Is There a Plants vs. Zombies Board Game?

Plants vs. Zombies

Erik Arneson

If you love the Plants vs. Zombies video game, you might want to play it with your family or friends as a board game. A Risk version of the game was published in 2013, Risk: Plants Vs. Zombies, by USAopoly.

Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game was scheduled to be published by Screenlife in the Fall of 2011. The date was later pushed back to sometime in 2012 but then canceled completely. Here are details about both.

Risk: Plants vs. Zombies

This game was published by USAopoly. It is based on the classic board game Risk, with characters and setting based on the Plants vs. Zombies app game.

  • Basics: For two players, ages 10 and up.
  • Designer: The designer of Risk: Plants vs. Zombies is unknown.
  • Publisher: USAopoly.
  • Genre: Risk: Plants vs. Zombies is a Risk strategy game based on a popular computer game and smartphone/tablet app.

Components of the Risk: PVZ Board Game

The two-sided board includes one side with a suburban lawn grid. The second side has a brain-shaped territory map. It comes with two sculpted armies, one of Pea Shooters and one of Brown Coat Zombies. There are seven custom dice for defense, offense, and bonus attack. Custom tokens are included for Homes, Objectives, Coins, Obstacles, and cards for factions and territories.

Gameplay for Risk: Plants vs. Zombies

There are three ways to play Risk: Plants vs. Zombies. The first is the mission objective. The second is total domination. The third is tower defense. These are common to many Risk games. The variations make this a more versatile game to play rather than playing it the same way every time.

Canceled Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game

In Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game, the goal is to protect your house from the advancing zombie hoard by planting zombie-killing plants. Throughout the game, which lasts eight or nine rounds, players draw plant cards and zombie cards which they then distribute to all of the players, including themselves. One goal is to give yourself powerful plants and weak zombies, but, of course, your opponents gave the same goal.

As in the popular smartphone/tablet app, lawnmowers are the last line of defense—but every unused lawnmower is worth victory points at game's end and the player with the most victory points wins.

  • Basics: For 2 to 4 players, ages 9 and up. Playing Time: About 15 to 30 minutes per game.
  • Designer: The designer of Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game is unknown.
  • Publisher: Screenlife (canceled).
  • Genre: Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game is a family strategy game based on a popular computer game and smartphone/tablet app.

Components of the Board Game

Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game was to include four lawn game boards (one per player), 64 plant tiles, 66 zombie tiles, 40 plant cards, 80 zombie cards, four dice, and five assorted tokens.

Also by Screenlife: Screenlife is best known for publishing the Scene It? series of DVD-based trivia games.