Get These 4 Planet Needlepoint Designs: Earth, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn

Stitch 4 Planets with These Awesome Needlepoint Designs

Designed to appeal to both the beginner and the expert, these four free planet needlepoint designs include the Earth, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. You can express your personal style by working one or all four patterns in your choice of color scheme, using different stitch techniques to vary the texture of the planet motifs.

Create exciting three-dimensional effects by padding some of the round shaped planet motifs or working with textured threads and fibers to make a variety of unique needlepoint pieces.

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    Needlepoint a 3D Planet Earth Design

    242planet earth needlepoint chart
    Day 242-Planet Earth Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Planet Earth in all its glory can be stitched in little or no time using this 3.5-inch square needlepoint design. Although the needlepoint can easily be worked in your hand, it is recommended that you use stretcher bars or a frame.

    The simple needlepoint pattern provides ample opportunity to indulge personal taste. A well-chosen color scheme with complementary blues and greens will make all the difference in working this delightful needlepoint design.

    The only stitch techniques that work well with this design are tent and continental; so stitch the entire needlepoint project with them.

    3D Needlepoint Planet Earth

    • When all stitching has been completed, embellish the needlework with soft fluffy batting that can be couched on top of the tent stitches to simulate the clouds.
    • Back with a piece of fabric that is the same size as the completed needlework. Sew to the needlepoint, with right sides together--leaving a small opening to turn the entire piece inside out. Stuff with fiberfill and whip-stitch closed.
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    Stitch the Mysterious Planet Jupiter Needlepoint Project

    Over-dyed thread in monochromatic shades of gray with one related color would be stunning worked in this 3.57-inch by 3.43-inch needlepoint project. Additionally, to make the Planet Jupiter look mysterious try working these tips:

    • Work a bit of self-padding around the edges using six strands of embroidery floss that have been closely "couched" to the outline of the planet. This will ensure a “round” appearance with a slight 3D effect.
    • Use randomly placed long stitches to further add definition and interest to the completed needlework. The Jupiter needlepoint project will work up quickly and with satisfying results. Beginners with a limited stitch repertoire will be particularly encouraged.
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    Stitch a Needlepoint Version of Mars, The Red Planet

    Astronomers call Mars, The Red Planet, because of the color of its surface. Keep this in mind when choosing colored threads for your needlepoint project. Blended closely shaded threads would add a dynamic effect to your stitching, and make the planet come alive. Here are a couple of stitching tips:

    • Make the needlepoint as simple or elaborate as you please using a variety of textured threads; or you can enlarge the pattern by working it on 10-mesh or larger.
    • The needlepoint chart, however, is designed for use on 13-mesh canvas and is 3.57-inch square. It can be stitched on-the-go or during a leisurely few hours in an evening.
    • Both hands should be free to keep stitching tension smooth and even; so mount on stretcher bars for a successful outcome.
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    Work the Rings of Saturn in Needlepoint

    Famous for its rings, Saturn is recognizable by most school children making this needlepoint project an excellent astronomy resource to teach them the many interesting facts about the planet.

    The smallest of the planet charts, the Saturn needlepoint design measures 3.57 inches wide and 1.71 inches high. It would make a delightful top and bottom border for a much larger space-themed needlepoint project.

    Begin stitching in the center of the design—saving the rings for last. Consider working the chain stitch for the rings while stitching the planet sphere itself in tent or continental.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you are making finished items which will need to be washed from time to time, make sure that all the materials used in stitching are dye fast and can be safely laundered. Avoid choosing stitch techniques that have long strokes (over six or more canvas mesh), or they may catch and spoil the look of the finished needlepoint, especially after laundering.