Pottery is the craft of molding clay and other ceramics. Get information on pottery tools and techniques, as well as inspirational ideas and designs.
Bowl women potters are making in studio
Why You Should Start Creating Pottery With Clay
Pottery Tools
What Supplies Do You Need to Get Started as a Potter?
Plates, dishes, bowls and vase arrangement
Is There a Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics?
Close up of female potters hands making bowl
7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Potter's Wheel
Brushworks on ceramics
See These 10 Beautiful Brushwork Ideas for Ceramics
How to do Salt Firing and Salt Glazing
How to Do Salt Glazing
women glazing pottery in studio
Temperature Ranges for Firing Glazes
Agateware and how is it created
What Is Agateware and How Is It Created?
pottery on a shelf
3 Important Factors That Affect Glaze Color
Handmade pottery on shelves
How to Master Ceramics Glazes for Beginners
production process of pottery. Application of glaze brush on ceramic ware.
Why You Are Having Glaze Defects in Your Clay
Smiling mature woman placing pottery vase in kiln in studio
How Does Oxidation And Reduction Influence the Firing of Pottery?
group of bright ceramic dishes
Types of Fluxes When Working With Glazes in Ceramics
Handmade with love
Use and Definition of the Underglazes in Pottery
Female potter sharpening bowl in studio
What Are the Ingredients in a Ceramic Glaze?
Hands in the earth
Learn About the Types of Low-Fire Clay Bodies in Pottery
close-up of clay and pottery tools for modeling
Three Main Pieces of Equipment for Potters
Male's hand holding wet, grey modelling clay.
Using Slabs and Molds for Pottery
Native american pottery
Everything You Need to Know About Native American Pottery
Pottery making kiln
Know These Principals Before You Buy an Electric Kiln
Young woman serving Chinese tea
The History of Celadon Pottery and How It Was Created
Press molds and their uses
How to Use Press Molds in Making Ceramics
man glazing pottery in studio
Should You Glaze and Fire Greenware Pottery?
How to use a Press Mold: Tips and Tricks
How to Use a Press Mold to Make Pottery
The beauty of Delft pottery in Europe
An Insight Into the Origins of Delft Pottery
Illustration of raku firing
Learn Everything You Need to Know About Raku Firing
Green glass beads
Adding Glass in Your Ceramics Work
What is leather hard clay and why is it so important?
What is Leather-hard Pottery?
What is grog in pottery?
Grog in Pottery
A pair of hands detailing paper clay wings
How Does Paper Clay Build Stronger Ceramics?
Illustration of Sgraffito art on a building
Learn All About Sgraffito and How to Use it
Detail of the traditional Talavera mosaic used to decorate a public fountain in a street of Puebla, Mexico
Guide to Making Ceramic Tiles
A decorated and fired piece of pottery using engobes
Learn How to Apply Engobe in Your Pottery Work
A woman using a potter's wheel in pottery
What Potters Should Do If They Have a Mold Reaction to Their Clay
pottery scoring tools
How to Score Clay Pottery Pieces to Join Them Together
Older black man forming pottery on wheel in studio
What Are Some Classic Pottery Hand Techniques?
Ceramic Greenware
Making Ceramics With the Low-Fire Pottery Process
Pottery making kiln
The 6 Stages Clay Goes Through During Temperature Change
Pottery drying on shelves, showing placement for good air circulation.
How to Dry Your Clay Objects Right Before Firing
Pottery class observing glazing demonstration
5 Easy Ways to Glaze Your Pottery
Raku pottery being fired outdoors at night
What Is Raku Pottery?
Smiling mature woman placing pottery vase in kiln in studio
When It Comes to Pottery, These Are the Firing Schedules to Know
painting a mug
Using Wax Resist and Wax Emulsions in Pottery
Pottery slip decoration
Slip Decoration Techniques in Pottery
Woman decorating pottery
How to Underglaze Pottery
Lots of handmade tableware - ceramic cups, plates at pottery shop
What Is Slip Used for in Making Pottery?
Ceramic stains
Learn How to Use Ceramic Stains
Man dip glazing his fired work
How to Mix Glazes for Pottery
Mature woman painting pottery in studio
What Are Crystalline Glazes?
Woman making a clay pot
How to Use Local Clays in Your Pottery
White ceramic plates wrapped in bubble wrap stacked in a moving box
Packing Pottery for Mailing and Shipping
Woman decorating pottery
The Simplest Decorating Basics in Pottery
Female potter making clay coil at table
Follow These 6 Steps for Building Clay Coil Pots
This pottery jar is decorated using the horse hair technique.
Horse Hair Pottery Technique
Potter in workshop opening kiln
Learn About the Different Types of Kiln Construction
Potter at work
6 Features of an Electric Potter's Wheel
A Woman Potter Scuipting on a Wheel - Making a Cup
Major Brands of Pottery Wheels
Majolica table top
Majolica Pottery Description and History
Thrown pottery lid
What Is Wheel Thrown Pottery?
Pottery drying on shelf
What Is Bone Dry Pottery? - Definition