How to Make Crafts Using Plastic Bags

Even though I try to remember to bring my cloth tote bags with me when I go shopping, it always seems like I end up with at least a couple plastic bags. I figured why not try to find some fun craft projects I can make using these plastic shopping bags, and also other plastic household bags such as sandwich bags and garbage bags, instead of just recycling them. Can you think of a fun craft to make using plastic bags? If you do come up with your own plastic bag craft project, make sure you submit...MORE it to be published here.

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    Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat Pattern
    Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat Pattern.
    Check out this amazing hat craft made out of plastic bags and shared by a visitor named Belva Slate. She used basic crochet techniques to make this hat.
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    Feather Plume for Pirate Hat or Headband

    Feather Plume for Pirate Hat or Headband
    Feather Plume for Pirate Hat or Headband.
    Learn how easy it is to fashion a feather plume out of a plastic bag. This feather is great to use to decorate a costume hat or headband.
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    Garbage Bag Ghost

    Garbage Bag Ghost Craft
    Garbage Bag Ghost.
    Follow these instructions and learn how easy it is to create a large ghost prop to use as a Halloween decoration or as part of a haunted house display.
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    Garbage Bag Spider
    Garbage Bag Spider.
    This project sheet will show you how to craft a super huge spider using a black garbage bag and some balloons.
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    Grocery Bag Flying Ghost

    Grocery Bag Flying Ghost
    Learn how to make a small ghost out of two plastic grocery bags using these instructions shared by Donna.
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    Grocery Bag Pumpkin

    Grocery Bag Pumpkin Craft
    Grocery Bag Pumpkin.
    A visitor named Donna shared directions for making a pumpkin craft that is made using eight plastic grocery bags, a paper towel tube, some newspaper, and some basic craft supplies.
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    Grocery Bag Tote Bag

    Grocery Bag Tote Bag
    Grocery Bag Tote Bag.
    Can you believe that this fancy looking tote bag was made out of a handful of plastic grocery store bags?
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    Make Your Own Plarn

    Make Your Own Plarn
    Make Your Own Plarn.
    Have you ever heard of plarn? It is actually a term coined for strips of plastic bags cut into strips and assembled so you can use it like yarn. It is easy to make your own plarn.
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    Pillowcase Dog Bed Craft
    Pillowcase Dog Bed.
    Learn how you can easily make a bed for your favorite pooch using a pillowcase and several plastic bags.
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    Plastic Bag Easter Wreath

    Plastic Bag Easter Wreath
    Plastic Bag Easter Wreath.
    Follow these directions shared by a visitor name Barbi and learn how you can make a wreath for Easter using plastic bags and a hanger.
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    Plastic Bag Flowers

    Plastic Bag Flowers
    Plastic Bag Flowers.
    Check out this unique flower craft shared by a visitor named Meewah. She teaches you how you can embellish just about anything using flowers constructed from plastic bags.
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    Plastic Shopping Bag Flowers

    Plastic Shopping Bag Flowers
    Follow these directions, shared by a visitor nicknamed Bitsy Pieces, and learn how you can use a plastic shopping bag to create a fluffy, colorful flower.