Pumpkin Knitting Patterns

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    Fall Pumpkin by Sarah Hawkins

    These sweet fall pumpkins are quick and easy to knit.
    Fall Pumpkins from Hawkins High Points. Sarah Hawkins.

    Pumpkins don't have to be just for Halloween, which is what makes them such great knitting projects. They're seasonal without necessarily being specific to the holiday.

    That's how it is with Sarah Hawkins' cute Fall Pumpkin (the pattern is for the ones in the front, not the one that looks like it's cut from a sweater). These are great in orange or whatever fall colors you like and are super fat to knit -- just 20 rows long.

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    Knitted Pumpkin from Natural Suburbia

    Knit a tiny pumpkin in the round.
    Knitted Pumpkin from Natural Suburbia. Linda Dawkins.

    Speaking of little, quick pumpkin projects, this knitted pumpkin from Natural Suburbia is just 13 rounds long and works up in a flash. The little stem is worked as an I-cord picked up from the top. Wouldn't this be adorable in homespun yarn or something thick and thin for even more rustic appeal?

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    Munchkin Pumpkins by Victoria Magnus

    Muchkin pumpkins inspired by a trip to the grocery store.
    Muchkin pumpkins by Victoria Magnus. Victoria Magnus.

    These little munchkin pumpkins are not the color we traditionally think of at Halloween, but there are pumpkins and gourds that are this color, of course. Inspired by a trip to the grocery store, these little cuties knit up by the bundle in no time and are available as a free Ravelry download.

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    Itty Bitty Pumpkin by Pumpkin and Bunny

    knit a tiny pumpkin and give it ridges so it looks like a pumpkin.
    Itty Bitty Pumpkin from Pumpkin and Bunny. Sparrow Kelley.

    So many tiny pumpkin patterns! But I love this Itty Bitty Pumpkin because it has really great step-by-step photos and shows exactly how to make the ridges on the sides of the pumpkin so, as she says, it doesn't look like an orange tomato.

    I'm really loving the idea of knitting one of each of these wee ones -- or a bunch -- and using them as decoration on a wreath. Stash busting decor for the win!

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    Pumpkin by Amanda Berry

    knit a sweet pumpkin worked flat in garter stitch
    Pumpkin Pattern. Amanda Berry.

    This pumpkin pattern is a little different from the others because it is worked flat in Garter Stitch rather than Stockinette. This gives the pumpkin a different look that's a little more rustic but also makes it the perfect little project for newer knitters. The felt and button eyes add an extra touch of cuteness, but you could also use French knots or other embroidery as you like.

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    Felted Pumpkins from Jordana Paige

    These felted pumpkins are easy and super sweet.
    Felted Pumpkins from a Jordana Paige pattern. Ravelry user bsb1714.

    Felting is a fun skill to have and it's great to use on home decor projects because it doesn't matter that much if they come out a particular size. These felted pumpkins from Knitty by Jordana Paige are easy to knit in orange wool with a brown top, I-cord stem and optional bit of corkscrew vine (you could also work these in green if you'd rather). 

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    Fergus the Pumpkin by Angela Sewell

    Fergus the pumpkin is a cute little guard for your Halloween candy.
    Fergus the Pumpkin. Angela Sewell.

    I don't know why this little jack o'lantern is called Fergus, but he's somehow cuter thanks to his funny name. Fergus is a bit of a grump but is a great protector of your Halloween treats. And you could surely give him a sweeter face if you wanted to. 

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    Russet the Pumpkin by Phoeny

    Knit Russet the pumpkin to decorate your Halloween front porch.
    Russet the Pumpkin. Ravelry user Phoeny.

    This pumpkin creation is a real doll. Russet the Pumpkin has dangly legs and arms and a pumpkin body as well as shoes, gloves and a stem-and-vine hat. He's worked flat, and even though he's worked with small yarn and needles he's a pretty quick knit. Or use larger yarn and needles for a bigger version that will still be done in a flash.

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    Jack o'Lantern Clan by Frederica Patmore

    Knit pumpkins and turn them to jack o'lanterns with a bit of felt.
    Jack o'lantern clan. Frederica Patmore.

    How do you turn a pumpkin into a jack o'lantern? In the case of the Jack o'lantern clan knitting pattern, you simply add a bit of felt to make the features. This is a lot easier than adding the face with duplicate stitch and less messy than carving a real one! And of course, you could leave them as plain pumpkins if you'd rather, or do some of both. 

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    Pumpkin and Skeleton by cvetulka knits

    knit a patch of pumpkins and a spooky skeleton
    Pumpkin and Skeleton pattern. cvetulka knits.

    I just love the styling on this pumpkin pattern that also includes a pattern for a skeleton. You could also just knit the skull as shown for a spooky tableau that looks great by your door or on your fireplace mantel.


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    Pumpkin Bowl Cozy from Red Heart

    knit a halloween vase cozy to hold your candy
    Pumpkin Bowl Cozy. Red Heart Yarns.

    While this project is not strictly a pumpkin, it's a great idea for a DIY candy bowl. The pumpkin is cozy for a glass vase, which is filled with candy. The jack o'lantern's features are added with felt, making this project quick and easy to embellish. It would make a great decoration for the treat station at a Halloween party, too.