Printable Miniature Putz Towers and Castles

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    Printable Towers for City Halls and Castles

    Printable towers mixed with other Putz style houses for a miniature Christmas village
    The towers in the series of printable miniature Putz houses mix with the other roof styles to form an entire village. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    These printable miniature Putz style Christmas village towers and flat roofed buildings were designed to allow N scale or micro modelers to create a traditional North American Christmas village. The towers can be stacked or added on to the sides of most of the printable miniature N scale house designs.

    Like their vintage counterparts, these buildings can be finished in a number of different styles. Parts have been included for a rock wall fence, and trees can be found on the extra parts sheet in the section of basic Putz style houses in case you want to make cut out windows or doors to give the houses the full traditional look.

    This set of towers can also be used to make fortresses and castles for other project. The buildings work with Micro Machines and other small scales and will serve as a dolls house scale toy castle.

    For ideas on how to combine these towers with the original house designs, check out the museum pages of Papa Ted's Place, a site devoted entirely to this style of miniature Christmas house.

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    Assemble The Materials to Make N Scale Towers and Castles

    Printable towers in brilliant colors for a miniature Christmas train village.
    Printable pieces for colorful towers to add to a traditional railroad style Christmas Village. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    To make this set of miniature N scale Towers you will need:

    • Two to three 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets of photo paper or heavy weight paper. I used matte finish paper. You can print the sheets onto regular paper and glue them on to heavier backing (cereal boxes etc.) or you can use regular paper to print templates which you can cut from decorative scrapbook cover stock.

      There are downloadable PDF (Acrobat Reader) printable files for the Flat Roof Buildings, The stacking towers, and the bright colored towers (shown above)

    • PVA (white) glue and a glue spreader. You can use a scrap of plastic or card to spread the glue.
    • Bone Folder A bone folder or rotary scoring tool is very useful to get precise neat edges for some of the very small folds.
    • Sharp Scissors
    • Bent Nose Tweezers
    • Sharp Craft Knife
    • Chipboard or foam core board to make landcape supports. I used precut 3 inch squares of chipboard.
    • Assorted glitters and Acrylic Paints to finish off the landscapes and finish the houses if you wish a traditional look.
    • Round Toothpicks for miniature tree trunks.
    • LED lights low powered or battery powered on a string. Check that the lights do not give off any appreciable heat and make sure the houses are not touching any bare wires at the bulb join.
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    Crenellated Tower Printables That Stack For Castles, Fortresses and City Halls

    Stacked printable towers make a city hall for an N scale Christmas Village
    A stack of printables makes a city hall or apartment building for an N scale Christmas village. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Crenellated Towers That Stack

    Putz houses often had odd towers added to one side. This set of crenellated towers can be stacked on top of each other, combined with the four sided roofed towers, or can be added onto any of the traditional houses. One of the buildings is designed as a grand covered entrance, or porte cochere with rounded openings cut out for a vehicle, horse carriage, or market. The shorter tower can be used on top of a simple roof. Cut out the v at the bottom of the tower for the roof, using the lines for the roof's matching chimney as a guide. In this way either the clock tower or the short tower can be added to other buildings to make a church.

    If you want to add any of the towers beside the set of regular houses you may need to trim the house roof or the tower crenellations before you glue the two buildings together.

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    How to Cut Miniature Crenellations

    Making scissor cuts on paper to form a tiny crenellated edge.
    To cut a miniature crenellated edge with scissors, the sides of the opening are cut first, then the opening is cut diagonally across one side, then the other side, and finally the small triangle is cut away. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Steps to Cutting Crenellations

    • Glue the folded crenellation sections together as shown above. Glue only the crenellations, not the tab or floor which are attached to them. The steps are shown in order from the bottom of the photo on up.
    • With a pair of sharp scissors, cut along the white section down towards the base of the crenellation on both sides of the white area. It is easiest to all the crenellations in a row at once.
    • When you have cut the straight lines down, go back and cut across the diagonal of each white area to the base as shown above,leaving a white triangle in one half of the opening. Make all these cuts in one direction across an entire row.
    • Make another row of cross cuts across each section in the opposite direction to leave only a small triangular tab of white as shown above
    • Finally, use your scissors and push the top of each crenellation gently forward out of the way of the scissors while you cut the last piece of white free of the base.
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    Assembling the Crenellated Tower Printables

    Steps in folding the tabs and walls to assemble a tiny crenellated tower in N scale.
    How to fold a crenellated miniature tower for an N scale fortress, castle or Christmas village. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Assembling the Crenellated Buildings

    To assemble the crenellated buildings, cut out the main building piece and fold it along the center line of the top crenellations where marked. If you want, you can use a craft knife to cut out the white sections on the crenellations to make them more realistic. Or you can use scissors and follow the method given in the previous step.

    Fold the Sides When the crenellations are cut (and glued) fold the building sides along the fold lines marked on each building to get the four sides. Crease them sharply, especially where they are doubled at the row of crenellations.

    Fold and Glue the Roof

    Fold the top tab and roof inside and glue them to each other, then glue the final side to the side tab to hold the building in shape.

    Fitting the Towers Together or to Other Buildings

    You may need to trim the crenellated balcony edge on one side to fit it under the roof of the smaller cottages if you wish to glue them together. The buildings can be secured to a base (see the landscaping instructions for basic houses) or to a lower level by means of the tabs at the base of the tower sections.

