11 Sets of Free, Printable Valentine Bingo Cards

Colorful Bingo Cards All About Love

Girl holding valentine heart
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These printable valentine bingo cards make a quick Valentine's Day game for your classroom, group, or home. You'll love how easy it is to put together and the kids will love how much fun it is. There are plenty of free sets to download and each is cuter than the last. They also come in a wide variety of amounts so there's something for both small and large groups.

You'll need markers to cover the squares in your game of valentine bingo and scraps of paper work in a pinch. You can also splurge and use conversation hearts, Hershey kisses, or M&Ms.

These valentine bingo cards look best when printed on cardstock but you can also print them on normal printer paper. Using colored paper can give them a whole new look!

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