Gotta Catch Them All: Pokemon Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Stitch Them All! Pokemon Cross Stitch Patterns

 Have you caught the fever yet? Are you one of the millions who are looking at their phones, gathering little pokemons for fight club? You know, you gotta catch them all. Pokemon Go has swept the nation!  While it is getting people out walking around, meeting their neighbors, it can also be a bit of a hazard. Remember to pay attention! Instead of collecting these little creatures, why not cross stitch them! The patterns below are so much fun, you will want to cross stitch them all! 

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    I Choose You

     Is the love of your life a total Pokemon game freak? Want to show them how much you love them? Why not stitch up this geeky Pokemon love cross stitch pattern by Stitching Garden. It would be the perfect way to pop the question to the love of your life. You can create a little adventure treasure hunt game and have this cross stitch piece at the end, with the ring and a "will you marry me" sign. romantic! This pattern, as well as other pop culture items, can be found HERE. 

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    Get off my lawn! You do not need to scream those words with small children and wandering adults when they come on your property looking for that very rare pickachu. Stitch up this little hoop that let's them know that you are still cool but they need to stay off your lawn. It also lets the neighbors know that they can come by for other reasons than just to fight crazy monster battles in cyberspace. Duct Tape Stitches has the right idea about being snarky and fun. This pattern would also be great in a dorm room or a class room. Anywhere that pokemon is tolerated to a very small limit. Check out this pattern and other fun creations in their shop HERE.  

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    Badge of Honor

     You got your pokemon, you battled, you kicked major butt. Now it is time a your award. Cross stitch badges up to let people know that you are the king or queen of the ring! This is a great idea for those who are playing Pokemon Go. They can win their battles and wear their badges on the jackets or bags. It will let other Pokemon players know who rules school! Gatcha Stitch has posted several badge patterns for free on their blog. Just remember that these are from a private person and respect their copyright wishes. You can see them HERE. 

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    This Is Epic

     Are you ready for an epic battle! Floss, needle, fabric! Ready to go! This Pokemon pattern might take you a year or two or ten to complete but it is worth it! Every Pokemon character and badge ever made in one place. It is enough to make your eyes go cross. If anyone can handle this epic cross stitch sampler it is you, fabulous Pokemon fan you are! Servotron kicks major butt creating this pattern! You will be blown away! This pattern is free but again be respectful of the creator. Check out the latest rendition and other information HERE. 

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    Home Sweet Home

     Where do Pokemon go once they are caught and ready to battle? They go to the gym. They get pumped up and kick butt. Getting buff! This Home Sweet Home pattern by Milali Parade is the perfect pattern for the Pokemon fan. They can place it in their new home, apartment, dorm room or office. How much fun would this be in a real gym? Lift a few weights, catch a few pokemon; you are getting buff and taking care of major game action. It is a win win! You can see this pattern and other fun items in their Etsy store HERE. 

I Got Ya!

You are the master at Pokemon, now be the master at cross stitch. Find a pattern that best expresses your love for the game and show your pride. These patterns are great for backpacks, clothing, or slip covers. Throw a Pokemon party with cross stitch projects as party favors. No matter how you show your Pokemon pride, have fun with it! Let your inner child come out and catch the fever!