilt caught my eye. I took down the idea and made it totally my own. When the quilt was finished, I donated it to a hospital fundraiser. It fit a twin-size bed but laid nicely on top of a queen.

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    Domino Rouge Quilt

    Domino Quilt

    From Celine: Last year, I gave for Christmas, to my daughter-in-law, this quilt made from Janet's Domino quilt block pattern. It's 74 inches by 84 inches and was pieced and quilted on my own sewing machine. It's simple but so nice. I saw diamonds in the eyes of my daughter-in-law. She was so proud to receive that quilt. Thank you for your block design.

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    Wonder Quilt

    Quilt Pictures
    Susan W.

    From Susan: I started out making a "crumb quilt"—a style that I read about where you take all your little crumbs of fabric and sew them together. You then cut out squares of any size and place them in a pattern pleasing to you to create a quilt. I started out doing that, but when I created a certain piece, I didn't want to cut it up. I started building on this center piece, creating as I went. I used the square pieces made from my "crumb" scraps along the sides of the quilt. I tied it all together with red fabric that I had and kept building borders around everything. Before I knew it—voila! I had a quilt measuring 63 inches by 73 inches. The picture shows the quilt before it was quilted, but I am now in the process of hand quilting. It's very bright and I love it!

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    Thrifty's First Quilt

    First Quilts
    Thrifty Ideas Today

    From Thrifty: This was my first quilt. I used king-sized bed pillows for the green and brown blocks.

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    Homestead Instead Quilt

    Homestead Instead Scrap Quilt

    From Terrie: I am pleased to be able to share this with you because it really just "grew" from a few squares that I had already cut. I wanted to make something "all by myself" with no pattern and use the delightful stash I have begun collecting. When I began, I didn't know what it was going to look like, but here it is!

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    Yellow Brick Road Quilt

    Yellow Brick Road Quilt
    Karen Pollard

    From Karen: I'm a new quilter, so the patterns I select must be simple enough for me to attempt. I tend to select traditional patterns or patterns that are pretty much simply assembled. This quilt is made from blues, greens, and purples with a touch of metallic gold running through some of the fabrics. I thought the pattern would be easy; it was. I am drawn to cool colors. As I was visiting a local quilt shop, I happened to spot two fabrics on clearance that became the starting point of the colors in my quilt. The quilt reminds me of the deep blues and teals of the ocean. It's a soothing quilt.

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    Sam & Sue and Friends Redwork Quilt

    Sam and Sue and Friends Quilt
    Grama Jones

    From Grama Jones: I purchased the material for this quilt in 2002 and have finally finished hand embroidering the 40 blocks and quilting the quilt in 2010. I will put it away for my future grandchild.

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    200 Buttons Quilt

    200 Buttons Quilt

    From Lisa: I wanted to make my daughter, Zoe, a quilt she could take away to university to remind her of home. She loves lime green and bright colors. I used buttons to tie the quilt all over. This is my first quilt ever, and although I see flaws, I think it turned out well. I made up the pattern myself.

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    Workday Quilt

    Workday Quilt
    Marilynne Bowe

    From Marilynne: All the fabric used in the workday quilt, not including the backing, is from shirts and pants my husband had worn at work. There is corduroy from both a shirt and pants and gave the quilt to my dad. At 88, he likes a little extra warmth. I still have enough fabric from the shirts and pants to make another good-sized quilt.

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    Squares in Red Quilt

    Squares in Red Quilt
    Haubon Quilts

    From Haubon Quilts: This is a 92-inch-by-98-inch bed cover intended for Valentine's Day. The colors used are mostly in red. It took me seven months to finish this quilt, and it was worth it because it brightens our bedroom.

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    Rainbow Around the World Quilt

    Rainbow Around the World Scrap Quilt
    Mona A. Kuntz

    From Mona: This is a strip quilt put together in an "around the world" format. The quilt is made of 6-inch squares that were put together using the quilt-as-you-go method, creating an 84-by-84-inch quilt.

