Make a Polymer Clay Bottle Cap Fridge Magnet Tutorial

  • How to Make a Polymer Clay Bottle Cap Fridge Magnet

    Fridge Magnet
    Make a fridge magnet out of polymer clay. Kate Pullen

    If you are looking for something different to do with your rubber stamps, how about making this DIY fridge magnet using a bottle cap and polymer clay. This will make a great quick gift and is so easy to make!

    Rubber stamps and polymer clay work together well in a variety of projects. Polymer clay is a great material for stamping on, and different effects can be achieved whether you stamp into the uncured clay to leave an impression in the clay or stamp onto the top of the baked clay. This...MORE versatility means that many different items, both decorative and functional, can be created using a combination of rubber stamps and polymer clay. In this project we have used a piece of polymer clay which is pressed into a bottle cap to make a fridge magnet. However this could easily be adapted to make jewelry and other accessories by adding a jewelry fitting or loop to the finished project.

    Polymer Clay and Heat Embossing

    To add a little extra interest to the surface of the polymer clay, I used heat embossing to add color and shine to the stamped image. Heat embossing is a popular technique used in many rubber stamping projects. Heat is applied to special embossing powders which melt and leave a shiny raised surface. The temperature to heat embossing powder is similar to the temperature required to cure polymer clay, therefore the embossing powder can be added to baked polymer clay and heated without any damage to the polymer clay.

    How to Make a Polymer Clay Bottle Top Fridge Magnet

    The basic principle of making a polymer clay bottle top fridge magnet is very simple, however because if its versatility, several different effects can be achieved by varying the materials and techniques used. Here are the basic instructions, however remember that you can adapt these to create a fridge magnet which is unique to you.

    Materials Required

    Here are the basic materials required:
    • Bottle tops - clean bottle tops which have been carefully removed from a bottle to ensure that they bottle top is not pulled out of shape.
    • Fridge magnet blank - these can be purchased from craft supply stores or online compare prices. You could also use magnetic sheet and cut a piece to size.
    • Polymer clay - this will need to be well conditioned to ensure that it is soft enough to work with
    • Rubber stamps - you will need a rubber stamp that will either fit onto the top of the bottle top or which you can use to add just a portion of the image. I used a large stamp to make the decoration in the photo above, and picked an interesting portion of the stamped image to add to the surface of the polymer clay.
    • Embossing ink and embossing powder - you will require a slow drying ink to use to with the heat embossing powders.


    • Condition a small piece of polymer clay until it is soft enough to work with. Press a piece of polymer clay into the bottle cap and use a craft rolling pin to roll over the surface of the polymer clay to leave a smooth surface.
    • Heat the polymer clay in the bottle cap according to the manufacturers instructions.
    • When the polymer clay is cool, carefully stamp the surface with ink suitable for heat embossing then sprinkle the heat embossing powder over the top. Remove any loose powder and use a heat tool to heat the embossing powder until it has melted.
    • Leave to cool and then add the magnet to the back of the bottle top.

    Tips for Making a Rubber Stamp Polymer Clay Fridge Magnet

    Here are some tips for making a rubber stamp fridge magnet:
    • Remember that the polymer clay fridge magnet is thicker than normal paper or cardstock and as such it may take longer to heat to get it to the right temperature for heat embossing than you are used to.
    • It is best to add the heat embossing powder to cured or baked polymer clay because the powders will stick to the surface of soft polymer clay.
    • If you want to make a pendant or charm, place some looped wire on the bottom of the bottle cap before adding the polymer clay. This will bake into place and you can use the wore loop to hang the finished bottle cap as a pendant or charm.