Pictures of String Quilts and Crumb Quilts

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    Sognando il Serengeti String Quilt

    String Quilts
    String Quilt: Sognando il Serengeti. String Quilt by Ziaross

    String Quilts Photo Gallery

    String quilts are assembled by sewing fabric strips to a foundation in a freestyle way. Quilters can configure the strings in any way they wish. Flip through the pictures of string quilts in this photo gallery to get ideas for your own quilting project.

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    The Quilt on This Page

    From Ziaross: Serengeti National Park is in Tanzania, Central Africa. It's a fascinating park. I visited the park twice and I dream of returning.

    This quilt won first prize at an Italian quilt challenge called "Tell us about one of your dreams." The quilt measures 36" x 40" and is paper pieced and machine quilted.

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    String Pieced Wedding Quilt

    String Quilts
    String Wedding Quilt. String Quilt by Silvia

    Silvia says: I made this queen size quilt for a wedding.

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    Pictures of String Quilts

    String Quilts
    String Quilt. String Quilt by Vang Power

    Vang says: I had a big bag of scrap fabrics to make a quilt for my bed in my summer home in Virginia. I used paper as my foundation and began to stitch pieces together. My Quilt Guild members told me not to choose a fabric, to just pull it out and stitch unless it's the same color as the previous strip.

    It was hard for me to do that because I like to control what I sew, but I did as I was told and the result was wonderful, everybody like it. It's also my memory quilt, as every time I look at it, I remember the fabrics were from quilts I made for someone.

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    Claudette's Scrappy String Quilt

    String Quilts
    Scrappy String Quilt. Quilt by Claudette Picot

    Claudette says: I am using my strings and scraps to make this quilt.

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    Viki's Autumn String Quilt

    String Quilts
    Autumn String Quilt. String Quilt by Viki

    Viki says: I used silk fabrics to make this table cover for my mum.

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    Black and White String Quilt

    String Quilts
    Black & White String Quilt. String Quilt by Maxine

    From Maxine: When my daughter requested a black and white quilt, I was a little disappointed with her choice of colours, so I cheated a bit by adding a little grey. Here it is at last, and not bad at all, for a first effort.

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    Sashing As You Go String Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Sashing As You Go Scrap Quilt. Sashing As You Go Scrap Quilt, by Betty

    From Betty I made this string quilt to help use up a lot of scraps, and also a fairly large piece of blue and white cotton I had left over from making a shirt. I started with the blue/white in the middle of every foundation, thus giving it the appearance of having sashing between the blocks.

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    Rain on my Windowpane String Quilt

    string quilt
    Rain on my Windowpane String Quilt. Quilt by Mona Kuntz

    From Mona: This is a string quilt made using the quilt-as-you-go method. Eight-inch squares with the strips all running the same direction. The quilt measures 80" x 80". Done only in shades of blue (with a little white and gray mixed in), I was trying to emulate the look of rain washing down a window.

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    Strip Mining String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Strip Mining Quilt. Quilt by LilyBee

    From LilyBee: This quilt was a project in March 2009, in the Quilt University "Strip Mine" class, by instructor Patti Anderson. It is 35" square and fits beautifully on my small dining table in a breakfast nook with a bay window.

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    Wedding Diamond String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Wedding Diamond Quilt. Quilt by Mona A. Kuntz

    From Mona: This is a string quilt made using the quilt-as-you-go method. Six-inch squares form the strips into diamonds. The quilt is 90" x 90" and although I loved it, I ended up giving it as a wedding gift to a friend of mine, hence the name Wedding Diamond.

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    Peach String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Peach Quilt. Quilt by Judith Riddle

    From Judith: This is the first quilt I made using a pattern called Easy Pieces. It was so much fun and you can change the pattern in many different ways.

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    Stringy Roads String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Stringy Roads. Quilt by Momof11

    From Momof11: This is a charity quilt. Someone gave me a bag of various size strips in pink, rust, and teal colorations. I sewed the strings together and then cut squares to use in place of plain squares in blocks. I chose the red and mint green fabrics simply because that was what I had enough of on hand for the half square triangle units. It's a bit unusual color combination, but it worked. Size: 42" X 54"

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    Quilt as You Go String Quilt

    Quilt as You Go String Quilt
    Quilt as You Go String Quilt. Quilt by Momof11

    From Momof11: This was made with Quilt As You Go Method. 

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    Coloured Illusion String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Coloured Illusion Quilt. Quilt by c.Picot

    From c.Picot: After 11 years of quilting, I decided to get rid of all my fabric strips and made a string quilt. I did not want to buy any more fabric until I had used up my leftovers. My stash is still immense so I better get lots more strip sewing done. I finished this quilt with free-motion circular quilting. It is 40" square.