Feeling Quilty: Free Quilt Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Quilt Inspired Patterns to Cross Sttich

These free patterns were inspired by quilt patterns. Some are close adaptations of traditional patterns and others are merely reminiscent. Stitch the designs for your favorite quilter, or make your own quilt with floss instead of fabric. Cross stitch each piece individually for small one of a kind works of art or stitch all of them together as a sampler. Add your favorite home spun saying for a beautiful gift or heirloom. 

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    Brown and Blue Patchwork

    Graphic © 2008 Connie G. Barwick
    Graphic © Connie G. Barwick

    There's just something soothing about the combination of browns and blues. This pattern reminded me of an applique quilt. It is not based on a specific quilt pattern. This particular piece looks very much like a stained glass window. It would be beautiful to repeat the pattern over and over again on an afghan or blanket. 

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    Flower Garden Quilt

    Graphic © 2007 Connie G. Barwick
    Graphic © Connie G. Barwick

    This pattern was inspired by Grandmother Garmon's quilts. The Flower Garden pattern was the one she used the most for making quilts.Did you grandmother make quilts? If so, why not take her favorite pattern and make a sampler piece with her birthday or favorite saying. 

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    Friendship Quilt Blocks

    Photo © 2008 Connie G. Barwick
    Photo © Connie G. Barwick

    Free, fun patterns based on the Friendship Quilt Block. Stitch a single block in several sizes and styles of embroidery or stitch the mini quilt (shown here). Use the floss colors I have suggested or choose your own. These patterns were inspired by the Friendship Quilt Block.This would be a great piece to put on a card for your best friend. 

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    Good Neighbors Cross Stitch Pattern

    Graphic © 2008 Connie G. Barwick
    Graphic © Connie G. Barwick

    Having a good neighbor is a wonderful thing. They are there for you, will watch your house, your children and pets. It is wonderful to share the same block with a good friend who will watch out for you. This Good Neighbors Cross Stitch pattern makes a thoughtful gift for your neighbor. You could stitch it up as part of a welcome to the neighborhood basket. Show your new neighbor that you care and welcoming. This would also be good for an elderly neighbor who might not be able to get out as much as they used to. Pair it with a  meal and show them that they matter.
    This pattern was inspired by House Quilt Block.

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    Hour Glass Quilt Blocks

    Photo © 2008 Connie G. Barwick
    Photo © Connie G. Barwick

    The Hour Glass Quilt designs would make a great addition to a card or gift for a time-ly occassion such as graduation, retirement, or a special birthday.You can pick any color you like. If you want to stitch it just like the picture, it would be great for a patriotic person, or you can do it in school or team colors. This would also look good on an afghan as a repeated pattern,  This pattern was inspired by the Hour Glass Quilt Block.

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    Pinwheel Quilt Block Patterns

    Graphic © Connie G. Barwick

    This pattern has several smaller patterns going on within it. You can stitch all of them together or individually. This would be a beautiful piece as part as a front door wreath or again, as a welcome to the neighborhood. It is also a fun piece to have on the front door of a sewing store or classroom. Patterns in this collection include:

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    Maple Leaf Quilt Patterns

    Photo © Connie G. Barwick

    These free patterns were inspired by the Maple Leaf Quilt Block. Pattern styles include Cross Stitch motifs, Seasons Change pattern (shown here), and Punchneedle patterns.

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    Spool Quilt Patterns

    Stitch the Spool Quilt Inspired patterns with the floss colors of your choice. The design was inspired by Grace's Spools Quilt.

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    Monkey Wrench Mini Quilt Pattern Collection

    Design © Connie G. Barwick
    Design © Connie G. Barwick

    The free Monkey Wrench Quilt Collection includes a mini quilt, border and saying based on the traditional quilt pattern.

Show off your Cross Stitch!

These cross stitch patterns are a perfect way to showcase the complexity and beauty of quilts.

You can piece them together for a wonderful sampler or use them individually to create an actual quilt. The possibilities are endless!