Pictures of Toad Houses

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    Linda's Funky Toad Village

    Linda's Toadville Pictures
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Linda's Funky Toad Village. Submitted by Linda F.

    Build a tiny toad village in your garden and, if you are lucky, the toads will move in and keep your garden free of unwanted bugs and slugs. You can attract toads to your garden, create a wonderful garden decoration, and have some creative family fun all at the same time. Get creative and make toad houses, pools, fences, and more.

    After looking at all of these pictures of toad towns, a visitor named Linda was inspired to create her own.

    "I LOVED your toad town pics. I have a small toad area, but have a toad town under construction! I went outside to turn off the sprinklers, and there were THREE frogs! Two hopping on the ground, and one just flat laid out in the little toad pool by the toad stuff! HOW cool! I am thrilled, and now know I have to get toad town done! I knew that frogs had been playing in the little pools (2 of them) in my container garden, but this evening, I caught one red-handed! I love it!" Linda F.

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    The Uyechi's Toad Village

    The Uyechi's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village The Uyechi's Toad Village. Submitted by Suzy Uyechi

    Suzy Uyechi explains how her family has made this toad village an ongoing project.

    From Suzy - "Our family put this little toad town together in our basement window well. We have 3 toads that we caught at a nearby creek last summer. The toads have wintered over one winter. The 3 black 'tunnels' you see are for hibernation and help the toads dig down and bury themselves when it gets cold. We live in the Denver, CO area so it gets very cold sometimes. The kids ages 7, 6, 4 and 2 were thrilled to see their warty little buddies again when Spring arrived!"

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    Sea Shell Toad House

    Sea Shell Toad House
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Sea Shell Toad House. Submitted by Anitaraye

    A visitor named Anita create this house for her garden using sea shells and a clay pot.


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    Juanita's Frog Resort

    Juanita's Frog Resort
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Juanita's Frog Resort. Submitted by Juanita Tucker

    Juanita Tucker, from Wayne County, KY, enjoyed making this frog resort by her koi fish pond.

    The basic supplies Juanita used includes: play sand, gravel, flower pots, decorative rocks, and imitation gems. She also used pieces of plywood she cut and painted and decorations she picked up here and there. (Tip: the red splotches in the white sand is cayenne pepper she sprinkled to keep the cat out of the sand.)

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    Heather's Toad Village

    Heather's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Heather's Toad Village. Submitted by Heather

    Heather created a paradise for the toads and frogs in her garden.

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    Jodi Cole's Toad Village

    Jodi Cole's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Jodi Cole's Toad Village. Submitted by Jodi Cole

    A visitor named Jodi Cole shared this photo of a toad village she made using colorful clay pots.

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    Sherri's Toad Village

    Sherri's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Sherri's Toad Village. Sherri Osborn

    This toad village features toad houses, a pool, a sign, and more.

    You can find out how I made all of the different elements in my toad village by reading a tutorial about fairy gardens.

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    Noreen's Toad Houses

    Noreen's Toad Village Spa Houses
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Noreen's Toad Village Spa Houses. Submitted by Noreen from Dearborn, Michigan

    Noreen, from Dearborn, Michigan, was worried about all of the frogs in her yard getting run over by the lawn mower, so she made this little village for them.

    Noreen said, "I had become beside myself with the possible massacre of toads every time I cut the lawn, so I took it upon myself to try and come up with a refuge plan for them. I found your site and followed suit, but thought it more of a 'Day Spa' than a 'Village', per say. Now that my attention has been focused on these little lovelies, so have my dogs'."

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    Noreen's Toad Spa Pool

    Noreen's Toad Spa Pool
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Houses Noreen's Toad Spa Pool. Submitted by Noreen

    See a picture of a toad enjoying the pool in Noreen's toad spa.

    Noreen made her toads a pool using a saucer from a planter. She filled the saucer with small pebbles with a larger rock on the center.

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    Jacqueline's Toad House

    Jacqueline's Toad House
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad House Jacqueline's Toad House. Submitted by Jacqueline de Floris

    Jacqueline made this toad house out od an old clay pot.

    Jacqueline de Floris shares, "Here's a photo of my contribution to the world of toad housing for you to add to the gallery, if you choose. You can read about it here and here for the rescue story."