    I have a ton of small fabric scraps, which I love, but periodically I have to tame the scrap beast and use them up. I have been wanting to make a quilt in rainbow hues for a while and I finally did it. I really loved the quilt, but I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law for Christmas. I think it turned out beautifully.

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    Ankie's Quilt

    Ankie's Quilt
    Ankie Boessenkool

    From Ankie: I saw a book with Amish quilt patterns and liked them very much, for the simplicity of the designs and for the colors. This was my first single bed-size quilt, and because it was made up of squares, I thought it would be easy. It was. The quilt was quick to make because the blocks are large. It's a bit small for the bed, but I love it.

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    Bear's Paw Quilt

    Bear's Paw Quilt

    From Calicosnowman: This was my second quilt. I would change it by using different colors. I didn't use a binding at the time, and just hand-stitched the pieces together by hand. It's just not one of my favorites, but I liked the fabric.

    Note From Janet: This quilt doesn't truly fit the "square" theme since it includes lots of triangle units, so it might move as galleries become more specific.

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    A Touch of Sun Quilt

    A Touch of Sun Quilt
    Denise L. McCammon

    From Denise: The Pink and Orange Four-Patch pattern inspired this quilt, but it turned out to be a completely different block. I used several batiks, including a golden sunflower design that complemented the vibrant print. I may add beading detail before all is said and done. The finished quilt measures 31 inches square, and blocks finish at 8 inches square.

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    Daniel's Lakers Quilt

    Daniel's Lakers Quilt

    From Becky: My inspiration comes from the loved ones I make quilts for. This quilt was for Daniel, my great-nephew, and it had to be purple and gold to represent his favorite team. It is his "great kid" quilt.

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    Gone Fishing Quilt

    Gone Fishing Quilt
    Ramona Collins

    From Ramona: I made this flannel quilt for my stepfather. He was in the veterans' home with Alzheimer's when I made it for him. He passed away this year, and the quilt came back to me. He loved to fish—that's why I used fabric with fish on it.

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    Formal Hoedown Quilt

    Formal Hoedown Quilt

    From CodysNana: This quilt started as two sofa pillows. The pattern was so complicated I never figured it out, but I remembered how to make a 25-square pillow top and somehow it grew into a single bed size quilt, 6 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 6 inches. I call it "Formal Hoedown," because although it looks country, it does have a bow tie in each block's corner.

    This is the very first full-size quilt I have ever made. It is made with the quilt-as-you-go method because I don't have a quilt frame. I machine-pieced it in one-block-wide strips and then quilted each strip by hand before sewing them together. The backing is the dark green fabric with leaves that shows on the font as the border.

    Note from Janet: The quilt doesn't truly fit into the "squares" theme, but it was a close as I could get to a suitable gallery.

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    Crayon Box Quilt

    Crayon Box Quilt
    Ramona Collins

    From Ramona: I made this a couple of years ago for my niece in Texas. I picked the colors to match her personality, bold and beautiful. She loves it.

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    Green Christmas Quilt

    Christmas Quilt
    Marilyn Sue Burris

    From Marilyn: I made this quilt first using a white-on-white fabric for the framed four patches, and decided that it would look really good with a dark background, too. So I made this one. It measures 81 inches by 104 inches and is shown on my queen-sized bed. It fits perfectly.

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    Go Broncos Quilt

    Go Broncos Quilt
    Marilyn Sue Burris

    From Marilyn: My grandson loves the Broncos and even has his bedroom painted in blue and orange. My daughter wanted to get him the bed set but it was almost $400—just a comforter was almost $200. That's just too much to spend when you have three boys. So we went shopping and got some Bronco fabric and matching colors, and I made this for Damian for Christmas 2008. I didn't have a pattern, just made it as I went, but I think it turned out very nice. It was the sixth quilt I ever made and measures 81 inches by 105 inches. What really matters is that Damian loves it.

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    Graduation Quilt

    Graduation Quilt

    From Florence: I have been receiving a lot of good information about quilting, which I hope I have used in my quilting projects. I made this graduation quilt for my grandson, who is very musical in vocals as well as instruments. I started the quilt last summer and I just finished it a week ago. I have a rotator cuff tear so it wasn't easy to finish.

