Pictures of T-Shirt Quilts Help You Design a Quilt

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    Maui Brother T Shirt Quilt

    T Shirt Quilt
    Maui Brother T Shirt Quilt. Quilt by S. Glenn Fraser

    No matter how you spell it, T-Shirt quilts or Tee Shirt quilts, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this gallery that's packed with pictures of shirt quilts. You might even be surprised by the wide variety of quilt layouts created by the innovative quilters who created the quilts.

    T-shirt quilts make wonderful memory quilts,  and creating a quilt from much-loved shirts is the next best thing to being able to wear them again.

    You can design a T-Shirt quilt in nearly any way you wish, but there are a few little extras that need to be handled before the shirts are sewn into a quilt. Read How to Make T-Shirt Quilts for more information.

    Maui Brother T-Shirt Quilt on This Page

    S. Glenn says: I made this queen size T-shirt quilt for my brother in Hawaii.

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    Rough Water Swim Shirts

    T Shirt Quilt
    Rough Water Swim Shirts Quilt. Quilt by Barbara Winkler

    Barbara says: I met a couple at a fundraiser where one one of my quilts was auctioned. They asked if I made T-shirt quilts and I said yes, that I would make a bed runner or couch throw. They showed up with 34 T-shirts that turned into a heavy king-sized quilt.

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    TJ's T Shirt Quilt

    Pictures of T Shirt Quilts
    TJ's T Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Aunt Susie

    Aunt Susie says: Gotta love Captain Underpants and the Cubs!

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    Lauren's T Shirt Quilt

    Pictures of T Shirt Quilts
    Lauren's T Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Cheryl Ward

    Cheryl Says: This is the first quilt I have ever made and was sewn mostly with softball T-shirts. My daughter played softball from age 7 to 18. -- there are many memories and so much love in the quilt.

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    Ed's T Shirt Quilt

    Pictures of T Shirt Quilts
    Ed's T Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Cheryl Ward

    Cheryl Says: I made this quilt for my husband, Ed. He coached our daughter and high school summer travel teams and loves this quilt.

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    Jim's Place T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Jim's Place T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Marg's Quilts

    From Marg: My quilts were made from our son's button-down shirts and T-shirts after he died. They have been given to his friends. Each of the quilts is hand quilted, with detail on the shirt logos.

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    T-Shirt Quilt in Memory of Jim

    T-Shirt Quilt
    T-Shirt Quilt by Marge. Quilt by Marg's Quilts

    Another of the several quilts Marg made from her son's shirts after he passed away.

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    Peter's T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilts
    Peter's T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Nicky Lowitz

    From Nicky: This 90 x 90 quilt was made from 36 tee shirts.

    Peter was my friend's 40-year-old son who passed away from complications of diabetes. After he passed, his mom and sister sent me 36 of his favorite tee shirts and asked me to make a quilt from them. At the same time, I was learning to free motion quilt

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    Racing Themed T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilts
    Racing T-Shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by 10W30Wag

    From 10W30Wag: My hubby wouldn't part with any of his old kart racing Tees, so I asked if I could make a quilt from them. The border is sewn in his favorite color and the best bit of luck was finding the checkerboard material to for the quilt's binding. The quilt travels with us to all out-of-town National Kart Races.

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    ILLINI T-shirt Quilt

    ILLINI T-shirt Quilt
    ILLINI T-shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Auntie Susie

    From Auntie Susie: As both my husband and I are U of I alums, I was thrilled to work on this T-shirt quilt for my friend's son.

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    T-Shirt Quilt with a Cheerleading Theme

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Elk Grove Cheerleading T-shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Auntie Susie

    Auntie Susie says: The Elk Grove Cheerleaders were state champions for five consecutive years. This quilt, a graduation gift, commemorates their accomplishment.

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    NASCAR T-Shirt Quilt

    NASCAR T-Shirt Quilt
    NASCAR T-Shirt Quilt - Can You Guess My Favorite NASCAR Driver?. Quilt by Joyce Wechselberger

    From Joyce: My adult son has been a NASCAR fan for a long time. He finally agreed to send me a couple of his t-shirts, but only a couple so I had to be very creative with the quilt. I found the NASCAR cup fabric one day, just by luck. And I went to a bookstore and found a NASCAR book that had the perfect pictures of Jimmie. The rest is history. 

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    T-Shirt Quilt with a Dancing Theme

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Mary Kate's T-Shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Ginger Fondren

    From Ginger: My daughter is a competitive Irish Stepdancer. These T-shirts were purchased at various feis (pronounced fesh), which are dance competitions for Irish Stepdancing. 

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    Korie's College T Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Korie's College Quilt, a T-Shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Ibereeree

    From Ibereeree: Some of my granddaughter's t-shirts got to go to her dorm room at the University of Mobile. Everyone loved her quilt.

