Quilting Basics

Master the basics of quilting with access to beginner patterns, tips and tutorials to teach you everything you need to know.
Quilt fabric
How to Do a Fabric Burn Test to Identify Fibers
How to Make Quilt Backing
How to Make Quilt Backing From Any Fabric
How to bind a quilt
How to Sew Easy Mitered Quilt Binding
How to Make a Scrap Quilt
How to Make a Scrap Quilt Like a Pro
Bundle of colorful patchworked comforters with unicorn and stars design on white background - three pieces
How to Make Puff or Biscuit Quilts
Stack Of Rolled Textile By Wall
Definition of a Fat Quarter of Fabric and How It Is Cut
A rag quilt draped on a chair
How to Make a Rag Quilt
Rotary Cutting Fabric for Quilts
Use This Easy Method to Make Quilt Binding Strips
Tools for beginning quilters organized neatly
How to Choose the Best Tools for Beginning Quilters
A close up photograph of a needle from a sewing machine
Easy Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt Pattern
Facts About Fabric Grain
Facts About Fabric Grain that Every Quilter Should Know
marble texture on fabric
How to Make Hand-Marbled Fabrics
fabric rolls in a room and scissors cutting off a piece of fabric
How to Calculate Fabric Yardage for Quilts
How to Paper Piece a Quilt
How to Paper Piece a Quilt
handmade paper snowflakes and scissors
How to Cut Snowflakes From Paper or Fabric
Process cutting fabric pieces by rotary cutter on mat using ruler
Learn How to Make String Quilts
fabric cutting table
DIY Fabric Cutting Table Ideas
Recycled Denim Quilt
How to Make a Denim Quilt From Blue Jeans
Machine quilting sewing sewing a flower pattern.
Machine Quilting Options for Beginners
Stitch in the ditch machine quilting
How to Do Stitch in the Ditch Quilting
Quilt hanging over a rustic fence
How to Make Quilt Sashing With Cornerstones
How to Make an I Spy Quilt
How to Make a DIY I Spy Quilt
How to Rotary Cut Squares
How to Cut Patchwork Shapes for Quilts
Wool, rayon and cotton thread spools
Choose the Best Threads for Machine Quilting
Miniature Quilt
Lovely Landscape Art Quilts
Rotary Cutting Safety Tips
How to Use a Rotary Cutter to Cut Fabrics
How to Make Magic 8 Half Square Triangle Units
We make what you want. Top view of young workers, man and woman looking at the result of printing t-shirt in the silk screen printing machine at workplace
Printing on Fabric With Inkjet and Laser Printers
Patchwork log cabin blocks, stack of blocks, sewing accessories on white wooden surface
10 Quilting Techniques Every Quilter Should Master
Quarter-Square Triangle Units in a Quilt
How to Make Easy Quarter-Square Triangle Units
How to Troubleshoot Sewing Machine Tension
How to Easily Adjust Sewing Machine Tension
Quilts stacked on white wall background
Free Miniature Quilt Patterns
How to Use a Color Wheel to Find a Color Combo
Beautiful colorful quilts
How to Choose Threads for Patchwork and Quilting
How to Press Quilt Blocks
How to Press Quilt Blocks and Quilts for Best Accuracy
Preparing of triangle pieces of fabrics for sewing quilt blocks, rotary cutter, rule, craft mat, stack of fabrics
How to Cut Setting and Corner Triangles for On-Point Quilts
Close-up view of sewing machine pressure foot and needle.
What Are Sewing Machine Feed Dogs and How Do They Work?
Making a Charm Quilt With Your Scraps
Strip Piecing Tips for Quilters
Strip Piecing Tips and Techniques for Quilters
Quilt with Basting Stitches
How to Make a Quilt Sandwich
Compare Mitered and Straight Sewn Quilt Borders
Quick Tips for Mitered Quilt Borders
Piles of folded batik fabric in a multitude of colors.
Why and How to Prewash Quilting Fabrics
Sewing a button
Best Needles for Hand Sewing and Quilting Projects
Sewing machine walking foot
Use a Walking Foot to Make Quilting a Breeze
Example of a UFO Quilt
How the Term UFO Is Used by Quilters
Gorgeous antique bed
How to Buy a Mattress for an Antique Bed
Stacked bolts of brightly colored fabric
How to Do a Fabric Bleed Test to Check Dye Stability
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Smartphone Apps for Quilters
Stitching a quilt by hand using specialized knots
Using a Quilter's Knot to Secure Hand Quilting Stitches
selvage edge
What Is Fabric Selvage (Or Selvedge) in Sewing?
Baby Boy On Vintage Quilt
80 Inspiring Boy Baby Quilts Ideas
Quilting block from bright square pieces of fabrics, pincushion, stacks of square pieces of fabrics, quilting and sewing accessories
How to Choose the Best Scissors for Quilting
How to Fussy Cut Fabric
How to Use Fussy Cut Fabrics
Sewing Machine Throat Plate
What Is a Sewing Machine Throat Plate?
Learn How to Use a Color Wheel
Combining Color and Contrast for Sewing Gorgeous Quilts
Log Cabin Quilt on Bed
Photo Gallery and Layout Tips for Log Cabin Quilts
Patchwork quilt lying on the bed.
How to Use Patchwork
Person using an iron to pressing a seam open on a blue-and-white striped fabric.
Pressing Quilt Seams
Illustration of a hand ironing an applique
What Is Applique and How Is it Used in Quilts?
Striped Scallops Quilt Pattern
18 Quilt Designs Made From Simple Shapes