Kniting Pattern: Plaited Basket Stitch

Learn This Impressive and Super Easy Basketweave

Plaited Basket Stitch
Plaited Basket Stitch worked over 21 stitches. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

It's a lot of fun to knit basketweave patterns and they create a great texture in your finished project. While most basketweaves require many rows of repeats, the Plaited Basket stitch requires just two. It's fabulously easy and the pattern is both unique and impressive.

This stitch pattern can be used in a variety of knitting projects, either to add textural embellishments or as the featured stitch. Because it's such a simple repeat, it's also the perfect pattern for times when you just want to knit but don't want to think too hard by following a complex pattern.

Plaited Basket is an enjoyable, quick stitch that beginners and experienced knitters will love. It's unique, lovely, and should definitely be included in your stitch library.

Plaited Basket Stitch Pattern

The Plaited Basket is a very easy pattern that uses a simple 2-row and 2-stitch repeat. It is one that you will be able to quickly memorize.

Do not let the length of the instructions for each row scare you off. The pattern requires specific needle placement and movements that require more words than usual to explain. However, it's really nothing more than a series of fancy knit and purl stitches. Grab your needles, cast on, and then work through the rows, it's very easy after the first few times.

For best results (and easier knitting), use a larger needle than the yarn calls for. For instance, if you're knitting with a medium weight yarn that typically uses size 7 or 8 US knitting needles, try working the pattern with size 9. Do not go too large because you do not want the crossover stitches to be so loose that they will easily snag.

Works on odd numbers of stitches.

Row 1: Knit 2, *insert needle between the next 2 stitches from back to front, knit the second stitch, leaving it on the left-hand needle, then knit the first stitch, sliding both off the needle. Repeat from * across, ending knit 1.

Row 2: Purl 2, *skip the next stitch on the needle and purl the second stitch, leaving it on the left-hand needle, then purl the first stitch and slide both off the needle. Repeat from * across, ending purl 1.

Repeat these rows for pattern.

Uses for the Plaited Basket Stitch

The Plaited Basket is a very versatile stitch pattern. It can easily be added to any knitting project where you would use Stockinette Stitch and adds a great textural element to a design that incorporates the two stitches.

Like Stockinette, this is a one-sided pattern, though the wrong side is a nice series of purl bumps that are not bad if they're left visible. It's actually one of the more interesting purl patterns.

  • Arm Warmers - Incorporate Plaited Basket into a simple fingerless glove pattern like these Vegas Arm Warmers. Either replace Stockinette completely or do a sort of ribbing and alternate between the two stitch patterns.
  • Samplers - Whether you're working on a sampler afghan or small, flat project around the home (a cover for the arm of a chair, for example), the Plaited Basket is a fabulous addition to any project. It blends nicely with other fancy and plain stitch patterns and because it's so easy to remember, you will have no problem switching between stitches as you work.
  • Purses and Bags - Use this stitch pattern to quickly knit up any bag pattern. It has a great style to it and is sure to add flair to your favorite fashion bags.
  • Scarves - The wrong side of the Plaited Basket actually looks better than Stockinette, so feel free to knit this one up into a scarf. The easy-to-remember repeat makes the work quick and the intricate detail will look fabulous around your neck, especially if you use a Seed Stitch border.