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    White Christmas Quilt

    White Christmas Quilt
    Marilyn Sue Burris

    From Marilyn: I am a beginner at quilting, and this is my fourth project. I love Christmas and Christmas fabrics. I had seen patterns for 16 patches and quilts set on-point, and I really liked the looks of them. So I found some patterns, changed them to what I liked, and made my own quilt.

    This quilt measures 81 inches by 104 inches. It is shown on my queen-sized bed, and it fits perfectly. It can be made with all the blocks the same, or as I did with different fabrics. It is a great way to use up your scraps. I decided that it would also look great with a dark background, so I made a second one, with a forest green-marbled fabric instead of the white.

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    Dream Weaver Quilt

    Dream Weaver Quilt
    Gladys Rowsell

    From Gladys: This is my dream weaver quilt. I really enjoyed making it and I love the finished product. I think the colors came together really well. It's a queen-sized quilt but big enough for a king-sized bed, too. The quilt measures 100 inches by 115 inches with 650 pieces.

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    Jan's Vintage Chains Quilt

    Jan's Vintage Chains Quilt
    Jan Craig

    Jan made this quilt from one of my quilt patterns. It's lovely!

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    Outside-the-Box Quilt

    Outside-the-Box Quilt

    From Cat-ena: My quilt is from one published in a quilt calendar in 2007. It was designed by Carol Burniston. The cat print fabric was chosen for my younger daughter Julie for her 30th birthday—she is the "mother" of two cats. I had to resize the blocks to work these cats into the original quilt—very vibrant and colorful, just like Julie. I was over it by the time I finished making and quilting it. It was exhibited recently at my local group's biennial exhibition.

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    Black-and-White Night Quilt

    Black and White Night Quilt

    From Lisa: This quilt was inspired by Roy Orbison's "Black and White Night" live performance CD, and is a gift to my sister who works at White House Black Market. It's approximately queen-sized and is made of many different black-and-white patterned fabrics, separated by black strips of varying widths.

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    Terri's Yule Quilt

    Terri's Yule Quilt

    From Terri: I put this quilt together in a week (a record for me). It was a secret Santa gift at our Yule celebration in 2006. This was my third finished quilt. It was machine-sewn and quilted for expediency. This was supposed to be all in blues, my husband suggested the burgundy color.

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    Patchwork Floor Cushion

    Patchwork Floor Cushion
    Farah Arshad

    From Farah: This is my first quilt attempt, a floor cushion of 24 inches by 24 inches. I had a lot of rag cloth strips which I wanted to make use of. The colors matched that of my living room.

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    Scrappy Nine-Patch Quilt

    Scrappy Nine-Patch Quilt

    From Sandhya: This was my first quilt. Rather, it is a quilt top lined with a back. There is no batting in between the top and the back as I live on the west coast of India and we don't have much winter. This, I use as a bedcover.

    It is made from leftover fabric from the clothes I made for my daughters. These fabrics are more than 20 years old. I made it about 15 years back and I have been using it for the last 10 years on my bed. The size is a little too big, but I did not want to leave a strip out. It is about 7 feet by 8 feet.

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    Grace's Hopscotch Quilt

    Grace's Hopscotch Quilt
    Grace Lambie

    From Grace: This was the first mystery quilt that I ever participated in. I did it totally scrappy, with minimal control—I only controlled colors that I eventually placed in the same block. It's still unfinished, but the borders are underway and I just love the quilt.

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    Blair's Crayon Box Quilt

    Blair's Crayon Box Quilt
    Ramona Collins

    From Ramona: I made this quilt for my niece, Blair, and used bold colors because she loves brights—the colors remind me of the summer she spent with me.

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    Nancy's Ribbons Quilt

    Ribbons Quilt
    Nancy Gero

    From Nancy: I am just a beginner at quilting but wanted to challenge myself with some triangles, so I tried a block from a book I have. This quilt is about 50 by 50 inches.

    Note From Janet: Nancy's wonderful quilt doesn't truly "fit" the squares category, but for now this gallery is the closest match.

