How to Make a Poodle or Circle Skirt for Halloween or for Fun!

Poodle skirt
Michele Quattrin; mQn Photography / Getty Images

Poodle skirts were popular in the 1950s and are fun to wear and a Halloween favorite. Even a toddler or infant in a stroller can have a poodle skirt with an appropriately sized poodle appliqué with the variety that is available. A poodle skirt is actually just a decorated circle skirt. This easy style can be made in a wide variety of methods, fabrics, styles, and more.

Many fabrics make great circle skirts but if you are making one for a costume, remember to use felt. Not only is it inexpensive, but it will also save you hours of hemming since felt will not fray. Many knit fabrics also do not fray and can be time-saving when making a costume. Just make sure you have sharp fabric scissors that will cut smooth continuous lines or use rotary cutting tools.

Circle Skirt Varieties and Patterns

There are amazing resources to help you make your own circle skirt. If you want to sew a circle skirt, it's helpful to know about the math behind the pattern so you can understand every step of the sewing process. There is even a way to use an app to figure out all of the calculations based on specific measurements.

Try one or more of these patterns to find the right circle skirt for you, your style, your sewing ability, and more:

  • It's possible to make a circle skirt in 30 minutes if you use an easy pattern and size the skirt with an elastic waist.
  • If you need extra help, make a circle skirt with a wonderful step by step diagram that is very helpful for a beginner sewer.
  • If you are looking for a circle skirt that is much fuller, either for a regular skirt or for a costume, a Russian Gypsy (Russka Roma) dance skirt might be the right one to try.
  • This pattern is a fantastic fashion skirt and includes using wide elastic for the waistband. You can even learn how to dye the elastic to match the skirt.
  • A Lesley circle skirt is a variation on the classic. It's actually a wrap around skirt and may be exactly what you are looking for.
  • Another variation is a square circle skirt. It's not a typical circle skirt and has what many call a handkerchief hem.
  • If you are looking for a great skirt for cheerleaders, skaters, and other sports, try the pattern for a circle skater skirt. Its flexible fit has a fabric waistband.
  • Tulle circular skirts are popular and look amazing for a fancy night out. This type of skirt can also be worn under a poodle skirt to increase the "puff" factor of a flat poodle skirt.
  • Make a half circle skirt if you don't want a skirt that is a full as a circle skirt.
  • For a more exact fit, try to make a pretty, flowing skirt that also has a zipper.

Once you make the skirt, it's best to handwash your item since it will likely be delicate and could get ruined in the washing machine.