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    Make a Square Clock Tower or Church Spire in N Scale

    The printable roof is folded and added to the roof supports on an N scale Christmas village tower.
    The roof support and roof are folded separately then glued together to make a square tower. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    To create a square clock tower or church spire from an N scale printable, cut out the pointed tower building and a matching roof from the tower printable pdf file, or the Bright Tower file

    Fold down the tabs on the pointed roof sections, and fold the roof sections along the top of the wall to form a slight crease. Fold the walls to a sharp crease on each corner and fold the tab on the end wall inward.

    Glue the Tower Building

    Glue the tower building by bringing the walls together into a square, applying glue to the wall tab, a setting the glued wall tab underneath the wall at the open corner. Press the tab in place on the inside of the tower to hold it firmly.

    Glue the Tower Peak

    To glue the peak of the tower, bend the pointed tower sections in along the line of the top of the wall. apply glue to the tabs on a peak, and glue the adjoining peaks to the tabs. Check that the tower is still square, and adjust the peak and the folds if necessary.

    Fold the Roof Section

    Fold the roof along each straight ridge line, and fold the roof tabe under. Apply glue to the roof tab, and slide it under the last edge of the roof to close the roof into a pyramid. Make sure all the roof folds are sharply creased. Press the glued tab in place under the edge of the roof section.

    Glue the Roof to the Building

    When the roof is dry, apply glue to the side of the building peak, and set the roof in place over the peak, so that the corners of the roof match with the corners of the tower. The roof should overhang the tower slightly. Set aside to dry.

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    Build a Castle from Printable Towers

    Printable N scale towers arranged into a castle for a Christmas village.
    Free printable towers assembled into the shape of a castle for an N scale Christmas village. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    The crenellated printables lend themselves to making castles and fortresses. Sized to be toys in a 1:12 scale dollhouse, they are also a popular scale for micro machine gamers and N scale trains. The smaller flat roof building can be used to make wings for a larger establishment, and the port cochere can be added to the front of a building or used as drive through entrance, gate or tower. The extra green balcony railings on the flat roof building sheet can be bent out in front of doors to make balconies on any sized building.

    Make the Stone Wall

    A stone wall section is include with the bright tower building sections. The wall should be folded on the two black lines down the centre of the wall (see the colored wall beside it where the marks are clearer. The wall can be cut into sections, then tabs can be cut in adjoining pieces of wall to glue them together to turn corners.

    The trees shown with the castle have been made from decorative buttons sold in needlework and quilting stores.

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    Light Your Miniature Village with Cool LED's

    A small LED light string can be used to carefully light printable miniature Christmas Villages.
    Tiny N scale printable Christmas buildings can be carefully lit with cool LED lights. Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Battery operated strings of flat topped LED lights can be used to light up a printable miniature village if you follow the following steps and make sure you use lights which do not give off any appreciable heat.

    Cut Openings in the Doors and Windows and line them with cellophane by gluing a small piece securely behind each opening. You can use extra pieces from the Additional Parts Pdf on the main Putz Village materials page to cover any badly cut windows or door openings that you make.

    Set Your Buildings On a Base The paper buildings are very light weight and will tip over if they are not attached to a wide and well weighted base. See the instructions for

    Punch a hole in a back wall for a light Use a hole punch to create a hole that the light from an LED string will fit through. You want a fairly loose fitting hole as you don't want the paper of the building to come in contact with any bare wire at the light socket.

    Make Air Circulation Holes Make sure the building has holes at the top for warm air to escape. They can be made just below the roof at the back of a house, or a hole can be cut where a chimney is place on the roof.

    Test your Light for Heat You can only use LED's that do not give off enough heat to ignite your paper houses! Test lights fitted in a house to make sure there is no appreciable heat buildup before you set up a string of lighted houses!.

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    How to Landscape a Miniature Putz House.

    A miniature N scale Putz style cottage on a landscaped base with a tree, fence and snow.
    Printable Miniature Putz Cottage On a Landscaped Base. Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    To make sure your buildings stay securely in one place, or to make a base so that you can hang a miniature scene from a Christmas tree follow the landscaping instructions for the main Putz houses.

    Stone Wall sections will need to be cut slightly longer than necessary with tabs created from the extra length that can be glued inside the cross section of wall. Apply a thin bead of glue to the bottom of the wall and glue it in place on the landscape. Add paint, glitter or Scenic Snow to cover bare areas. Making the Trees You can use scraps of lycopodium moss (princes pine) as shown for the 1:144 scale Christmas scenes. On the additional parts sheet (and the three gables sheet) I have provided small green circles to make trees. Cut them out and use a pin to pierce a hole in the center of all but the smallest circle. Thread them in order of size, largest first, onto a round toothpick. Cut to the center of each circle using sharp scissors, and use tweezers to put overlap the cut edges until the circle dips to form a cone. Glue the top cut edge to the bottom edge to hold the cone in place. Cut into the center of the smallest circle and glue the overlapped edges to form a tight cone. Glue the cone onto the pointed end of the toothpick to make the top of the miniature tree. Glue the circles to the trunk if necessary. Dry brush the finished tree with white paint to make a snow effect.

    The trees shown in the castle photos are made from craft buttons sold in quilt and needlework stores. These particular glitter evergreen trees were distributed by Jessie James Beads