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    Joel's Bear's Paw Quilt

    Bear's Paw Quilt
    Beverly Fink

    From Beverly: I made this king-size Bear's Paw quilt for a friend who wanted it to look like a "man's quilt" and feel the brown and cream combination worked well for that.

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    Marla's Four Seasons Quilt

    Four Seasons Quilt

    From Merle: First I found an autumn cloth and the one that seemed to me like a summer cloth, then spring and winter. In my country (Costa Rica), we only have two seasons: dry (summer) and rainy (winter), but I like the idea to make for my first bed quilt. I hope you like it.

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    Buttercup Table Quilt

    Buttercup Table Quilt
    Jeanette Coughran

    From Jeanette: I love Debbie Mumm's patterns and I just had to make this one. The quilt measures 50 inches by 50 inches.

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    Joy's Bears Paw Quilt

    Joy's Bears Paw Quilt

    Frp, Joy: I am new to quilting and came across this wonderful web site to get some ideas, where to start, etc. After looking through the quilt patterns, I saw the Bear Paw Quilt and absolutely loved it, so I made it my own and created a 54-inch square lap quilt. It was my first quilt, and I have a few mismatched corners—and got some good practice with my seam ripper, but overall, I am very pleased with the project. I'm sure I will tackle quilting again.

    The Bear's Paw quilt block pattern comes in two sizes: 14 inches by 14 inches and 35 inches by 35 inches.

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    Rail Fence Wallhanging

    Rail Fence Wallhanging

    From Jackie: This is one of my very first quilting projects. I searched the Internet for something interesting and fairly simple to make and came across this Rail Fence pattern. The quilt hung on my guest bedroom wall until we had children and now it is folded in half and decorates my hope chest at the end of my bed.

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    Joni's First Quilt

    Joni's First Quilt

    From Joni: This was my first attempt at hand quilting. It was fun but looks better from a distance.

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    House of Blues Quilt

    House of Blues Quilt
    Vicki Gasorski

    From Vicki: I made this quilt for a couple of dear friends of ours. One day, I casually asked each of them what their favorite color was. They both answered "blue." So the House of Blues was born. I wanted to focus on blue but it needed something different so I decided on brown and yellow as contrasting colors. I presented it to them at a Halloween party at their house. They absolutely loved it and Kris said "No one's ever made me a quilt before. I love it." The quilt is 57 inches by 72 inches.

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    Scrappy Comfort Quilts

    Scrappy Comfort Quilts

    From Alabama: Both of these scrappy quilts were donated to local nursing homes through our church quilt group. I hope they have become a bright addition to someone in the home.

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    Not as It Seems Quilt

    Not as it Seems Quilt
    Barbara Geelan

    From Barbara: I saw this quilt in a magazine and made a few adjustments to the pattern. I love it and have made another in pinks and purple and off white. The quilt measures about 60 inches by 72 inches.

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    Robicole's Trailmix Quilt

    Robicole's Trailmix Quilt

    From Robicole: This quilt top was made as a group—we each made our own quilts but encouraged other members of the group along the way.

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    Penny Pincher Seven Sample Quilt

    Penny Pincher 7 Sample Quilt

    From Robicole: This quilt was inspired by a quilt I saw in North Carolina. I made this quilt as a sample for the Penny Pincher Seven Quilt Block Swap in the Quilting Forum.

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    Beary Red Quilt

    Beary Red Quilt
    Citlali Contreras

    From Citlali: I made this quilt for my baby girl, who loves teddy bears and is mesmerized by the color red. I made snowball blocks with bears and used flowers in the corners. The nine patch blocks are a combination of red, plaid red, and white. The back of the quilt is all red. My little girl loves this quilt above all the others she has, and she loves to be cuddled with it and play on it.

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    Pickles and Ice Cream, a Bargello Quilt

    Pickles and Ice Cream - Bargello Quilt
    Janice Jackson

    From Janice: I wanted to learn the bargello technique, so I just started sewing. This crib size quilt is the result. I made the quilt in two weeks during January 2007.

