Work it out! Pump Up Your Cross Stitch Skills

Pump up those cross stitch muscles with this simple workout.

80's workout

Any time of the year is a great time to start working out. Don't get stressed, you don't have to go to the gym to get a work out. This exercise is all about beefing up your cross stitch skills.  We all can improve on our cross stitch techniques.You don't have to wait for a special date to start perfecting your cross stitch skills, you can get started any time. You can set  a weekly or monthly goal and by the end you will be a cross stitch master. Just like working out at the gym, you need to have a coach. That is what the information below is here for. From tutorials to tools, the information below will help you become the best cross stitcher you can be. It will help you with all of your projects and make cross stitch more enjoyale and relaxing and less like a chore. Ready to start your workout? Let's get to it! 

There is a 7 minute abs workout and now there is 5 minute cross stitch. You can learn to cross stitch in 5 minutes over at The Yarn Tree.   The 5 minute cross stitch will not leave your abs hurting but will definitely get you to your goal of being a better cross stitcher. This is a quick introduction with a very simple free pattern. The only downside of the quick tutorial is that there are no pictures showing the steps. If you are just getting started, this can be a bit confusing. They do offer a video on YouTube for those who want to see the steps they are discussing on their site. 

When you are working out your muscles, you need equipment...when you are working out your cross stitch skill, you also need equipment. You want to make sure that the hoop or frame you have will last you a long time, but also is a comfortable fit-just like shoes. Many people prefer a Q-Snap frame because it fits well in their hands and it does not crease the fabric. It will stretch out, but all you need to do is apply a little heat from your hair dryer and mold it back into place...good as new!

You also want quality fabric and floss. The cheaper the floss, the more likely it will bleed onto the fabric. You really need to invest in quality floss for the best project. DMC is the most common floss and has high industry standards.  Anchor is another floss that is comparable to DMC and is used mainly in Europe. There are also several independent floss makers out there that make high quality material. Be aware that because they are smaller companies, they make smaller batches and you might not get the same color two times in a row. 

The other important piece of equipment is lighting. Proper lighting is essential for the best stitches and the best eye sight. There are many expensive lights out there but you really need a basic light with a good bulb. Take care of your eyes so you can stitch for years to come. Some people use head lamps when they stitch to get any more light to their project. 

After working out, you need to cool down. The same can be said for cross stitching. You need to stretch and move around. This will help with your neck and lower back.Many of you could sit and watch a movie and stitch all day long, but your back will hate you at the end of the day, so moving around,  even just a few stretches is important to stay in perfect stitchy shape. As part of stretching and cooling down, you may want to invest in a wrist support device. This will help keep your wrist in shape and hopefully stop you from getting wrist injuries. 

There ya go! The skills, equipment and cool down you need to start your cross stitch workout. Now you are ready to conquer the needlework world! You have all that you need to become the most amazing cross stitcher in the world! If you take these few steps before starting, your project will go smoothly and it will be much more enjoyable. Hai Yah! Go cross stitch ninja!