Templates to Make Your Own Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Cut out paper dolls

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Making DIY paper dolls is the perfect rainy day activity for kids. Of course, you'll also need an assortment of clothing and accessories to use with them; we've got you covered there too with the printable paper doll templates below. They are simple black and white outlines, making them ideal for letting kids flex their creative muscles. Print and decorate them as you please, or, if you prefer, personalize them on your computer using your preferred graphic design program. You can also print out the desired items and use them as a pattern to create felt, craft foam, or fabric dolls. Use your imagination––the possibilities are endless!

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    Paper Doll Template

    printable paper doll body
    Sherri Osborn

    When you print out the paper doll body in the link, you have a few options. You can use a variety of colored cardstock sheets, print out the desired templates on magnet sheets so your kids can play with their dolls on the fridge, or even use printer sticker sheets for one-time use dolls. While plain white printer paper works too, it doesn't stand up to very much use, so something thicker is best.

    Color in the doll's body and create facial features using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever medium strikes your child's fancy. Consider using yarn or embroidery floss for hair, or make wigs using felt scraps. Another idea is to make paper dolls that look like your child and their friends by using photos. If you use cardstock or regular paper, consider gluing the paper doll onto a lightweight cardboard base to make it sturdier. To protect the finished dolls, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper.

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    Dresses and Skirts

    printable paper doll dress
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    These printable paper doll clothes range from summery sleeveless dresses to stylish wrap skirts. Younger kids will love playing fashion designer for a day and coloring them in with their favorite crayons and markers. Use puffy fabric paint to add details like buttons and stitching, or stickers and washi tape to make fun patterns.

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    printable paper doll jacket
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    Does your child's paper doll need a winter coat or rain slicker? Dress up a winter coat by gluing a little faux fur trim around the collar and sleeves, and don't forget to decorate a cap and boots to match. Get the look of a toasty wool coat with felt and give the rain jacket a slick look by using oilcloth. Who said paper dolls can only be made with paper?!

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    printable paper doll shoes
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    Once you make special outfits for your paper doll, why not create some matching accessories? Your child's paper doll will look fashionable with strappy sandals, a cowboy hat, or even a tote bag. Glitter glue, mini rhinestones, and sequins make fun embellishments for paper doll accessories and kids love adding sparkle to their art projects. Find inexpensive faux leather scraps at your local fabric store for crafting realistic shoes and purses.