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    Red Wish Quilt

    Red Wish Quilt

    From Annie: It's not perfect, but this is the second quilt I've made. I made the quilt in April 2006. I am just 25 years old and I discovered this kind of art only this year. This quilt has a baby bed dimension, and it's made of all vintage-look fabrics because I like this kind of blend. I made another quilt but this one is my favorite and I keep it for me.

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    Novelty Swap Quilt

    Novelty Swap Quilt

    From MOMOF11: This is just one of the quilts I made from 4.5-inch novelty squares swapped on the quilting forum. The other was given as a baby gift when my camera was not working, so I have no picture. I still have squares left for another quilt or two. This quilt measures approximately 48 inches by 58 inches and was donated to a local charity through my guild. One evening of sewing had the top together...a very easy pattern!

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    Kate's Hand-Dyed Quilt

    Kate's Hand Dyed Quilt

    From Katelnorth: All the fabrics in this top were hand-dyed either by myself or, in a few instances, by friends I've done hand-dyed fabric swaps with. I like to use simple geometric settings with hand-dyed fabrics, to show off the fabrics.

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    LindaHoo's Matching Game Quilt

    LindaHoo's Matching Game Quilt

    From LindaHoo: I hosted a swap of pairs of novelty squares, with the intent of making a quilt that could keep kids busy finding the pairs. The swap turned out to be gigantic, and I have made nine or 10 quilts with the fabrics! The quilts have been given to family members and to charity.

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    Birthday Scrap Quilt for Mom

    Birthday Scrap Quilt for Mom

    From Momofll: The first pieces of this quilt were the corner triangles trimmed off when I made a String-X quilt for my son. I sewed eight triangles together and made 4-inch blocks. After adding sashings and cornerstones, and the first pieced border, also from leftovers from that string quilt, I showed it to Mom and she loved it. This was at Christmas time. Mom's birthday is March 15, so I decided to finish it up for that. I promptly put it away in a drawer and forgot about it until March 14! I added the final borders and decided a plain, single fabric back just would not do...but I didn't want to spend time picking the right fabrics to piece a back. I had recently started making crumb blocks and had over 100 sitting in the drawer. I used 48 of the blocks to piece the back and added a 3-inch border to make sure it was big enough. Mom loves the quilt and has decided I must enter it in our guild's quilt show this summer.

    The quilty measures 40 inches by 52 inches.

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    Lazy Grrrl's Log Cabin Quilt

    Lazy Grrrl's Log Cabin Quilt

    From Nashvillesnb.com: This quilt is probably about a crib size. I made it for my sister as a wedding gift. It's made from sheets and some shirts thrifted from Goodwill. The inner squares are raw-edge appliqued onto the large squares.

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    Watermelon Quilt

    Watermelon Quilt
    Pam Martini

    From Pam: I made this quilt for myself. It makes me think of summertime.

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    Blue Jeans Wall Hanging

    Blue Jeans Wall Hanging
    Clare Worthy

    From Clare: After reading about making blue jean quilts and doing a bit of research, I scoured the house for all the old pairs of jeans I could find. I then made a trip to the local fabric warehouse and searched for a suitable material that would be heavy enough to match the weight of the denim. This is the result.

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    Ballerinas in Pink Quilt

    Ballerinas in Pink Quilt
    Bettie J. LaCour

    From Bettie: This quilt fits a twin-size bed and was a Christmas gift for my 6-year-old granddaughter.

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    Country Squares Quilt

    Country Squares Quilt
    Bettie J. LaCour

    From Bettie: The quilt is 68 1/2 inches by 89 1/2 inches, made of 100 percent cotton scraps. I am a beginning quilter and this was my third project. I started this quilt while living in the country, (I put the top together and didn't work on it for again for three years) it was completed on October 1, 2006, for my son's 43rd birthday. I now live in a large metropolitan city.

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    Eleanor Burns Garden Quilt

    Eleanor Burnsgarden Quilt

    From Roxie: This quilt is based on a garden theme quilt by Eleanor Burns. I gave the quilt to my oldest daughter, Beth. It's my favorite quilt.