Pinterest for Beading: Inspiration and Free Tutorials

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    Getting Started with Pinterest

    Pinterest for Jewelry Makers
    Pinterest is the perfect tool for jewelry inspiration and instruction. Lisa Yang

     Have you heard of Pinterest?

    Pinterest is a website that allows you to create virtual bulletin (or pin) boards where you can save pictures of items you find on the internet, or upload pictures of your own - and share them with other Pinterest users. It is free to use, but requires registration. 

    I love pinterest as a source of inspiration and information. It has pictures from all over the internet that inspire me, but they also link to the original source, so I can find the details associated wtih the image too. It is a great way to save, organize and share ideas. Pintrerest offers personal and business accounts.

    To start using Pinterest, you will need to create a Pinterest account. 

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    How to Create Pinterest Boards

    Create Pinterest Board
    Create a new Pinterest board from your page or when you are pinning items. Lisa Yang

     Once you have an account, you will create boards to store the pictures (and links) you want to save (pin). Boards are used to organize pins according to a theme or concept.

    Boards can be created from your page (accessed by clicking your name in the upper right) or when you are saving a pin. Enter a description and category for the board. Boards can be private so no one else can see the pins, or you can allow other people to add pins to the board by adding them as a collaborator.

    I have boards where I pin pictures of jewelry that I have made, work of my favorite beaded jewelry designers like Miguel Ases and Lynne Merchant, boards for other hobbies like stained glass and mosaics, etc. There is no limit to the number of public boards you can have.

    I find it is best to make your board topics as specific as possible - but I have a lot of pins and a lot of boards! For example, instead of a Crafts I want to try board, I have a board for each of the crafts. Instead of jewelry ideas, I have a board for earring inspiration, one for bracelet inspiration, etc. I even have separate boards for some techniques that I am particularly interested in - like brick stitch and heart shaped jewelry.  

    I find that the more detailed you are in naming your board, the easier it is for other people to follow your boards. Oops - I haven't got to that part yet!

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    How to Add Pins to Your Pin Boards

    Pinterest Button
    Pinterest buttons may be on the page with other social media icons or on the picture. Lisa Yang

    There are several ways to add pins to your boards.  

    1. You can upload a picture directly to pinterest.  I generally discourage this because there is no link or additional information. I personally think the biggest benefit of pinterest is linking to a source of information - but if you want to just add a picture you own, you can.

    2. You can use the Pin It button on an image from a website. Each website may vary slightly in the way the Pin button is displayed.  Here at, the Pin It button is always on the bottom right of the picture.  On my personal website Lisa Yang Jewelry, it only displays when you hover over the picture you want to pin. Some websites may not display the pin it button on every picture and may have a Pinterest icon on the page instead.

    3. Not every website has the Pin It button or Pinterest icon.  For those that don't, the most convenient thing to do is to install the Pin It button that Pinterest provides to add to your web browser. 

    4. One other way to add pins to your boards is to re-pin items pinned by other Pinterest users.  In order to understand how to do that, you will need to understand how to follow other boards and the Pinterest feed.

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    How to Follow Pinterest Boards and Re-Pinning

    Search for Pinterest Boards
    Use the search box to find Pinterest boards to follow. Lisa Yang

     The social aspect of Pinterest comes from the ability to follow other Pinterest boards and re-pin pictures that they pin. Finding and following Pinterest boards is easy.  

    Find boards by using the search bar at the top of the Pinterest page.  You can search for boards by the user name or keywords. Any boards that meet your search critera will display. Click on the Pinterest board to open it and see pins in that board. From a board, you can re-pin items or click on the pin picture to see a more detailed view or navigate to the source website. To re-pin a picture, click the pin it button in the upper left corner. When you re-pin an item, the original description and web page link are retained. You can update the description if you want to.

    If you really like the items in a board, you can click the Follow Board button in the upper right corner of a board. When you follow a board, all of the items on the board, as well as any new items added to the board will show up in your Pinterest feed. 

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    Viewing Your Pinterest Feed

    Pinterest Feed
    Your Pinterest feed will show new items everyday based on the boards you follow. Lisa Yang

    The Pinterest feed is one of my favorite parts of Pinterest. Your feed is updated as people that you follow pin new items to their boards. The more successfully you have followed boards and people with the same interests, the more great pictures and website links will fill your feed on a daily basis.

    As you follow people and start re-pinning, other people may discover boards of yours that they like and follow them.  Eventually, you will follow many boards and have lots of followers who have similar interests. 

    How inspiring!

    For jewelry and beadwork inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards.and view Pinterest boards.

    This is mostly how to use Pinterest for personal use.  There is a lot more that Pinterest can do for your business.