Pineapple Quilt Pattern

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    Meet the Paper Pieced Pineapple Quilt Pattern

    Pineapple Quilt Pattern
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    The Pineapple Quilt is made with foundation (or paper) pieced pineapple blocks. The quilt shown above has two variations of the pineapple quilt blocks, where fabrics are reversed in a couple of positions. 

    Below, you'll find an example of the quilt with a single block type--a very different look. There are endless ways to arrange pineapple quilt blocks, so don't hesitate to change your layout.

    Finished Sizes

    Pineapple Quilt Block: 9" x 9"
    Pineapple Quilt: 45-1/2" x 63-1/2"

    Foundation (Paper) Piecing

    You'll find the two terms (paper and foundation) used interchangeably, but do keep in mind that not all foundation pieced quilts are created on paper--the basics article explains.

    Typically, temporary foundations (which are removed after blocks are assembled) are used, but these pineapple quilt blocks are perfect for permanent versions (which are never removed). They add depth to blocks and non-woven permanent templates help eliminate stretch.

    Plan to machine quilt, since pineapple quilts (even without an extra foundation layer) have plenty of bulk from closely spaced seam allowances.

    Choose one of the following foundation templates:

    • A full 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" template for those who can print larger images. Print 35.
    • A half-block template for anyone printing on standard 8-1/2" x 11 paper or other foundation material. Print 70 and tape them together.

    Pineapple Quilt Yardages

    Yardage will vary, depending on the number of fabrics you use. For a quilt that's made with two block variations and four fabrics (like the quilt on this page) you'll need about:

    • Darkest charcoal/black: 2 yards
    • Medium-dark charcoal/black: 1-1/4 yards
    • Medium-gray: 2 yards
    • Light-gray: 2 yards

    Binding: about 240 running inches double-fold binding

    Backing: 3-3/4 yards; or about 55" x 70" wide backing

    Batting: about 55" x 70" (flannel or thin batting)

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    Pineapple Quilt Block Variations

    Pineapple quilt block variations
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    Both quilt blocks are made with the same four fabrics, but with the darkest and lightest fabrics swapping positions in the layout.

    Select a totally different color scheme or go entirely scrappy by sorting your fabrics into four piles of four different color values. Do pay attention to color value, not color. When it's time to add a strip just grab one from the correct pile and sew.

    You'll arrange patches on the reverse side of the foundation and then flip the unit over to sew on the front.

    Mark the Foundation Templates

    It's easier to sew the blocks correctly when you code the templates in some way, such as writing "dark," "light," etc. within patch areas. If your colors are structured, write color names on the templates. Use any method that helps you track fabric placement as you sew.

    Pineapple Quilt Block Cutting Chart

    To being with, cut only a few patches of each shape. Cut additional patches after you've sewn a few successful blocks. Why? Because everyone aligns foundation patches a bit differently--you might find it's easier to up the sizes slightly in order to be more flexible with seam allowances.

    • You'll sew nearly all of the "logs" with long strips of fabric. To begin with, cut a few selvage to selvage strips of each fabric, each 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" wide.
    • Cut (35) 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" squares pf medium-gray for pineapple centers.
    • Cut (36) 3" x 3" squares of the darkest fabric; cut each in half once diagonally (block corners).
    • Cut (34) 3" x 3" squares of lightest fabric; cut each in half once diagonally (block corners).
    • Cut (70) 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" squares of medium-dark charcoal/black; cut each in half once diagonally (fabric that surrounds center square).
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    Assemble Pineapple Quilt Blocks

    Assembly of pineapple quilt block
    The Spruce / Janet Wickell

    Make a pineapple quilt block with light outer corners. Some patches are transparent in the illustration to make it easy to see the foundation lines.

    1. Place a 2-1/4" medium-gray square right side up on the unprinted side of the foundation, centering it within the square at the block's center. Hold in place with a pin or dab of glue stick.
    2. Place a triangle cut from a 2-1/4" medium-dark charcoal square right side down along one side of the square. Hold in place and turn the foundation over.
    3. Sew on the line that separates the two patches you've just positioned, beginning and ending a few stitches on either side of the line.
    4. Flip the new patch right side up and hold the foundation to the light, right side facing you. The triangle should extend about 1/4" past each line that defines its shape. If it does, even-up the seam allowance and finger press the triangle in place.
    5. Use the same technique to add another triangle to the opposite side of the square. Repeat to sew triangles to the top and bottom of the square. (It's fine to work in a circular fashion instead of moving back and forth across the block.)
    6. Use long strips of fabric to sew the remaining narrow "logs" to the pineapple, moving outwards from the center and sewing all patches in a row in a circular motion before moving to the next row. Use the notes on your foundation as a guide to fabric placement.
    7. Check each patch after sewing it, making sure its edges overlap the patch's boundary lines by enough to create a stable seam allowance when those lines become seams.

      Be sure to trim excess fabric tails and bulky seams after each seam is sewn.

    8. Sew light triangles from 3" squares to outer corners. Their edges should extend slightly past the foundation's outermost line.
    9. Press and trim through all layers on the outermost line. Make 16 more identical blocks.
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    Sew Another Version of the Pineapple Quilt Block

    A pineapple quilt with identical blocks
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    Make 18 more pineapple quilt blocks, but replace the lightest gray triangles and strips with very dark triangles and strips (or as determined by your own layout choices).

    Assemble the Pineapple Quilt

    1. Arrange the pineapple blocks side by side in seven rows, each row with five blocks. Alternate blocks are sewn next to each other, beginning with a block with dark corners in the upper left corner of the quilt. 
    2. Sew blocks in each row together and then sew rows together. Remove temporary foundations.
    3. Mark the quilt for quilting if necessary. Sandwich with batting and backing and machine quilt.
    4. Bind the pineapple quilt with a double-fold mitered binding that finishes at 1/4" wide.

    Pineapple Quilt with Identical Blocks

    The illustration on this page depicts a pineapple quilt with 35 identical pineapple blocks--it looks very different than the quilt with block variations.

    To make this quilt, you'll need more of the lightest gray fabric (about 1/2 yard more) and less of the darkest fabric (about 1/2 yard less).