Fabric Star Quilted Christmas Ornament Pattern

A quilted ornament hanging in a tree
Stacy Fisher
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    Getting Started

    A quilted ornament hanging in a Christmas tree
    Stacy Fisher

    Make a quick quilted Christmas ornament this holiday season to adorn your own tree or give as a gift. Despite using the name "quilted," nothing is actually quilted for this ornament. In fact, it's a completely no-sew project!

    This project takes about an hour to create your first ornament, but after the first, you'll be able to make more in half the time. 

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    Gather Your Materials

    Fabric, pins, scissors, ribbon, and more on a table
    Stacy Fisher

    You'll need just a handful of materials and a few tools to make this quilted ornament:


    • Fabric (3 different fabrics; 1/4 yd. each, or scraps)
    • Ribbon, 1-inch wide
    • 3-inch styrofoam ball
    • Dressmaker pins (around 500)


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    Choose Your Fabrics

    Pieces of Christmas fabric
    Stacy Fisher

    The fabrics you choose can really change the look of this ornament. Here are some guidelines to help you make some great choices.

    • Color: Since there are three layers to this ornament, you want to choose three fabrics with colors that contrast against each other to get the best look. 
    • Design: Small-scale prints or even solids work best for this ornament. Large-scale images will get lost and may even create an odd-looking design when you're finished. 
    • Number of Fabrics: We used a different fabric for each layer of the ornament, but you could choose to use the same fabric for the first and third layers or even use the same fabric for all layers. We don't suggest using more than three different fabrics or you won't get the star shape for the ornament. 
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    Cut Your Fabric

    Fabric cut into 2.5" squares
    Stacy Fisher

    Cut your fabrics into 2-1/2 inch squares. Here's how many you'll need for each color:

    • Fabric A (center): 8
    • Fabric B (middle layer): 16
    • Fabric C (outside layer): 16 

    Keep in mind that what order you put your fabrics on the ornament will also change the look. Place them next to each other to see which ones work best as the different layers. 

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    Attach the First Square of Fabric

    Pinning center of fabric to Styrofoam ball
    Stacy Fisher

    Before you attach the first square of fabric, you need to find the center of the fabric square. To do this, simply fold and crease the fabric in half one way, and then the other way. The point where the creases cross is the exact center of the fabric.

    Put a pin through the wrong side (back side) of the fabric and pin it into the​ Styrofoam ball. The right side will be against the ball now. 


    It may help to use something to hold your Styrofoam ball steady as you attach the fabric squares.


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    Fold and Pin Your First Square

    First triangle attached
    Stacy Fisher

    Now it's time to make your first fold! You'll be repeating this same fold over and over again to cover the ornament. Here's how:

    1. Fold the square you have pinned to the ball down, forming a rectangle. The fold will now be on the top. 
    2. Fold the top corners in towards the middle to form a triangle. 
    3. Take four pins and place two just on the other side of the bottom middle to hold down the flaps, and one on each of the two outside bottom triangle tips to secure it to the Styrofoam ball. 
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    Fold and Pin Your Second Square

    Two triangles of fabric attached to a Styrofoam ball
    Stacy Fisher

    Repeat the previous two steps. This time, for Step 5, place the pin opposite of the top of your first triangle. 

    Repeat Step 6 to attach this second fabric triangle. You'll now have two fabric triangles with the points facing each other.

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    Finish the Center of Your Ornament

    Triangles of fabric attached to ball
    Stacy Fisher

    Finish the center layer of the ornament by placing your third and fourth fabric squares opposite of each other, following the same method as you used for your first two triangles.


    Take the time to line up your triangles and get the top points where they line up as close as possible. This will create a cleaner finish to your ornament and will hide any uncovered areas of your Styrofoam ball.

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    Begin the Second Fabric Layer

    Pinning the first fabric square of the second layer
    Stacy Fisher

    Take the second fabric that you've chosen for the middle layer and follow Step 5 to find the center. 

    Pin the center of the fabric 1/2-inch down from the top of a first layer triangle, staying on the centerline of that triangle.

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    Finish the Second Fabric Layer

    The second layer of fabric attached
    Stacy Fisher

    Place three more middle fabric squares 1/2-inch down on the center lines of the first layer of triangles.

    The next four squares you'll want to place at a diagonal to your other middle layer fabric squares. Follow the lines that divide the first layer of triangles and pin on that line, 1/2-inch down from the center.

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    Add the Final Layer of Fabric Squares

    The third layer added
    Stacy Fisher

    Repeat Steps 9 and 10 to add the final layer of fabric squares. 

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    Repeat for the Other Side

    The side of a DIY ornament
    Stacy Fisher

    Repeat Steps 5-11 to complete the other side of the ornament, being careful to line everything up. 

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    Pin Ribbon Around Ornament

    Attaching a ribbon to an ornament
    Stacy Fisher

    Now that all your fabric triangles are secured to the Styrofoam ball, it's time to cover up the sides, where your last layers ended.

    Take 12 inches of ribbon and wrap it around the center. You can pin this or use a hot glue gun to attach it. Alternatively, you could also use a strip of fabric or even burlap to cover the middle.

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    Finish the Ornament

    A finished quilted ornament
    Stacy Fisher

    Make a loop or bow from ribbon or string and attach it to the top of the ornament with pins or a hot glue gun. Your ornament is now ready to hang!

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