10 Sets of Free, Printable Valentine Bingo Cards

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These printable valentine bingo cards make a quick Valentine's Day game for your classroom, group, or home. You'll love how easy it is to put together and the kids will love how much fun it is. There are plenty of free sets to download and each is cuter than the last. They also come in a wide variety of amounts so there's something for both small and large groups.

You'll need markers to cover the squares in your game of valentine bingo and scraps of paper work in a pinch. You can also splurge and use conversation hearts, Hershey kisses, or M&Ms.

These valentine bingo cards look best when printed on cardstock but you can also print them on normal printer paper. Using colored paper can give them a whole new look!

If you're looking for more Valentine's Day activities for kids, check out these Valentine's Day party games for kids, and themed Valentine's Day coloring pages and word searches.

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    Conversation Heart Bingo

    A valentine bingo card with conversation heart markers.

    Create, Craft, Love

    Create, Craft, Love, has designed these lovely valentine bingo cards that use conversation hearts not only as the markers but as the calling cards. What a sweet treat!​ There are six valentine bingo cards that come with the download including instructions on how to make the game easy or more challenging.

    Conversation Heart Bingo from Create, Craft, Love

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    Valentine's Day Bingo Game

    A colorful Valentine bingo card

    One Creative Mommy

    One Creative Mommy has designed an adorable set of valentine bingo cards with pictures of love bugs, owls, raccoons, sea otters, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and even spiders. These Valentine's Day bingo cards are great for a small or large group. You can download the family set with 10 cards or the classroom set with 30 printable cards.

    Valentine's Day Bingo Game from One Creative Mommy

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    Free, Printable Valentine Bingo

    A colorful valentine bingo card with conversation hearts.

    Artsy Fartsy Mama

    Here's another conversation heart themed bingo card that's great to use for Valentine's Day. The set includes 8 pre-filled free bingo cards with instructions as well as a blank bingo card so you can create as many as you need if you have a large group wanting to play.

    Free, Printable Valentine Bingo from Artsy Fartsy Mama

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    Free Valentine's Day Bingo

    A Valentine bingo card with red candies

    Teepee Girl

    Ministering Printables has designed 6 free valentine bingo cards that print out two per page. They can be downloaded as a PDF file or a ZIP file. Each square has a beautiful Valentine's Day image of cupcakes, flowers, stars, hearts, lips, candy, and more. Besides the cards, there is also a printable page of calling cards.

    Free Valentine's Day Bingo from Ministering Printables

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    Customizable Photo Valentine Bingo

    Valentine bingo cards personalized with photos.


    Eighteen25 has created a unique valentine bingo game that you can personalize with your family or student photos. Follow the directions to open the valentine bingo card and insert your photos from your computer.

    Customizable Photo Valentine Bingo from Eighteen 25

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    Valentine Bingo Cards

    Valentine bingo cards in red, pink, and white.

    The Idea Room

    These super cute valentine bingo cards have spaces that are numbered 1 to 24 and print in a 5x7 size. There are three valentine bingo cards available but also a blank card so you can add your own numbers if you have a large group.

    Valentine Bingo Cards from The Idea Room

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    Valentine Bingo

    Valentine bingo with different photos of items in each square.

    Making Friends

    This is a complete valentine bingo game that includes 12 printable bingo cards as well as calling cards. It's everything you need to play the game and you'll be able to get started in no time. Real images like gifts, cards, ice cream, balloons, cake, candy, teddy bears, candles, and more are used along with their names in this game of valentine bingo.

    Valentine Bingo from Making Friends

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    Valentine's Day BINGO Game

    A valentine bingo card in brown, pink, and cream.

    Simply Fresh Designs

    Here's a complete valentine bingo game you can download for free over at Simply Fresh Designs. There are adorable images of hearts, cupcakes, candles, love birds, owls, cats, and many more adorable animals and other images. Included are six 5x7 valentine bingo cards, calling cards, and instructions.

    Valentine's Day BINGO Game from Simply Fresh Designs

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    Valentine's Day Bingo Free Printable

    Valentine bingo cards laying on a table next to a bowl of candy.

    Libbie Grove Design

    Over at Libbie Grove Design, you'll find a wonderful set of free valentine bingo cards that include 16 printable bingo cards and a set of calling cards. Each valentine bingo cards print off four per page making this a quick project to print and assemble.

    Valentine's Day Bingo Free Printable from Libbie Grove Design

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    Free, Printable Valentine Bingo

    A bingo card with candy hearts


    This set of Valentine bingo cards is unlike any of the others. Unique hand drawings of hearts, dogs, cats, and birds, in colors like pink, teal, blue, and orange make it a pleasure to play. There are 12 different bingo cards and a set of calling cards that are all included in the free download. You'll need to subscribe to the Willowday newsletter to get this freebie, but it's completely free to do so and you can unsubscribe at any time. Also available here is a free Valentine's Day game, a Guess Who? style game that uses the same adorable illustrations that are on the bingo cards.

    Free, Printable Valentine Bingo from Willowday