The Best Places to Find Online Jigsaw Puzzles

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Free jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax while challenging your mind at the same time.

Online jigsaw puzzles are much like real jigsaw puzzles. Both are made from images that are cut into pieces, and it's up to you to put the image back together again. The advantage of online jigsaw puzzles is that you often get options on numbers of pieces and cut design so you can complete a puzzle that's appropriate for your level of expertise.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a kid or an adult, these are the best places to find free online jigsaw puzzles.

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    Screenshot of the JigZone website

    At you'll find a ton of different jigsaw puzzles that include animals, art, flowers, holidays, nature scenes, sports, travel, and more.

    Besides having a lot of great puzzles, has a couple of great features that really sets it apart. A timer keeps track of how long it takes you to complete the puzzle, and you can compare it to the fastest and average times.

    Also, for each jigsaw puzzle image, you can choose a different variety of cut as well as a number of pieces anywhere from 6 to 247.

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    Screenshot of the Jigidi website


    Jigidi has hundreds of free online jigsaw puzzles uploaded by users. You put the puzzles together on a large white background that makes the puzzle pieces easy to see, and you can zoom in and out to get a different view of the puzzle you're working on.

    The "quickplay" button will pick a puzzle at random if you don't know which one to choose. Otherwise, you can browse for puzzles by categories and sizes (from 0-60 pieces all the way up to 400-plus).

    There aren't many frills at Jigidi, but the big interface makes it easy to see and fun to complete the puzzle.

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    Screenshot of the JSPuzzles website


    A new jigsaw puzzle is added to this website every single day, and those and the existing ones can all be customized to have different backgrounds and sizes.

    You can browse through these jigsaw puzzles by category for nature, scenery, buildings, etc., as well as filter them in a number of ways, such as by newest or oldest, highest or lowest rated, or even by the puzzles that were solved in the least or greatest amounts of time.

    Each puzzle is timed and then compared with the best and average times so you can see how you compare to other visitors completing the jigsaw puzzles, but you can disable this mode if you wish.

    A unique feature of is that while you're working on the puzzle, it tells you how many moves you have made and how many pieces you have left.

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    Just Jigsaw Puzzles

    Screenshot of the website

    Just Jigsaw Puzzles

    Just Jigsaw Puzzles has thousands of free puzzles you can complete directly from your browser. Besides jigsaw puzzles, you'll also find an online tool that will make a jigsaw puzzle out of an image you upload.

    You can change the level of difficulty for each image at Just Jigsaw Puzzles by changing the number of puzzle pieces you're working with as well as the shape of the cut.

    Even the brightness, background colors, and background patterns can be adjusted for these puzzles.

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    Screenshot of the website has a few hundred free online puzzles. You get to choose easy, medium, or difficult levels for each puzzle, which makes this a great site for beginners as well as jigsaw puzzle masters.

    These free jigsaw puzzles can be found by categories, such as people or animals, by the number of pieces, or by the author of the puzzle.

    In order to play the jigsaw puzzle games at, you have to install a Shockwave plugin.

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    Shockwave's Free Jigsaw Puzzles

    Screenshot of a free jigsaw puzzle at Shockwave


    Shockwave has a lot of free jigsaw puzzles in addition to those you must pay for. The daily jigsaw puzzle is a lot of fun, and you can customize the number of pieces, background colors, and the way they're shuffled.

    In these puzzles, you can even move a whole section of pieces at once, which is really handy for cleaning up the game board. You also can save your progress on these puzzles and come back to them later.

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    Screenshot of a free jigsaw puzzle at The Kidz Page has free jigsaw puzzles for—you guessed it—kids. Still, many can be appropriate and challenging for adults as well. They've got all kinds of categories, including "Bugs 'n' Slugs" and "Food & Candy."

    You can choose from six to 40 pieces for each puzzle. Also, while completing the jigsaw puzzles here, you can get a picture hint and shape hint if you get stuck.

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    Jigsaw Explorer

    Screenshot of the website

    Jigsaw Explorer is another place you can find a decent selection of free jigsaw puzzles.

    The site has thousands of puzzles available, and on Fridays, you can attempt to solve a special mystery puzzle. You can also create custom jigsaw puzzles based on your own photos and share the puzzle with friends and family.