What Is Play-Doh Plus?

Playdoh Plus
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Play-Doh Plus comes in purple cups to distinguish it from original Play-Doh that is sold in the familiar yellow cups. It is a new formulation that is still non-toxic and safe for ages 2 and up. It is provided in some of the fun sets that are used to make faux food, such as the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset and the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Frost 'n Fun Cakes set. You can also find it in the Play-Doh Disney Princess Design-a-Dress Boutique.

Play-Doh Plus vs. Original Play-Doh

Traditional Play-Doh is great for larger, thicker designs. Many young children like to squish it, squeeze it, mold it, and use various Play-Doh tools. Kids of age 8 and into the tween years may still have fun with Play-Doh but they want to use it differently. They like to create their own designs and use many fine details in their creations, such as when using the princess design-a-dress set.

Play-Doh is a priceless educational toy. Kids love to mix colors, decorate, design and use their imagination to create their own themed worlds and towns. Many kids will use their Play-Doh with other toys, including small action figures. Older children may get frustrated with original Play-Doh when they want to create more detailed designs.

With Play-Doh Plus, they can use Play-Doh not only to make objects to play with, but also to decorate action figures, Lego structures, and more. Older children may also enjoy DohVinci, which is a further evolution of the Play-Doh line. With DohVinci, an older child can make decorative items such as picture frames and door decorations.

Using Play-Doh Plus

Play-Doh Plus comes in smaller, purple cans. Do not be surprised if you find some of these blue Play-Doh plus cans in the newer decorating sets where children pretend to make fake, sweet treats like cookies and cupcakes. Make sure to keep the lid closed tightly and do not mix it with traditional Play-Doh during use, or it will lose its unique texture.

Play-Doh Plus makes a fun addition to a child's birthday gift but since it is also inexpensive, many kids are able to afford it with their allowance money. Play-Doh Plus is a great mess-free activity that is also perfect for entertaining groups of kids at sleepover birthday parties, holiday events, or group activities like Girl Scout gatherings.

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