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    Deborah's Toad Village

    Deborah's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Deborah's Toad Village. Submitted by Deborah Colgate

    Deborah made this toad village using a large variety of supplies.

    The toad houses in this village are made using clay pots, and the village is decorated using a pool, some small garden gnomes, a stepping stone, and much more.

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    Charlene's Toad House and Pool

    Charlene's Toad House and Pool
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Charlene's Toad House and Pool. Submitted by Charlene Tremain

    See a picture of a toad village submitted by Charlene. It features a toad house, a pool, fence, and more.

    Charlene explains, "Here is a toad house we made today, and the kids expanded the project to include a mouse house too!"

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    Riann and Melissa's Toad Village

    Riann and Melissa's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Riann and Melissa's Toad Village. Submitted by Ko1229K

    Riann and Melissa made this toad village for a 3-legged frog that they named Gimpy.

    "It all started with a three legged toad named Gimpy...... Gimpy was given to us by a neighbor who found him in his yard. He had no idea why he only has 3 legs and wasn't sure if he would be okay. We took him and put him by our water faucet where he made himself at home. My daughters, Riann (13) and Melissa (7), decided to build him a village with little frog houses and a pool for him to swim in. Since then we have seen several toads come to live in Gimpy's Toad Village." ~ Ko1229K.

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    Adam's Toad Village

    Adam's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Adam's Toad Village. Submitted by Adam K.

    When Adam made his toad village, he constructed it to look like a military base.

    Here is a picture of "Camp Toad" made by Adam K. He decorated his clay pot toad houses using camouflage paint.

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    Helena's Toad Village

    Helena's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Helena's Toad Village. Submitted by Drew Savage

    Drew and his 4-year-old daughter Helena made this village for a toad that was living on their front stoop.

    "Last year we had a toad that lived on our front stoop for most of the summer behind a ceramic turtle. My daughter enjoyed seeing him each day and has been waiting anxiously for his return this spring/summer. I was searching for a toad house to put on the stoop that might be more accommodating since we have seen two toads on our sidewalk already when I came across your article and photos on Toad Villages. Here is the village Helena and I put together. She is 4 and really had a blast. She went with spring color pots for the homes and has been anxiously checking them morning and evening. First night, the Pink house had a visitor snuggled into the leaves. Of course the pink one was the one she reserved for 'her friend the toad' from last year.

    Thanks for the great idea. We had a very enjoyable afternoon searching our garage and a couple stores for the components and then got dirty together making it come together. I'll never forget her squeals of joy that first evening when she realized a toad had already stopped in for a visit." ~ Drew S.

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    Jane's Toad Village 1

    Jane's Toad Village
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Jane's Toad Village. Submitted by Jane

    When Jane built her toad village, she included all of the basics and then some.

    Check out the photos of the toad village that Jane made. She added a few extra special touches. Check out all of her pictures to read the descriptions.

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    Jane's Toad Village Gazing Ball

    Jane's Toad Village Gazing Ball
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Jane's Toad Village Gazing Ball. Submitted by Jane

    I just love this little gazing ball made by Jane.

    Here is a close-up of a gazing ball Jane made for her toad village. She simply glued a large marble on top of a golf tee.

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    Jane's Toad Playground and Sign

    Jane's Toad Playground and Sign
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Jane's Toad Playground and Sign. Submitted by Jane

    A visitor named Jane made this playground for her toads.

    Here is how Jane made some of the components shown in this picture:

    She used a small piece of board to paint the welcome sign .

    She used a pot lid as a pool and added aquarium rocks in bottom.

    She took a child's toy truck tire off rim and hang with jute off twig, like tire swing.

    She used old-fashioned clothespins and toothpicks to create a fence .

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    Jane's Toad Motel

    Jane's Toad Motel
    Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village Jane's Toad Motel. Submitted by Jane

    Linda made this miniature motel for her toad village.

    Jane painted clay pots to look like different buildings. She used rocks to prop up the edge of the clay pots so frogs and/or toads could squeeze underneath. In this picture you can also see a small flower pot she made by gluing fake flowers into a wooden bead with a hole drilled in it.