Make it! Cross Stitch Projects that Make Our Lives Easier

Products We Love That Make Our Cross Stitching Lives Easier

Starting and finishing a cross stitch project can sometimes be stressful, especially when you do not have tools to help you with the process. While some of us can get by on just a hoop, floss and needle, there are others that like the extras. Little things like knowing where you needle is at, organizing your floss for a project and having a comfortable hoop may seem like luxuries, they will actually help you in the long run. Below is a small sampling of products that you shouldn't live without. 

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     As cross stitchers get older, we get wiser. We also get bad eyesight. We wear an extra set of glasses, add more light and eventually cave into getting a needle threader.  They are great and save us from having to try to thread the needle over and over again. We also want our threaders to last a long time and we all know that the flimsy ones might last for one round of threading. Blue Ridge Needle Art offers up a needle threader that is both functional and adorable. It is sturdy enough to be used over and over again. We love it! You can never say no to googly eyes.  Check out this product and others like it at their Etsy storefront. 

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    An Organized Heart

    Bijou Lovely

     Raise your hand if you have the best intentions of keeping your floss organized. Now raise your hand if you actually do keep it organized. You don't have to live in shame anymore, as a matter of fact, you can love organizing your floss with Bijou Lovely's Heart Floss Organizer. It is a great way to keep all the floss for a certain project in one spot and tangle free. That is something we all can love! The only thing that could make us love this anymore is a tiny magnet that keeps our needle safe. Oh my! Look at that! It has one of those too. SWOON! Check out this lovely gem, along with other cross stitch notions 

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    Weak in the Knees

    Weeks Dyed Works

    The one thing that makes us weak in the knees is hand dyed floss. The colors are beautiful and rich. Weeks Dye Works is the leader in hand dyed floss. They are a small family owned independent business that specializes in colorfast beautifully dyed floss and fabric. There is nothing closer to the heart than supporting small indie companies and artist. You can see all their products and color selection on their website.  

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    Mind Your Needle

     Needleminders are the one cross stitch supply that you can never have enough of. If you have several projects going at once, you need several minders. They keep your needle in place when you are not stitching.  Gina's Unique Boutique offer a wide variety of needleminders ranging from every day use to fancy rhinestones for special occasions. Her shop includes other stitching tools and fun items. 

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    Get a Grip!

     Holding your cross stitch for long periods of time can cause cramping in your hand and arms. You don't need that! Cross stitch should be relaxing and fun, not stressful and painful. Q-Snap offers needlework frames that are easy to hold and adjustable. You can order replacement parts for your Q-Snap if for some reason you break a part. They come in a wide range of sizes. You can buy them at craft stores or online. While they may seem a bit more expensive than a regular hoop, they are well worth the price. 

Love is in the air

These are just a few products that we love in the cross stitch world. Cross stitching makes us happy and we know the benefits we get from doing it. From patterns, to the products that keep us organized, we adore it all! Don't let your work suffer because you don't have the tools you need. Splurge a little on products that make you happy and help you product amazing works of art. You deserve it!