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    Jeremy's T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilts
    Jeremy's T-Shirt Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Grandma Marcia

    From Marcia: My grandson's mom saved all of his T-shirts, beginning when he was a newborn in the hospital through his scouting years, baseball, high school choir, and drama club. She asked me if I could turn the shirts into a quilt. This is the result of my first T-shirt quilt project... very simple, with big blocks.

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    T-Shirt Quilt with a Sports Theme

    t shirt quilt
    Sarah's State Champ Quilt. Quilt by Karen Watkins

    From Karen: I made this quilt for my daughter from her high school softball team shirts. This was extra special because her team won the Oklahoma 3A state championship and she was named an Oklahoma All-State player.

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    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt

    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt
    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt. Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt by Custom Tee Shirt Quilts

    From Custom T-Shirt Quilts: My best friend of over 30 years is a breast cancer survivor. She has been in many Race for The Cure walks and had a lot of t-shirts. I made this queen size T-Shirt quilt for her birthday last year. The back of the quilt is sewn in shirts that are in memory of one of her friends.

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    Harley-Davidson T-Shirt Quilt

    Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt
    Harley Davidson Quilt. Quilt by Ojeda

    From Ojeda: This Harley Davidson T-Shirt quilt measures 96" x 116".

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    T-Shirt Quilt for a Breast Cancer Survivor

    Breast Cancer T-shirt Quilt
    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Auntie Susie

    From Auntie Susie: I made this quilt for a friend for her mom, a breast cancer survivor, for Mother's Day. The T-shirts are from past annual walk/run fundraisers.

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    Cheerleading T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilt
    ACE Cheerleading T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Auntie Suzie

    From Auntie Suzie: I made this quilt from old cheerleading t-shirts.

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    Sports Themed T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Hunter's Sports Ts. Quilt by Memory Quilts by Donna

    From Donna: My nephew Hunter is an avid baseball and basketball player. Since he has been playing since he was 5 years old, he had lots of team shirts. I used blank T-shirt backs for four patch blocks and attached championship patches on the appropriate blocks. It's a twin size quilt for his bed.

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    Jimmy's T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Jimmy's T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Lori Pease

    From Lori: I made this T-shirt Quilt for my son as he was leaving for college so that she would have some fond memories of scouts, soccer, vacations, and more to take with him as he left for school.

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    T-Shirt Quilt for a Harley-Davidson Fan

    T-Shirt Quilt
    Lynn's Memory Quilt. T-Shirt Quilt by Lynn

    From Patti: This large quilt, 70" x 112", was made out of T-shirts from places a friend of mine traveled with her late husband on their Harley's.

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    Kelsey's T-shirt Quilt

    t shirt quilt
    Kelsey's T-shirt Quilt. © Kim J. Bates

    From Kim: This t-shirt quilt was made for my daughter Kelsey to take to college. She saved various t-shirts, chose the sashing fabrics and then made a precise layout of where each block should go and with what fabric. It fits a dorm bed or a double bed. I also made her a 27" pillow from the leftover t-shirts and fabric.

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    T-Shirt Quilt by Elizaniko

    t-shirt quilt
    T-Shirt Quilt. © Elizaniko

    From Elizaniko: This is a T-Shirt quilt made from my son's old shirts.

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    Adam's Running T-Shirt Quilt

    t shirt quilt
    Adam's Running Quilt - T-Shirt Quilt. © Adam's Mom

    From Adam's Mom: "My son, Adam, ran track and cross country in junior high, high school and college. This quilt contains a sampling of the t-shirts he got from the teams and races he participated in."

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    Padre T-Shirt Quilt

    t-shirt quilt, tee shirt quilt
    Padre T-Shirt Quilt. © Kathryn Cartier

    From Kathryn: "This queen size, hand tied quilt is made from t-shirts of past and present Padre players. The quilt backing is navy blue. It is fiber filled."

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    College Bound T-Shirt Quilt

    T Shirt Quilt
    James's T-Shirt Quilt. © MOMOF11, forum member

    From MOMOF11: As my son was packing up to head off to college he brought me a stack of 25 or 30 T-shirts and asked, "can you make a quilt from T-shirts?" I'd read about doing that and said I could. Some shirts had small logos, and so I pieced them together to make blocks the size of the larger shirt logos.

    The backing fabric was in my stash. 

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    Matt's Memories T-Shirt Quilt

    T-Shirt quilt, tee shirt quilts
    Matt's Memories - T-Shirt Quilt. © Dawn

    From Dawn: "This tee shirt quilt was made for my oldest son, Matthew. I gave it to him when he returned from a 2-year tour in Okinawa. 

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