Puppet Crafts for Kids

How to Make Your Own Puppets

Children playing with puppets
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Puppets are a great tool for everyone, whether kids or adults, to stretch their imagination. As a bonus, puppets can be made using any supplies you like, so experiment with socks, paper, and just about anything else. Then, rig up your own little playhouse with curtains in which to duck behind and put on your own family puppet shows.

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    Origami Finger Puppets

    Origami Finger Puppet Tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    Origami is the Japanese art of paper-folding, so it makes sense that you can use origami to make paper finger puppets. This particular tutorial uses a piece of square-shaped paper to make a finger puppet in the shape of a dog, though you can put any animal face on it that you wish. The puppet can be easily transformed into a cat, lion, or any other myriad animals with a similarly shaped face. All it takes is a marker and a little bit of creativity.

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    Bee Puppets

    Katherine Lee

    Keep your busy bees busy with these little bees. Although you don't have to use these bees as puppets, it's easy to add a wooden stick to the flying insects. In fact, you can use that technique for any number of paper insects and arachnids, from ants to spiders to ladybugs. Then, put on an insect-infested puppet show—no terminator necessary!

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    Sock Monster Puppet

     Six Sisters Stuff

    If you have a fuzzy sock that's long enough to cover your arm, then you have what you need for this sock monster puppet. It doesn't matter what pattern the sock comes in—in fact, the crazier the pattern, the better the puppet! If you have some pom-poms, googly eyes or fabric to decorate the puppet, then the kids can get really creative with this craft project. If you don't have any extra socks available, pick up a fuzzy set at inexpensively and then divide the pair among two children.

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    Butterfly Puppet

    Make Film Play


    It's not hard to make a butterfly paper puppet with the help of a template. Simply download, print, and then color it in with your choice bright hues. You'll also need a piece of colorful paper, scissors, and glue. This would be a great addition to that insect-focused puppet show, particularly if you also make ladybugs, ants, and spiders to fill out the garden of puppets.

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    Papier Mache Marionette

    How I Made It Project


    If you really want to go the distance, create a full-fledged string puppet, or a marionette, out of papier mache. This is a much more intensive project that will require the assistance of an adult to create and will likely take multiple days to create each body part and then let them properly dry. The necessary supplies include newspaper, flour, and glue, among others; it can be messy to create a papier mache puppet, but it will last much longer than simple paper puppets—as long as the child takes good care of it.