Free Printable Address Book Pages

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Sure, you can maintain an address book on your smartphone. Smartphones allow you to save contacts, phone numbers, and even addresses right onto your handheld device.

For many, however, keeping an old-fashioned planner or address book is just more straightforward. You don't ever have to worry about recharging a planner or address book: It has no battery that might die. But if you maintain a planner or address book, you may need refill pages, and that can get expensive. Just finding the right refill pages can be a challenge, and it can be costly to buy refill pages at stationery stores or through online merchants.

Save money by printing your own. These free printable address pages are available in two sizes in the slides below. Just choose the size that works best for you, click the link available on the slide, and hit "Print."

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    Half-Sheet Address Pages

    Half-sheet address pages with money, compass, calculator, and pen.

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    Use these 5.5-by-8.5-inch address pages to refill your weekly planner or to create your own planner. Select the duplex option on your printer (if it has one), so your pages print double-sided. Otherwise, you'll need to feed the sheets through your printer a second time to create your double-sided pages.

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    Full-Size Address Pages

    Full-size address pages with tabs along the side of the pages.

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    These 8.5-by-11-Inch address pages are the perfect size to add to your household notebook, and just like the half-sheet version, they can be printed double-sided to make the most of your paper. Pair them with a set of alphabet index tabs to create the perfect DIY address book.

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    Create Your Own Personal Planner

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    What if you don't have a planner or address book? No worries. Create your own for just pennies. Start with a simple binder or notebook. Then use these tips to customize it for far less than you would spend on a store-bought planner:

    • Use free printables: If you spend a few minutes online, you can find everything from free calendar printables, listing the entire year, to free monthly calendar printable pages, and much more.
    • Cut and paste: If you're a crafty person, cutting and pasting together parts of two or more old (even outdated) planners will give you lots of options—and help you save big.
    • Make your own pages: If you can picture what your layout and text should look like, you can start with a blank book, a ruler, and a pen, and draw what you need.
    • Use other's (free) ideas: Make use of ideas such as those from Bullet Journal, which is a free website that shows you how to create your own daily planner and address book to help you "keep track of the past, organize the present, and plan for the future," as the site's creator notes.
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    Create Your Own Calendar

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    While you're refilling your address book or planner pages—or creating your own—save even more money and add your own personal touch by creating your own calendar.

    These free, printable calendars won't just keep you organized, they'll also add a splash of color and style to your office, kitchen, or just about any room in your home.