What Is Play-Doh Plus?

Playdoh Plus
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Many people know or remember Play-Doh from their youth, the sweet, flour-y smell as you open up a new cup, its extremely difficult tops to open, and the hours of colorful, modeling clay fun. As of 2012, Hasbro added Play-Doh Plus, a new formulation to its line of play dough. The biggest difference is the feel of the newer dough and how it can be used.

What Is It?

This new formulation, like the original, is non-toxic and safe for children ages 2 and up, it is softer, lighter, fluffier, and easier to mold. While original Play-Doh still comes in its familiar yellow cups and has since the 1950s, this new formula is sold in smaller, dark purple cups to differentiate it.

Traditional Play-Doh is great for larger, thicker designs, Play-Doh Plus is easier to use for the finer details. It is designed to be used alongside the original formula. For example, if you are making a birthday cake out of play dough, use traditional Play-Doh for the cake part, and then use the new formula dough to give the cake's icing texture. However, do not mix the two together. It will give your play dough a weird consistency, and it will lose its unique texture.

Ironically, when Play-Doh was first developed in the 1950s, it was used as a cleaning product, but now, this modeling clay product is the first choice of schools and families all over the world (even though it can make a mess if it gets stuck on carpet).

When it came time to make the Play-Doh Plus compound, rather than start from scratch, the scientists at Play-Doh tweaked the original formula (a closely guarded secret) over 18 months to develop the newer formula.

Where Can You Get It?

You can buy it at all the places where traditional Play-Doh is regularly sold–Target, Walmart, toy stores, and online sellers. Play-Doh Plus cups are sold separately, multipacks or in playsets. You will find it included in Play-Doh faux food sets, such as the dessert-making sets, ice cream shop sets, and along with Disney Princess clothing-design sets.

Play-Doh Plus makes a fun addition to a child's birthday gift and since it is inexpensive, many kids are able to afford it with their allowance money. Play-Doh Plus is a great activity that is also perfect for entertaining groups of kids at sleepover birthday parties, holiday events, or group activities like Girl Scout gatherings.

Play-Doh for Older Children

Play-Doh Plus especially appeals to older children who wanted to get more realistic with their creations. While toddlers and preschoolers are happy with regular Play-Doh for hours on end, an elementary-aged child might get frustrated with it after a few minutes. Play-Doh Plus energized its product line for an older child age segment.

And, Hasbro didn't stop there. Shortly after Play-Doh Plus, the toy company released another evolution of the Play-Doh line that appeals to older children: DohVinci. With DohVinci, an older child can make decorative items such as picture frames and door decorations. It combines Play-Doh with 3D printing.

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