11 Sets of Free, Printable Christmas Bingo Games

Illustration of Christmas bingo cards next to a bingo cage.

The Spruce / Bailey Mariner

A game of Christmas bingo can make any Christmas party a whole lot of fun. Whether it's for a school party or an adult party, you can really get a lot of conversation, as well as competition, going that will liven up any holiday party.

The best part of these Christmas bingo is that all of them are completely free. They include everything you need to play Christmas bingo too, including sets of free bingo cards and calling cards all in matching designs. No one will be the wiser that you didn't pay for these at the store.

These Christmas bingo cards look great when printed out on computer paper but they look fabulous when printed out on You can even use create a whole new look.

You can pair these Christmas bingo cards with Christmas party games and other Christmas freebies to make your holidays more for less.

Make your game of Christmas bingo a little sweeter. Use Christmas candy such as red and green colored Hershey kisses or M&M's as markers.

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    Christmas Bingo Cards From Grace and Good Eats

    Two colorful Christmas bingo cards.
    Grace and Good Eats

    Grace and Good Eats have designed these colorful Christmas bingo cards that include very cute illustrations of stockings, elves, penguins, gingerbread men, Santa, candy, Christmas trees, ornaments, candy canes, reindeer, wreaths, snowflakes, gifts, and more.

    There are 10 free Christmas bingo cards you can print, and they print out two per page from an easy to download PDF file.

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    Christmas Bingo Cards From The Girl Creative

    Christmas bingo supplies laid out on a table.
    The Girl Creative

    The Girl Creative has designed some very pretty printable Christmas bingo cards. They're available in both Spanish and English.

    There are four game boards included and one sheet of calling cards.

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    Christmas Bingo Cards From One Creative Mommy

    A Christmas bingo card and pieces on a table.
    One Creative Mommy

    You'll fall in love with these adorable Christmas bingo cards from One Creative Mommy.

    You can download a family set with 10 boards or a classroom set with 30 boards. What a fun activity!

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    Christmas Bingo Cards From Fun Squared

    Christmas bingo cards with M&M's for markers.
    Crazy Little Projects

    These colorful Christmas bingo cards are the perfect answer to a cold winter's night in with your family.

    There are eight Christmas bingo cards here as well as calling cards.

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    Free Christmas Bingo Game From Design Dazzle

    A Christmas bingo card on a table with chocolate candies.
    Design Dazzle

     This colorful Christmas bingo game from Design Dazzle will delight those young and old with the fun images such as birds, gingerbread men, presents, owls, and snowmen.

    There are eight free bingo boards available plus a free calling card.

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    Christmas Bingo Game From Crafting Chicks

    A stack of four Christmas bingo cards.

    Crafting Chicks

    This free Christmas bingo game from the Crafting Chicks comes in a stylish red and teal color with pictures of reindeer, greetings, wreaths, candles, snowflakes, bells, trees, gingerbread men, candy canes, stocking, and gifts as the bingo spots.

    There are two sets of Christmas bingo cards with two cards each, as well as calling cards included in the download.

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    Snowman Bingo Game From Crazy Little Projects

    Snowman bingo cards with marshmallows.
    Crazy Little Projects

    This free set of bingo cards is snowman themed so it will take you right into winter if you don't have time for it during the holiday season.

    Eight game boards are included and mini marshmallows make the cutest markers.

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    Christmas Bingo Cards From Simply Fresh Designs

    A colorful Christmas bingo card in a hand-drawn style.
    Simply Fresh Designs

    These free Christmas bingo cards include six cards and a game piece sheet all put together in one easy download.

    All the Christmas bingo cards are decorated slightly different making this bingo game a whole lot of fun.

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    Christmas Bingo Games From Prepared Not Scared!

    Two red and green ivy decorated bingo cards.

    Prepared Not Scared!

    There are actually four free Christmas bingo games here that are all differently themed. These include Silent Night, Jingo Bingo, Follow the... Star, and Ho... Ho... Ho!

    These are great for large parties too because there are 24 free Christmas bingo cards included in each theme as well as matching calling cards.

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    Christmas Bingo Game From Noella Designs

    A Christmas bingo card with cartoon holiday images.

    Noella Designs

    This printable Christmas bingo game from Noella Designs includes eight bingo cards, calling cards, and printable directions.

    The colorful Christmas images that decorate these bingo cards make them extra fun to play on.

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    Custom Christmas Bingo Cards From DLTK

    A custom Christmas bingo card.

    DLTK has some completely customized Christmas bingo cards that let you choose the size, theme, color, title, and whether you want to use pictures or words.

    After you're finished you'll have some Christmas bingo cards as well as calling sheets created just for you.