25 Pom Pom Crafts for Kids

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    25 Pom Pom Crafts for Kids

    There are so many wonderful crafts and projects you can do with pom poms! You kids will love this collection of 25 pom pom crafts. All of these projects are easy and will keep your children engaged. Crafting with pom poms also doubles as fine motor skills practice. It's a win win for everyone!

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    Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft for Kids

    pom pom hot cocoa paper craft

    What's better than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day? Almost nothing! Your kids can craft their own mug of hot cocoa and use pom poms as the marshmallows. 

    Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft for Kids from Crafty Morning

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    Valentine's Day Love Bugs

    pom pom valentine's day craft

    Make these cute little love bugs to pass out on Valentine's Day. These are easy to make for young crafters and turn out super silly!

    Valentine's Day Love Bugs from Mom Luck

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    Pom Pom Peace Sign

    pom pom peace sign DIY

    Use different sizes of craft pom poms to create this DIY peace sign. Display it in your home for decor. This would be a great decor piece for a child's room as well. 

    Pom Pom Peace Sign from Infarrantly Creative

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    Valentine Pom Pom Painting

    Use pom poms for a different painting technique. This is a super simple art project that even your preschooler children can do. 

    Valentine Pom Pom Painting from Tips from a Typical Mom

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    Pig Pom Pom Craft

    pom pom pig craft

    Pink pom poms make the perfect piggies! Add googly eyes to complete the project. These pom pom pigs are perfect for play time. 

    Pig Pom Pom Craft from The Pinterested Parent

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    Cardboard Tube Snowman Craft

    snowman craft

    Pom poms make the perfect earmuffs for this cardboard tube snowman craft. Craft these snowmen when it's too cold to make a snowman outside. 

    Cardboard Tube Snowman Craft from Make and Takes

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    Pom Pom Snow Globe

    pom pom snow globe craft

    This pom pom snow globe is a great morning activity when you need some time to kill with the kiddos. All you need for this project is construction paper, white pom poms, and glue. 

    Pom Pom Snow Globe from We Have Aars 

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    Gumball Machine Color Matching

    gumboil machine pom pom craft

    Practice learning colors with your children by trying this pom pom gumball machine activity. You'll need lots of different colors of pom poms for this project. Your kids are going to love it!

    Gumball Machine Color Matching from Repeat Crafter Me

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    Pom Pom Heart Kid Craft Printable

    valentine's day pom pom card craft

    Your kiddos can create these simple pom pom heart cards to give out on Valentine's Day. They are perfect for gifting to parents, grandparents, or even teachers. 

    Pom Pom Heart Kid Craft Printable from Liz On Call

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    Pom Pom Gecko

    pom pom gecko craft

    How fun and cute is this pom pom gecko? You can make this gecko with simple craft supplies you probably have around your home. 

    Pom Pom Gecko from The Craft Train

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    Pom Pom Push

    pom pom toddler activity

    Keep those energetic toddlers entertained with this pom pom push activity. It can be made in seconds and they'll have a blast with it. 

    Pom Pom Push from Busy Toddler

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    DIY Catapults for Kids

    craft stick catapults

    Make DIY catapults out of craft sticks and use it to fling pom poms around the room. Such a great activity for little ones. 

    DIY Catapults for Kids from Coffee Cups and Crayons 

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    Butterfly & Dragonfly Pom Pom Magnets

    pom pom butterfly and dragonfly

    Get ready for spring with this butterfly and dragonfly craft project. You'll need different colors and sizes of pom poms and pipe cleaners. Add a magnet to display them on your fridge. 


    Butterfly & Dragonfly Pom Pom Magnets from Mommy's Bundle

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    Pom Pom Mittens Craft

    pom pom mitten craft

    Pom poms look adorable on these paper mittens. This is an easy craft for kids of all ages! This is also a great craft for learning scissor and glueing skills. 

    Pom Pom Mittens Craft from No Time for Flashcards

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    Pom Pom Monsters

    pom pom monsters

    Add one or two googly eyes to pom poms to make silly little monsters. Use different colors and sizes of pom poms to get creative. 

    Pom Pom Monsters from Inspiration Laboratories

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    Printable Alphabet Magnetic Pom Pom Sheets

    pom pom kid activity

    These magnetic pom pom sheets make great boredom busters for those days at home with nothing to do. This activity w

    Printable Alphabet Magnetic Pom Pom Sheets from Fab n' Free

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    Pom Pom Garland

    pom pom garland

    String pom poms together to make a colorful garland. Hang it somewhere in your home that needs a bright pop! Wouldn't this look adorable in a playroom or nursery?

    Pom Pom Garland from Crab + Fish

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    Pom Pom Popper

    pom pom shooter

    Have some awesome play time inside the house with this pom pom popper DIY! Make targets around your house for aim practice. 

    Pom Pom Popper from Come Together Kids

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    Pom Poms and Pinecones

    Brighten up a pinecone from your backyard with colorful pom poms. These pom pom pinecones make beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree or decorations for winter. 

    Pom Poms and Pinecones from One Little Project 

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    Yarn Pom Pom Cupcakes

    pom pom cupcake garland craft

    Make craft cupcakes with your favorite color of yarn. Then add a pom pom on top to make it even cuter. String them all together for an adorable garland that is perfect for a birthday party!

    Yarn Pom Pom Cupcakes from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

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    Butterfly Fridge Magnet

    pom pom butterfly kids craft

    Craft sweet little butterflies with pom poms, pipe cleaners, and paper. Get creative with different colors and sizes. Add a magnet to put them on your fridge to hold important papers. 


    Butterfly Fridge Magnet from Craft Passion

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    Mini Pom Pom Raincloud

    pom pom raincloud craft

    Teach your kids about the rain and clouds with this super cute pom pom raincloud craft. After you're done crafting, hang it somewhere in your home. 

    Mini Pom Pom Raincloud from Sugar Bee Crafts

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    Pom Pom Snowman Craft

    pom pom snowman craft

    Stack white pom poms together to create a crafty snowman. Your kids will love this craft- especially if it doesn't snow where you live. 

    Pom Pom Snowman Craft from Crafts by Amanda

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    Pom Pom Soap Craft

    pom pom soap

    Your kids will never forget to use soap when they have this awesome pom pom soap in the bathroom. They will love crafting it by dropping pom poms into the soap container. 

    Pom Pom Soap Craft from Kids Activities Blog

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    Pokemon Go Pikachu Craft

    Pikachu craft

    All of those Pokeman fans will go crazy over this pom pom Pikachu craft. It's easy, fun, and only takes a few minutes to make. 

    Pokemon Go Pikachu Craft from The Homespun Hydrangea