Free Sewing Patterns for Oven Essentials

Make an Oven Mitt, Dish Insulator, and Pan Handle Pot Holder

Potholders, hot pads, and oven mitts are kitchen essentials—no cook can do without them. And if you are a sewer, it is nice to make your own—this way, they can match everything in your kitchen, including your curtains and aprons. These free sewing patterns will make it easy. You can buy coordinating fabrics or use scraps of fabric or old towels and blankets to create oven mitts, pan handle pot holders, and dish insulators that match your kitchen decor.

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    Making Your Own Pattern to Sew an Oven Mitt

    Sew Your Own Oven Mitt
    Sew Your Own Oven Mitt. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Making your own oven mitt means that not only can you choose the fabric, but you can also customize the thickness of the padding inside. By using a store-bought mitt that you already have, or perhaps just your hand, you can create a pattern to sew your own oven mitt. Just remember to use cotton batting instead of polyester fill—the latter can melt in extreme heat.

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    Padded Pan Handle Pot Holder

    Padded Pan Handle Pot Holder
    Padded Pan Handle Pot Holder. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Many of the pans on the market (as well as cast iron pans) do not have an insulating layer to prevent the heat of the pan from transferring to the pan handle. A padded handle cover is an efficient and handy tool when removing hot pans from the stove and oven.

    With these directions, you can sew your own handle potholder to protect your hand from hot pan handles, and maintain a safe grip to prevent spills and accidents.

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    Hanging Hand Towel

    Hanging Towel With Potholder Top
    Sew a Hanging Hand Towel with a Potholder Top. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This simple sewing project combines a potholder and a kitchen towel to create a great hanging hand towel that will always be where you need it—no more dish towels slipping off the oven handle onto the floor. A button is sewn onto the potholder, so after the towel is attached, the potholder's loop fits over the button, allowing you to hook this towel securely over the oven door handle.

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    Quilted Leaf Potholders

    This free pattern on Craftsy makes beautiful potholders for the fall season. The leaf design is simple enough for beginners, but with the strips of autumn colors creates a striking potholder that will add seasonal charm to any kitchen.

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    Fabric Dish Insulator

    Fabric Dish or Dish Insulator
    Fabric Dish or Dish Insulator. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Whether to keep dinner warm or to bring a dish to a potluck, this fabric dish insulator is a practical kitchen item, and when made with your own fabric, will be an attractive addition to your kitchen. It's also a great housewarming or hostess gift filled with a nice warm casserole.

    The instructions included are for an 8x8-inch baking dish, but there are also details on how to make the dish insulator any size. 

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    Microwave Bowl Holders

    Do you find it challenging to remove a small bowl from the microwave without spilling or burning yourself? Oven mitts are too bulky and big and potholders too awkward. Microwave bowl holders, however, are just perfect. These cute, quilted fabric "dishes" go in the microwave with the bowl nestled inside, making it simple to remove the hot dish without any accidents. And they're ideal for eating hot soup or chili while sitting on the couch watching the game!